What a Wonderful Night

On Friday I had my IUD removed in an out-patient surgery center. They had to do it that way because my doc had tried two times to get it out and couldn’t. So, they had to knock me out. She said it would be way too painful for me to be awake. It came out without any complications. Yea!

The bad thing is that I have to wait two weeks to get another one put in and no sex for one week.

Well, it’s been about two weeks since we’ve made love anyway so what’s one more week, right?

OK, so last night, I’m already in bed almost asleep when hubby comes to bed and lays real close to me. That’s usually means he’s pretty horny. He starts caressing my breast and making my nipples all hard (which doesn’t take much). Now I’m getting really aroused at this point. I tell him remember I can’t have sex for a week. His response is, you just can’t have anything inside. So, he starts massaging my clit. This, of course feels awesome (since it’s been two weeks without anything). He manages to give me an orgasm with some help from my own fingers. Now that I’m taken care of, it’s time to take care of him. So, give him one of the best blow jobs. His hands are in my hair. He loves it and so do I. It didn’t take long to bring him to his ecstasy.

We lay in each other’s arms all tangled together. He was holding me so tight, it was so wonderful. I wish he showed his love like that more often. When I had to go potty he didn’t want to let to go. But nature calls.

What a wonderful night!