I want my lover back

How many women out there over, lets say 40 are wishing that their man (lover, husband, partner etc.) would get with the program and start to make wild passionate love to them. I’m in that category.

At 47 and having lost 47lbs to date and 7 inches off my waist I’ve come into a kind of sexual self awareness. I’m aware that I want to have sex. Crazy sex! With my husband and he being 53 is kind of on the limp deceased desire side. Yes, we certainly do have a lot more sex these days than we used too. But the quality is lacking. I mean I feel like I’m going after him every time. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being the aggressor sometimes, that’s a fun thing to play. I’m talking almost every time though. It would be nice if he was aggressive once in a while. Ok, so then we’re in bed and he always wants me to pleasure him with a good blow job. I like giving him a blow job it’s quit fun. Love watching his face. He would love for me to bring him to orgasm everytime if he had his way. When that happens then I don’t get one. So I have to stop and climb on for my cowgirl ride if I want my orgasm. He hardly ever goes down on me. Hell, hardly any foreplay. The last time was Christmas Eve when he tasted me and god it was so great. I had almost forgot what it was like. He even wanted to 69 it. Hot!

Ok, last night I could tell he wanted to have sex. I went to bed first. All I had on was a sexy pair of black lacey panties. He came up a little bit later. He gets in bed and I decided that I wasn’t going to make all the moves (the aggressor) this time. He didn’t do a damn thing. I couldn’t believe it. He went to sleep. My gosh, what does it take. I guess it takes me taking the lead again!

So, I went to sleep frustrated again!! I’ll try tonight and let you know how it goes.