His birthday her surprise

She spent all morning baking and cooking for a small get together they were having later that day. It was his birthday and she was preparing what he had decided that he wanted for his birthday dinner, and of course her homemade chocolate pound cake with gooey chocolate peanut butter sauce.

He was in and out working around the house, messing with his new Sport-Trac and cleaning up the two frog ponds, trying to get them ready for spring. They like keeping the frogs happy. It’s wonderful to see the frogs go from eggs that look like jelly to tiny black tadpoles to big tadpoles that start to get legs then their tails get shorter and disappears and then they’re frogs and able to jump out of the ponds so they can sun themselves.

All this time when he comes in, he’s always checking out her breasts. He loves to see those luscious hard nipples though her top, she likes not wearing a bra to tease him.

It’s about 2 hours before everyone arrives, plenty of time for a nice long hot shower and to get all fluffed and buffed and sweet and sexy for the evening ahead. Especially for when everyone leaves, she told him she’d let him have his way with her, he could have anything he desired.

She heads up to start the water and he’s in their room getting undressed. “Oh, are you going to take a shower now? That’s what I was going to do.” she asked him.

“No, I thought I’d take a little nap before everyone gets here.”

“That’s a good idea; I’ll close the door so I don’t bother you.” she said, as the door closes behind him. She starts the shower and gets undressed. Stepping under the warm water to let it cascade over her body. Wetting her hair to shampoo and then washing her body with the sweet scent of vanilla and spice gel. Shaving to make sure she’s all nice and smooth.

As he laid there trying to take a nap, all he can do is, think about her in the shower. Naked, the water running over her sweet ass and her glistening beast, he just knew her nipples would be hard for the caress of his hands and his hot mouth to suck on them. Moving his hand down, curling his fingers around his thick hard cock, he started to stroke himself. He was imagining that it was her skilled hands wrapped around cock, making him so hard he could wait to plunge deep inside her tight pussy. Feel all her silky wetness flow over him.

Well, this was going to make him crazy. There was no way he could wait until tonight.

Just then he noticed the water wasn’t running any more. Perfect! Now, he would go take advantage of her warm moist body. Have his way with her, do exactly what he wanted to do with her for his birthday!
Quietly, he went over to her bed table, slid open the drawer and picked out her favorite toy. He cracked open the bathroom door and peeked inside.

“Hey, are you ready to take your shower now?” she said as he pushed the door to come inside and then closed it. Then, to her surprise, she saw in the mirror what he had in his hand, the glass dildo she loved. “OH, I guess you had something else in mind”

“We don’t have to, if you’d rather wait” he whispered, looking in the mirror at her with a very devious grin and hunger in his eyes.

When he was hungry for her, his eyes became a little darker pale green. And he was very hungry right now.
“It’s your birthday. I wouldn’t dream of making you wait”, she cooed looking back at him in the mirror, with that naughty smile of hers.

Pressing himself up close behind her, he brought his hand around to her breast and played with her hard nipples, as his teeth nipped at her shoulder. He started a slow decent down her body. Taking his time to smooth his hand over as much of her body as he could – starting at her neck, shoulder, arm, breast, tummy, over her mound and around to her sweet ass, giving her light kisses along the way.

As he knelt behind her, he eased her legs farther apart so he had better access to play with her swollen clit. He slid the toy between her cheeks into the wetness of her folds. “Very wet dear.”

“Mmmm”,, her head fell back, hands on the counter. Her hips were grinding against his torturing fingers teasing her clit and the feel of him thrusting the toy in and out of her sex.

“So sexy, watching you. You love it! Too bad you can’t see what I see.”
“Oh God, that feels so……good!” her voice shaky.
He stood up, pressed against her still working the toy in and out. She felt his hard shaft against her ass, his other hand now on her breast pinching and rolling her hard nipple between his fingers – kissing and nipping her neck and shoulder.

“I couldn’t wait till tonight.” he whispered in her ear.
She whimpered as he took the toy out of her silky wet folds and lay in on the counter. He turned her to face him and took her mouth with his and lifted her on to the counter.

Standing between her thighs, breaking off the kiss, “Now, I’m going to have my appetizer.” His mouth moving to her breast, he sucked it in, rolled his tongue around – grazing her engorged nipple between his teeth. She leaned back, as he moved further down. Kneeling between her legs, he brought his hands down to part her intimate folds. “Mmmm, so hot – so wet!”

She watched as he plunged his tongue inside her hot pussy, licking and tasting her sweet juice. Thrusting his tongue in and out, and then circling around her clit. Her head fell back against the mirror. One foot on his shoulder and the other propped against the door jam.

“So….good…oh yea…so..so…..good” she rasped – wanting him to know he was hitting all the right spots.
As he suckled on her clit, he picked up the toy again – pressing the cool glass past her glistening lips deeply into her slippery vagina. Instead of stroking the shaft – he rotated the shaft using the subtle textures of the glass to give her a new take on her favorite toy. “Ahhh, you taste so sweet!”

She lifted his head. “I need….you, now…….inside, your cock………inside me.” Somehow she managed to get the words out.
“You do?” With one last lick, he removed the toy and laid it on the counter. He stood, grasped her hips, the head of his cock pressed against her wet opening. “Watch me take you now, fill you. This is for you, what you want.”
“Oh yes!” She was watching. Watching as he pressed forward. Her juices coating his cock, making his shaft glisten, as he pulled back slowly.

He was watching her, so damn hot, watching her. He griped her hips harder and thrust his cock deep inside her in one hard move.
Her head fell back, her hands holding on to the counter. Each forward thrust pounded deep inside her. She was calling out his name. Her eyes closed. His eyes, watching her in sweet ecstasy, her orgasm taking control of her, making his explode deep inside her.

He pulled her up against his chest, his arms wrapped around her, holding her tight. Her arms around his waist, her head nestled in the crook of his neck. Lingering entwined in ecstasy for a few moments – until breaking apart to exchange loving kisses – sharing the heat – the intimacy.

“I love you! What a nice surprise for ME – on your birthday.”
“Well, I get what I want on my birthday and that’s what I wanted, to surprise you and make love to you.”
‘His Birthday, Her Surprise!’