Making Your Own Adult Video With Lupe Fuentes and Evan Seinfeld (And the CamCaddie)

Only a few years ago, the costs of filming something in high definition were astronomical. Incredibly large cameras and sophisticated operation meant that only the most professional users were involved, and the rest of us were left waiting for the inevitable flow towards something both accessible and affordable.

These days, most everyone has a high-definition set, and with the advent of Flip HD cameras and HDSLRs, a lot more people have access to quality gear. And of course, as the saying goes, it isn’t really technology until you can put porn on it, so we wondered what it would take to make a high-quality adult film in your own home.

We enlisted the help of our friends Evan Seinfeld and Lupe Fuentes, two big names in the adult world. They were kind enough to invite us over to their beautiful house in Porn Valley, and along with our CamCaddie stabilizer, we wanted to take our bedroom videography skills to the next level.

“The idea for the CamCaddie came from making skate and snowboard videos,” said Daniel McElderry, who invented the product. “Most skateboard videographers film with cameras that have built in top handles because they need to get very low and stabilize their camera while following a subject.  I saw the need for this type of accessory in the marketplace because of the direction that modern consumer based cameras were headed.”

From skateboard videos to walkthroughs of real-estate, the product has many applications. But were we the first to show it to an adult film star regarding home sex tapes?

“We actually had a booth at AdultCon about 6 months ago, we showed it to a bunch of the adult stars but it was not really the right atmosphere.  They were busy doing signings and such.  We did sell it to many of the visitors though.”

If you haven’t heard of Lupe Fuentes yet, you will soon. She’s currently the number one selling Fleshlight girl, and all of her 4’9” frame oozes sexuality. You can see why Seinfeld is so in love with her, and they have a chemistry that translates very easily to film.

As you set out to make your adult video debut (even if it’s just for you and your partner), you want to make sure you have the right equipment.

“With a digital SLR Camera you really can use either type of lens, but I would recommend wide-angle primes in general,” said McElderry. “The wider the lens, the smoother your footage will come out.”

“Many of the new Digital SLRs have auto focus as well so for those times when you don’t want to focus you can rely on this feature,” he said. “There are also follow focus systems available and we have one in development as well. These are geared mechanisms that attach to the camera and lens.  Although these are fairly high-end systems and rather pricey.”

“The CamCaddie also works very well with traditional video cameras that will have auto-focus.  With these cameras you can also use wide-angle lenses to get in closer on the action.”

“For close up situation like filming an adult scene the trick to good camera movements is to not use a zoom.  You want to move the camera to and around your subject.  Zooming in squishes the subject and picture which detracts from your image.”

Seinfeld gave us many important elements, such as a good location, a hot girl, and the right camera equipment. “You also need to have chemistry with your partner,” he said, “because you can’t manufacture that. You have to make sure that you have the fire.”

“You really need to have great looks and great shots. We like to use different areas of the house, and areas that are well-lit. And you need a good camera. We’re using a Cam Caddie on a Canon 5D,” said Seinfeld.

It’s easy to work and it’s not obtrusive. It doesn’t get in the way and make you feel like you’re under a microscope.

There are some other sinful uses for the product as well, aside from naughty home videos.

“It is the perfect accessory for students and independent filmmakers, with new digital SLR cameras you can sneak around all over the city and get shots in and around the city without pulling permits,” said McElderry. “The CamCaddie is the perfect accessory as it is small, compact and acts as a stabilizer, and you can quickly attach and detach microphones, lights or any other accessory within seconds.  For example, if you need a quick five-second shot of a subject walking down aisle of a market…”

If you look at the scorpion-shaped device, you’d never know it was a camera stabilizer. But as you become familiar with the design and the specifics of filming with it, you’re hooked. Much like Lupe herself, this thing is built to perform.

“We use a custom-formulated compound which is specifically manufactured for CamCaddie.  This material allows you to float the camera on the tips of your fingers without having to worry about it suddenly slipping off.  The construction of the product is essential to how it works and to the techniques that you can apply while filming,” said McElderry.

Though our stars initially were wondering about the strange device that had found its way on to our camera, all doubts were soon erased when they saw what it was capable of. Seinfeld even wanted one for himself.

“Maybe it will end up as a standard on all porn sets from now on,” said McElderry.

They are even about to start offering them in different colors, starting with pink which is already made and about to hit the shelves.

“I can honestly say everyone that uses the CamCaddie falls in love with it,” said McElderry.

It adds a tremendous amount of versatility to any camera and improves the quality of your image for an affordable price.  I think the biggest testament is that in 2 years we have never had one returned.

Follow along with the tips we’ve provided in the video below, and you too can be making quality adult videos at home. Whether you go on to become the next Evan Seinfeld and Lupe Fuentes is up to you, but at least you’ll have some great footage to play with.