Maybe I say it too often – and it’s a well worn cliché – but variety IS the spice of life! So why is that I don’t follow my own advice? For a bit of self-criticism – once I find a toy or technique that you respond to with an exceptional orgasmic experience – I catalog that as a ‘go to’ for the next session – or more. Time and time again, the second time around never lives up to the first – essentially proving the axiom once again!

Probably the biggest rut I get into is the ‘gentle’ or ‘attentive’ lover role – when the reality is that we both like a ‘take charge’ approach once in a while – so let’s see how it goes!

The Hammer!By GunsmokeStepping out of the shower – scrubbed and buffed – my shaft is still semi-erect from shaving and thoughts about what I expect to be a very hot night with my lover! While toweling off I notice your curves appear in the mirror. The reflection of your luscious curves pasted over with sweat soaked workout gear stokes my passion – I’m overtaken – I’ve got to have you now!
Dropping the towel, my arms wrap around you from behind – lips and teeth sinking into the damp & salty skin of your neck – not masking my intent – I grind my now fully erect manhood against the slick Lycra bound to you like a second skin!

Responding to my passion – I feel your body settle into my arms – now partially supporting you. With an unusual level of aggression my lips, tongue and teeth continue to lap & nip – while my hands begin tugging off the sweaty clothes that are between me and the objects of my desire!!

You offer no resistance – after all they’ve got to go before you can jump in for a well deserved hot shower. But when you try to move your body in the direction of the shower – my stronger arms pull you in the direction of the bed! Ignoring your mild protests – I bend you over the bed – pull down your shorts – taking in the pungent aroma of sweat and sex!!

In no time my face is buried between your cheeks with my tongue vainly trying to pry open your rosebud!! When my hands catch up – they spread your cheeks wide as I leave long trails of saliva along the full length of your aromatic ass!! Lost in the passion your hips rotate and press back into my face – silently admitting how much you enjoy this forbidden pleasure!

Raising the bar my thumb slips between your silky folds – searching for your g-spot as my fingers begin strumming your hot clit! With my hands and tongue finding a strong & steady rhythm – you glance back with a challenge; ‘You’ve got to put something bigger than that in there!!’

Taking up the challenge I shove the Liberator Wedge under your hips – then drive them into position for my assault! Running my hot shaft between your slippery cheeks – for a bit of natural lube – I plunge between your hot inner lips – driving to the hilt in one hard thrust!! With your hips pinned to the wedge – you’re unable to respond to the onslaught of my pounding hips as they drive into your glistening cheeks!!

Watching my shaft repeatedly disappear within you, the rapid hammer-like thrusts stoke my fervor! Then closing my eyes I picture the head of my shaft raking along your g-spot – then plunging deeply your deep gush inducing a-spot!!

As my hips continue their relentless thrusts we are both soaked with your secret sexy sauce – then I feel the squeeze of your awesome PC muscles initiating convulsions that radiate from your core – then radiate throughout your body!! The sight of your trembling flesh triggers my explosion mingling my orgasm with your own!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not ready to be done – I pull your hips toward me – off the wedge so that you now have to support yourself on legs weakened by your convulsive orgasm. Responding to the new found freedom of motion – your hips push back – meeting my relentless thrusts!!!

Grasping your hips I take control of the pounding by timing each stroke – generating powerful collisions with each thrust – triggering an even more powerful series of whole body convulsions – made all the more sensual by your loud – uncontrollable screams!!!!

Unexpectedly I let go of your hips – unable to stand you fall onto the bed with your searing hot vulva soaked with orgasm! Dropping to me knees – I dive full face into the wetness lapping like a thirsty canine – I greedily feast on the nectar of our labor!! Unable to move – your response is simply an audible trail of groans as small after-shocks continue to ripple through you!!!!!!!!!


Having recovered enough to find your way into the shower – I sneak in behind you – wrapping my arms around you again – as if starting all over! But not quite – spinning you around I press on your shoulders – gently lowering you to your knees.

Not wanting to deprive you of the chance to enjoy at least a little taste of our nectar – I offer my still soaking semi-erect shaft for your pleasure! Knowing exactly what to do – your tongue begins to savor my sex-soaked shaft. It isn’t long before my now clean shaft returns to its former glory. Taking each hand in mine, I raise you back to your feet – turning you around – powerless to resist – you lean into the cascading hot water as I plunge back inside your quivering sex – renewing my assault – reveling in your complete surrender to me – to your own pleasure……….