Bluebird Films Brings Bawdy Fun to Your Television

In this economy, an evening of popcorn and movies is pretty common in most households.

The same truth stands in the de Lune household, but if you think we’re watching balloons and butterflies on screen, think again.  Instead, our weekend on-screen viewing pleasures included hot stars such as Cindy Behr, Kit and Kat Lee, Anna Lovato, Michelle Thorne, and Stacey Saran, among many others.  These star-studded seductresses graced our screen courtesy of Bluebird Films.

Lisa Massaro of Rising Star PR says, “Bluebird Films is a global producer of premium adult content, helmed by Paul Chaplin, the owner and creative force and producer/director and Bluebird CEO Nicholas Steele, with working studios in Los Angeles, London and Prague.”

With Halloween right around the corner, why wouldn’t we start with “Murder Mystery Weekend: Act 3: Styx & Stones”?  Since this was Act 3 in the five-part series, we were a bit confused at first, but we were quickly drawn into the action.

Among the many mysteries in “Murder Mystery Weekend” are: Why are there two chicks dressed like Cleopatra?  Why isn’t Sherlocka Holmes participating in the action?  Does she get horny watching the suspects getting it on while she watches through her spyglass?  And of course, who is the killer?

Well, don’t worry: Sherlocka (Cindy Behr) gets in on the action soon, and so do other hot stars such as Kit and Kat Lee, Valerie Pearl, Starr, Angel Long, Rebecca Smyth, Dirty Dog, Tony James, Pascal White, Sonny, Lezley Zen, Steve Hooper, Ben Dover, Stacey Saran, Paul Chaplin, Donna Marie, and Natalia Faith.  This third part of the series features a group of hedonistic houseguests in the throes of mystery and mayhem.  As the stiffs keep piling up and clues are discovered, the guests can’t seem to solve the case without becoming part of the body count.

At the beginning of Act 3, the milkman shows up to the mystery house and I bet you can’t guess what happens next.  As the mystery and intrigue crescendo, the houseguests try to help solve the mystery, but are distracted by each other.  Will they ever catch the killer?

Next in our queue was “TV Babes XXX: Volume 1” where Anna Lovato, Michelle Thorne, Heavenly, Mel Rook, Porcha Sins and Natasha Max act out every guy’s fantasy.

According to Lisa, “Glambirds are glamour girl models and tease queens “gone bad” exclusively as adult performers for Bluebird Films. See them all at”

Ever wish you could see the sexy voices you hear through the phone right on your television set?  Now you can with “TV Babes XXX.”  As these busty babes fire up their feisty phone customers, the viewer can be a voyeur as the babes act out fervent fantasies with a mysterious guy with no pants.  You can also watch as the red-hot Anna Lovato gets into some lesbo-tronic action with Michelle Thorne, or see the mysterious no-pants guy revealed in the last scene.

Next in the queue was “Independence Day.”  Stacey Saran is a lover and a fighter for Welsh independence.  Can she rally these turned-on troops with her bangin’ bod?

Saran arrives on-site to assist horny miners by bringing a basket full of goodies, including many tasty treats such as leeks and the specially formulated Leekazade drink.  It turns out the patriotic and passionate independence fighter has concocted quite the aphrodisiac of energy drinks from leeks, and she has no problem getting people behind her for her crusade.  Believe me, you’ll learn about the many uses of this variable vegetable.

Join a carnal cast which includes Stacey Saran, Kit and Kat Lee, Tanya Cox, Farra Fox, Keisha Kane, Paige Ashley, Alexa Andeas, Kaia Kane, Emma Butt, Jordan Kingsley, Elle Brook, Sharon Pink, Anastasia Devine, Jamie Barry, Demi Daniels as well as Ben Dover and Paul Chaplin.

Look out for other titles by Bluebird films.  BATFXXX is getting quite a bit of buzz because of its high-quality production and special effects.  Lisa adds, “We’re very excited about the positive buzz and rave reviews that BATFXXX is receiving, including the interest from mainstream media and comic book aficionados. Considering the magnitude of the production, the size and caliber of the amazing cast, the special effects and the intensity of 9 sex scenes, it is deserving of both attention and accolades.”

We were impressed that Bluebird went the extra mile and actually incorporated themes you don’t see in many other adult films.  In fact, that formulaic repetition is challenged, leaving the viewer with quality, fun, creative entertainment that’s well worth the bucks.

Bluebird prides itself on this creativity and promises to deliver for upcoming flicks.  Lisa elaborates:  “Bluebird has a great wealth of material, with new releases every week. Two upcoming titles we’re particularly excited about are Inside Story and Cranked. Inside Story is a tawdry tale of glamorous and sexy 1950’s Hollywood, starring British page 3 tabloid model Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Glambird Gemma Massey and Bluebird US contract performer Madelyn Marie. Cranked is a thriller about an assassin who’s been poisoned and must have sex to stay alive and stars Bluebird exclusive Paige Ashley and Glambird Anna Lovato. Trailers for both of these features can be viewed on You Tube. Remember, ‘If You’ve Seen It Before, You’re Not Watching Bluebird!’”