Afternoon Delight

It’s mid day Saturday and a very nice day at that, she was in the sunroom, just messing around on the computer. When she got up to stretch and pet the cat, he comes in to tell her something, she doesn’t even remember what.

While they’re standing there talking he lifts his hand up to get a piece of lint off her shoulder and she jumped. “I thought you were going to tweak my nipple.” she said.

“Is that right, I can do that” He moves closer, turns her around so her butt cheeks are pressed against his groin then puts his hands over her breast and begins to play with her nipples.

“You know you’re going to make me all hot now!” She told him, as she felt a rush of heat between her legs. All she had on was a workout top and low riding sweats.

“Oh yeah, well your nipples are sure getting pretty hard. Let’s see how hot you are down here” His right hand moves down her side and around to her rear, where he slips his hand beneath her sweats and panties. Then slips his hand down between her cheeks and slides his fingers through the silky folds of her sex. “Yep, you’re getting hot and wet alright.”

“We really should go upstairs” Is her response.

“Well, I guess I could use a nap” He says teasingly.

She was so ready for him. She’d been thinking about sex all morning long. She was definitely following him!

In the bedroom, they can’t get their clothes off fast enough. He’s in the bed first and as she’s taking the last of her clothes off, she watches as his hand moves over his shaft. Thinking to herself, ’oh, he is so ready for me.’

“Come here, I think you need to have a ride and I want to play with and suck on your hard rosy nipples.” He likes her on top so he can watch her moving up and down on his cock.

No foreplay needed. She’s on him and he’s inside her in a matter of seconds. He takes hold of her hips as she starts to rock back & forth and up & down. She can feel all the contours of his shaft with every move.

He loves to tease her nipples and caress breast, so she leans down a bit to give him better access.

At times she lowers her head to look down between their bodies and watch as his cock appears and disappears inside her with every move.

Then sitting all the way up, she starts to really grid and rub her sex around on his shaft. He takes her hand and puts her fingers down to her clit and moves them around. “I want to watch you play with myself while you’re up there.”

‘It’s so hot, him watching me’ she thought to herself. And she so close, but she thought she may want him on top of her first.

She eased herself off, but it seems he has other ideas for what’s going to happen next. He urges her down to his cock. “I have an snack for you.”

“Oh, is that what you want?” She asks. “Well I have some yummies that will make you my afternoon delight. I think I’ll make you cherry flavor.”

She moves to his side putting the cherry cream in her hand, she grips the base of his shaft and starts a slow teasing massage, all the while making eye contact.

Now moving between his thighs with his heavy shaft in her hand, she lowers her head and slides her hot wet tongue all the way up his cock to the super-sensitive head.

“Is this what you want?” She said teasingly.

“Mmm- you know it is, sweet.” He gasped. At that very moment she took all of him between her lips into her wet fiery mouth. He jerked with pleasure, couldn’t stop himself. His body, his cock was all hers for the taking.

She took him in deep. One hand was holding the base of his shaft, while the other cupped and played with his balls. He was going insane with the pleasure she was giving him.

He had to watch! Reaching out, he pushed her hair back from her face. He twined his fingers in her hair and held it there. He could see it all. Her tongue licking, her lips moving and her mouth sucking.

He needed to touch her. “Turn your hot pussy around to me and give me one of your toys.”

With a very naughty smile, she reached over to get a toy. “This is my favorite one.” Then she handed it to him. Turning back around, he lifted one of her legs over his chest, so she was straddling him.

Her head at his cock, she began to suck him in again, stroking him.

His fingers slipping through her wet silky folds, he started rubbing and rolling her clit between his fingers. He thrust the toy into her vagina. Now she was the one trembling and jerking with pleasure. He moved it in and out, making her wild. “Oh…my…god, that feels…so good”

She was taking his cock so deep, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on.

He had one more thing on his mind. His hand left her clit and moved to her rear opening. His fingers still coated with her creamy wetness, he slid his finger in easily then, a second finger. Making her scream out his name.

Moving all around, she wanted to buck, it was so good. Trying to keep her mind on the task in hand, she went back to sucking on him hard and so deep, rubbing herself all over him.

Lord, this was it. His hot seed shot into her mouth and she exploded with the most intense orgasm ever.

She collapsed on top of him, both of them sweaty and breathing hard and heavy, trying to catch their breath.

She turned around and lay in his arms, each of them giving soft, light kisses of pleasure at the wonderful afternoon delight.