ribbon-and-hearts-1316443It’s been a while since I sat down to compose a story – but this may be my best effort! Just sit back and enjoy another fantasy from your not-so-secret admirer!

~Double Trouble~By Gunsmoke

It’s an early Friday afternoon and the email trail has ceased giving my mind a chance to wander – no surprise it wanders our ‘date night’. Knowing that you’re pretty tired after 5 straight 5:30 AM mornings I decide to try a little pampering to help you relax – and something unusual to keep you awake!

With an outline of the plan in my mind, I start staging things to make sure the evening goes smoothly – both literally and figuratively! Starting in the bath – I light some aromatic candles, make sure the Shea Cashmere Shower & Body Cream are handy – and your razor – just in case!

Dipping into my stash of things I haven’t given you yet – I pull out the Lola Luna Monte Carlo open micro-g – placing it close to the razor – hint! Nearby I set out the PureWand – your favorite ‘gusher’ in case you want to ‘knock off the edge’ while enjoying the nice hot bath!

Moving into the bedroom I place the Liberator Throe in place -and layout a variety of your favorite toys – and a few I have in mind for that ‘something unusual’ – then place the quilt over the prepared bed – just in case prying teenage
eyes appear!

Sensing that you’ll be home soon I go down stairs to make one of my ‘signature’ Mike’s & juice – then hang out ‘til you get home. Sure enough a few minutes later you come through the door lugging your heavy bag – shoulders drooping from a tough week.

As you come into the kitchen, I reach for your bag setting it aside – wrap my arms around – pulling you close for a big hug that I hope will help you slow down the thoughts that I know are racing in your head. Starting with a few basic kisses – my lips slide along your cheek – as my nose brushes your ear lobe – my lips find that special spot on your neck that says – this is no ordinary kiss! Slowly but surely I sense you transition from the troubles of the day to the promise of a pleasurable evening.

With my lips still dancing along your neck – I spin you around with my arms circling your waist – gently lifting your voluptuous 32G breasts – taking the weight off your shoulders that have carried the load all day! With my lips still dancing along your neck – one hand slips behind to deftly release the quadruple-clip – eliciting an audible relieve as your breasts fall freely for some much needed massage! With my hands now fully engaged in their mission of mercy – and arousal – your hips press back into me – raising our level of anticipation to the next level!

With our hips almost locked together – I place my hands on your shoulders – pressing your shoulders forward until your hands grasp the counter-top for support. Backing away slightly, my hands settle into the massage – with the goal of draining more tension from your tightly wrought muscles. Alternating between firm and gentle strokes I work your neck – shoulders – back – & breasts – then return following your spine up – for a repeat performance – or 2 or 3 or…..

After a few iterations – I grasp your shoulders – returning to a few pecks along your neck – then whisper; ‘Why don’t you go soak in the tub – I have to go out to get some Mike’s.’ Sensing your objection I promise to be right back – with a gently push you’re on your way upstairs.

Once you step into the bathroom – it’s obvious that this is part of ‘my plan’ – but what the heck – as the prime beneficiary – why not!

Starting the bath you notice the overstuffed envelope and recognize it as one of my surprises! Opening it up to see the Monte Carlo micro-g with its dangling jewel – its clear why the razor is set close by! Settling into the hot soapy water you relax – soaking up the heat and wondering what pleasures I have planned for your evening.

After a couple sips of my Mike’s-mix you grab the razor – taking care to make sure your legs and vulva are as smooth as possible – even shaving off the ‘landing pad’ – which would get in the way of the Monte Carlo’s dangling jewel.
Settling back into the hot water you take note of the PureWand! Knowing me, you know it’s no accident! Always open to new ideas – for opening your pleasure paths – you grasp the cold steel – quickly pressing it against your hot vulva – before it has a chance to soak up the heat – the huge temperature differential sends shivers down your spine!!

Placing the heavy head of the wand in just the right position – you release your grip – letting the massive weight find its way – slipping over your g-spot – before setting deeper inside! Again the sensation of cold steel generates involuntary waves of convulsions – both slightly painful & pleasurable – that fine line you’ve told me about! Before long the steel warms as you rhythmically rock the big ball – along your throbbing g-spot – then deeper as your arousal deepens the passage way!

Hearing your instinctual moans tells me that your eyes are now closed – and it’s safe for me to spy on your self-pleasure! Oh – I forgot to mention – I didn’t really need to go out! Quietly I get close enough to watch as your left hand wipes warm water across your tight hard pink nipples – while your right hand guides the PureWand through its paces!

As the ripples of the water and your breathing attest – your first orgasm appears imminent! Half expecting to see your other hand descend to help finish the job with a bit of clit stimulation – I’m amazed instead to witness you fingers squeezing – no pinching hard on your nipples – just as your whole body shudders with intense waves of repeated convulsions of an obvious explosive orgasm!!!!!!!

Having stayed as long as I dare – I quietly slip down stairs – make a few loud noises – then slowly re-ascend to join the party! After a few minutes I peak in the door to see that you’ve lit the candles in the bedroom – then crawled into bed under the covers – awaiting my return. Ever the observant lover – I detect what appears to be some rhythmic movement under the covers – I think to myself ‘Wow – is that hot or what!!!!!??????

Knowing that it’s good to strike while the irons hot – I quickly strip and hop under the covers pressing my body next to you – immediately sensing your heat from the bath! ‘You’re trembling’, I whisper – ‘And you’re surprised’ – you respond half knowingly – half mockingly! ‘Well n0’ – I admit!

So far – so good – I gloat to myself! Grasping the comforter I quickly throw it off – creating a rush of cool air to rush over your red hot skin – causing involuntary shudders – but no protest – maybe it’s that pain vs. pleasure equation at work again!

My eyes immediately catch a glimpse of your nipples – still red and throbbing from their recent activity – and quickly re-hardening in response to the sudden rush of cool air! As if drawn magnetically – my palms stroke each breast as my tongue and teeth ravage each nipple in a quickly alternating pattern of sucking – blowing – tweaking – – much more aggressively that the normal soft touch that is my style!

In spite of your obvious rapture over this renewed breast stimulation – soon my mind wanders to what I know is waiting for me – as my hands continue pleasuring your breasts – my tongue traces a hot trail between your breast down around your lovely belly button and then set my sights for a taste of your smooth, hot – swollen clit!

Since you started shaving your beautiful flower – I absolutely love sucking and licking both the meaty outer & delicate inner pedals! Having received no complaints I’ve assumed that the feeling is mutual!

As I quickly grasp the Liberator Wedge – your hips instinctively rise – as if choreographed – then settle back as if to dangle your fruits in front of me as an offering! Knowing I will stop to admire the erotic views of your sex framed by the micro-g – your body shudders slightly – in anticipation!!

True to form – I admire the view as my mind pictures the recent underwater scene of the ‘gusher’ frictionlessly gliding between those lovely pedals! But I can’t admire two long – your body will not cease to tremble until you feel the reassuring touch of my hands – obligingly I lay my hands on your torso – settling your frayed nerves!
Glancing up – I get a glimpse of one of my new favorite pastimes – watching as you knead your breasts and nipples – helping build up to soon to be inevitable orgasmic explosion! Always looking to learn new techniques I watch intently as you knead the bright pink skin of your breasts and firmly squeeze your now crimson nipples!
My internal clock tells me it’s time to move on – as my head descends and my lips suck in a mouth full of your sweet pedals – the sensation takes on a new dimension as the dangling string of jewels finds its way into the mix – allowing the soft strokes of my lips to be complemented by the hard edge textures of metal and stone!

Momentarily releasing your pedals from my lips – I repeat the sucking motion – making sure to draw your clit into the action! As my tongue circles your clit – the string of jewels join in creating hither to unknown sensations – eliciting audible clues of increasing in volume – confirming the hoped for magnifying effect is indeed a go!!!
As my lips and tongue ravage every inch of you – I leave behind a thick, hot, wet trail – then begin driving my tongue deep inside – searching for your sweet natural nectar – that I know the gusher has left in there for me! Just as my tongue penetrates past the silky gateway – the sweet nectar pours onto my tongue – as a lap away all that is there to enjoy!!!

After enjoying the sweet nectar – I rear up and announce; ‘I’ll be right back’ – leaving you a bit dazed by the unexpected interruption to the path to your bliss!!!

Returning quickly with the large wedge – you roll off the small wedge – not quite knowing what comes next! Extending my hand to help you – I place the two wedges into a pattern for your comfort – then take your hand – leading you into place lying over the large ramp and resting your head on the smaller wedge. Wondering what might be next – your eyes close as you abandon your anxiety in favor or trust.

With your hips now poised high over the bed and me between your beautiful legs – I openly lavish your creamy cheeks with kisses while my hands knead the firm flesh – until in unison they press outward opening a path for my tongue to find new pleasures! By now the micro-g has served its purpose, so I back away – lowering it from your hips – allowing for unobstructed access to your smooth pulsing forbidden entrance!!

Unlike my usual tentative – occasional anal licks – my tongue goes to work with a sense of abandon – licking and probing! Responding to my enthusiasm your hips begin rocking back to meet my tongue! So far so good – I gloat again – silently before backing away! Your hips respond by pressing back a little farther as if trying to find my tongue – to no avail!

Grasping your favorite Decadent Indulgence Hummingbird vibe I press the slender shaft between your glistening sex with unexpected force – then I crank both controls to their maximum settings as the slender shaft searches for the deepest reaches of your a-spot – while the little bird chirps away at your throbbing clit! The sudden change in sensation produces more spontaneous sounds as your hips press back trying to maximize the dual sensations as your sugar sweet nectar copiously glistens into view!

You know how visual I am – and the sight of your hips grinding back into the thrusting Hummingbird is fantastic! Just then I notice your other very tight entrance pulsing – almost as if an invitation! To test the theory my tongue dives between your luscious cheeks – licking and probing with fresh abandon! Now when you push back to get the rotating shaft to focus on your a-spot – my tongue stiffens to create the tiniest of penetrations.

With one last press – your hips start to grind in small circles – responding I hold the vibe firmly in place – as my tongue continues lavishing your sweet ass– I can sense the build up – then a loud instinctual sound pierces the room – quickly followed by repeated waves of convulsions – as the trickle of sugar becomes a flood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep the Hummingbird firmly in place for almost 5 minutes – as successive waves of orgasm ripple through your body – then your hips fall forward a bit to relieve the now overwhelming sensations!! Responding to your cue – I pull out the shaft – and look in awe at your trembling – glistening sex – my mouth watering in anticipation! Pressing your hips forward – I dive in – my tongue & lips savoring the sweet nectar – careful not to over stimulate your pulsing clit.

Suddenly I was acutely aware of my throbbing cock and began to contemplate the ‘end game’!
‘This is going to be a little different’ – I advise, even though I’m not sure that after such an intense orgasm you could even hear me! You first notice my intent as I apply a light coating of anal balm to your still red entrance– my sensitive finger tips searching for your reaction to what may or may not be an unexpected next step.
As the pads of my finger tips massage in the soothing gel – I sense a noticeable lack of resistance – allowing a finger slip just inside! Encouraged – I look left searching for an appropriate toy – when I notice the Alumina Flow and decide that the small tapered end would make a good start! But to keep you guessing I opt to give the gel more time to do its work – by slipping the cool larger end of the Flow between your engorged labia! Your low almost inaudible groan confirms that you’re ready for more!!

Always one to oblige – I work the smooth metal shaft in rhythm with your now rocking hips – warming the Flow – in preparation for it’s next performance! Since this next step requires a bit of silicone lube – I release my grasp of the Flow – watching it dance on it’s own as your PC muscles flex – pulling the warming metal a little deeper with each pulse!!

As I withdraw the Flow the tone of your moan expresses your disappointment – which I hope to replace with ecstasy – very soon!! Drizzling the ultra slick silicone at the apex of the deep cleft before me – allowing it flow down to its intended target – then slip the this smooth aluminum through the silicone.

Repositioning for comfort – my left thumb slips in searching for your g-spot as four fingers lightly strum your clit – reawakening your hot button! Instinctively your hips make little circles as they grind back into my hand – helping enhance the effect of my dancing digits!

As you get into a rhythm – I change the angle of the metal shaft – placing it teasingly at your gorgeous rear entrance– but resist pressing forward – waiting – wondering if I your desire to break the taboo would reveal itself?
Holding the Flow steady – your hips press back – as I watch the slim metal shaft slip easily past your pulsing tight entrance – Double Trouble – even if on a very small scale! Slowly at first – both of my hands begin thrusting – getting into a rhythm with your hips as you revel in this new combination of sensations! Then with the pump already primed from two prior orgasms – your PC muscles flex around my thumb as a fresh round of convulsions shudder throughout you!!!!!!!!!

Mid convulsion I roll you off your long held perch on the ramp – slip a modestly sized vibe past your pulsing – receptive tight ass – then plunge my over engorged cock to the hilt in one hard thrust!!!! Draping your legs over my shoulders for maximum effect – my hips turn into a jackhammer!!!!!!! Realizing that you’re still mid-orgasm – my instincts have taken over as I thrust relentlessly searching deeply for satisfaction as my pubic bone hammers your still pulsing clit!!!! After what seemed like 100 full bore thrusts – the vibes I can feel inside your ass bring on my explosion with a previously unheard of ferocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The intensity of the moment makes it impossible for me to stop – as my hips continue crashing with yours – as you continue convulsing – almost uncontrollably!!!!! Mercifully my hips lock against yours as our intense orgasms take over. Then I gently lower your legs to the bed – then I put my arms around you and squeeze – absorbing the convulsions – as you begin to regain control….. Gradually our entwined bodies recover – seeming to meld together – saying nothing – but communicating none the less – the love and trust we share reinforcing already unbreakable bonds……

Finally slipping off to the side – still recovering – in mid-breath I hear you sigh ‘Oh my…..’ as your voice trails off – not needing to say more!!!!!!!!

Exhausted at 5 in the afternoon – I draw the sheet over our still flaming bodies to prevent a chill – not long after we doze off as a pair of nested spoons – needing the contact………..


Opening my eyes I notice that its 7 pm – estimating that a 2 hour nap should be good – I slip out of bed trying to revive myself mentally and physically. Realizing that after our unprecedented romp a couple of hours earlier – I was famished! Picking up your Monte Carlo micro-g – I wonder if you’ll oblige me one more erotic fantasy!
Gently rousing you – I suggest going out for dinner. Agreeing with the plan, you take my hand as I help you out of bed. As your legs stabilize under you – I hand you a skirt and the micro-g – knowing what I have in mind you teasingly opine ‘I can’t believe you!’ but saying nothing more proceed to get dressed.

As we walk out the door – I glance at the skirt and wonder if you have really taken the challenge? No way to know – until sitting in the restaurant at a quiet booth – I notice a subtle shudder! I wonder is it a gust of air from the opened door – or the jeweled string dancing across some particularly sensitive spot? In any case – I revel in the trust we share and adventures yet to be explored………

Isn’t this a wonderful story? I hope you enjoyed it,

I sure did!