A DFRNT Kind of Dubstep Has Arrived

1.not alike in character or quality to your regular Dubstep producer.
2.not identical to the masses. Separate yet distinct: many DFRNT answers.
3.DFRNT styles, coming together to tell an auditory story.
4.not ordinary; unusual. DFRNT.

Take all your pre-conceived notions about Dubstep and throw them out the window. 

A web designer/DJ, born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, the sounds of DFRNT are a far cry from your stereotypical Dubstep producer du jour. His melodic instrumentals can make your rainy days seem like Los Angeles’ sunniest, but his deep bass lines will definitely rattle your neighbor’s bedroom. All of this while his endlessly layered synthesizers keep you guessing as to what is next. This is where DFRNT thrives.

After discovering his work through some Internet record digging, the Sinning in LA staff decided we needed to understand more about him and his special productions. So I spoke with DFRNT during his East Coast American tour, one that featured stops in Washington D.C. and two shows in New York (but sadly, no LA). I really wanted to know where it all started and to find out about DFRNT’s understanding and love for the Dubstep sound. I was surprised to hear him explain that it was inadvertent and took some time before it actually resonated with him and his peers.

“While studying at university, I noticed a flyer with Kode9’s name on it, I looked him up online and there were one or two things to download from his site. The strange thing was that I had no idea what I’d stumbled upon and it took almost two or three years and a compilation called The World’s Heaviest Dubstep, Grime and Bass for me to re-discover the style”.

Now that DFRNT had the sound and inspiration to work from, it was time for him to go from being a fan to producing that type of music that would help create his own rabid following of fans.

I guess the musicality in my production is down to a knowledge of those instruments combined with my love for melody in all types of music. I listen to so many other styles and sounds that they all amalgamate to influence my production in their own way.

At a young age, DFRNT learned brass instruments, piano and music theory, and listened to artists like Dusty Springfield, Marvin Gaye and Bjork. Today, he uses those influences combined with an array of production tools such as Native Instruments’ Massive Virtual Synth, and Absynth to push what he calls “a deep and experimental

This specific sound is most notably heard on his recently-released, first full-length album, Metafiction. Critically acclaimed amongst the electronic media, Metafiction dives into your soul and takes you on an instrumental journey. Rhythmic drum beats, combined with the use of non-conventional soft wobbles, still brings you the Dubstep style of the past while always giving you something new as well. The album’s structure contains songs of varying tempos and smooth grooves, going faster in pace and BPM at only the choice moments that DFRNT sees fit.

Unlike most albums that consist of only the artist’s work, Metafiction includes a glimpse into his circle of production friends who have remixed five of his tracks. One of the remixers featured on the album is Sinning in LA favorite, Synkro, who remixed the song “Tripped,” where he took the DFRNT formula and added in his patented soulful female vocal twist.

Joe (Synkro) and I met in Manchester while I was down DJing a night in the city, He’d already agreed to do the remix by that point however but it was a real honor to have him remix a track, since he’d been such an inspiration while I was making the album.

Dubstep is directly growing from what I call “digital digging,” where a music lover doesn’t have to go to the vinyl or CD shop to get their music, they use the Internet. Now artists, producers, and most importantly, fans, can access a plethora of websites that
showcase a specific sound. At this point in electronic music history, the options are almost unlimited due to the Internet, and DFRNT agrees.

“I like the way the Internet has given way to a DIY ethic too. I couldn’t run a label without it, and I probably wouldn’t have discovered the sounds of Dubstep without it, especially in Edinburgh. Plus, I doubt there would be anywhere near as much hype for the genre without it.”

While DFRNT’s sound has finally made its way to America along with his touring schedule, you may be surprised at what you will hear from one of his sets.

“I consider that stuff (his own tracks) a bit too chilled for playing out. I’ll tend to amp my sets up a bit when I play out. I’ll start deeper, then just work it up over the course of the set. Melody and unique sounds are key for me.”

Whether you are a Dubstep fanatic like myself, or just a fan of chilled-out beats in general, you’re in luck, because DFRNT has put together an exclusive mix for Sinning In LA that combines the best of both. His mix showcases the sounds that he is feeling right now, the Dubstep vibe, and even a brand new, previously-unheard track that he put in specifically for Sinning in LA! 

It will tide you over until he hits the West Coast and we’re already eagerly anticipating what will come next from the talented producer but one thing’s for sure, we’re certain it will definitely be DFRNT,