Wow Part 1: Going With The Flow


Wow! My head is spinning – my demure and sometimes reluctant lover has turned into a seductress! No complaints – I’m ecstatic! What I love about the change is how we can leverage anticipation as a powerful aphrodisiac. In light of the terrific new circumstance in which we find ourselves – here’s a new story for your enjoyment – hope you like it!

WOW – Part 1 By Gunsmoke

Going With The Flow
Coming into our room after a typical weight lifting session – I’m both pumped-up and a little sore. Since we’re alone – the precedent is set for a very erotic evening!

Striking a match to light some candles, the sound of bath water running makes me think that a relaxing soak in the tub doesn’t sound like a bad idea – but I suspect relaxation is not your plan. As I move toward the bath you intercept me – greeting me with your robe loosely tied – revealing a bit if enticing cleavage and raising my anticipation another notch.

As we embrace your passionate lips alternately crush – then nibble on mine as you whisper your plans to ravage me! After a firm squeeze around your waist – my deft hands spin you around – gaining easy access to those sensitive nerve endings spreading up from your shoulders to just behind each ear! Pulling you tight – my lips, tongue and teeth work their magic – as if these nerves have a direct connection to the tingling rushing between your thighs! Knowing the connection – my hand descends teasing & stroking your smooth hot skin through the silken fabric.

Sensing your knees weakening – my arm squeezes tighter – keeping you safely nestled close to me!
‘After a great workout – I’m sure going to need a massage!” I whisper.
‘Oh yes, and much more!” you reply.

Releasing my left arm – breaking our embrace – I grasp the shoulders of the robe – admiring your silhouette as you emerge from the silken cocoon. Setting the robe aside – instead of following I decide to start with a hot shower.
Without hesitation you respond to the change in plans – going with the flow.

Jumping under the stream of hot cascading water I prepare to wash away the sweat and grime – my body recoils slightly with the feel of your cool skin pressing against me from behind as your deft hands circle my waist. Nice – I’m getting a bit of very welcome help!

Well – now I’m going with the flow! Leaning on the wall, arms up – exposed as can be – I await your skilled & sensual attention to detail. The next sensation I feel is your hands massaging an aromatic shampoo into my scalp – then spreading the gentle suds to cleanse my face and neck. Hoping to prolong the pleasure – I’m a bit disappointed when I feel the rinse water – but I anticipate even better sensations are soon to come my way.

Expecting the feel of a wash cloth – I’m gratified instead to feel your fingers spread a generous dose of body wash over my chest and back – then your finger nails join the action – creating a red hue on my skin as it responds the sharp & stimulating attention! Taking advantage of the slippery gel – your fingers begin to press firmly into my flesh – reducing the tension evident in the muscles deep beneath the surface – a spontaneous ‘ahhhhh’ escapes my throat as I yield to your charms.

Soon I feel more cool gel spreading gracefully around my glutes – then around front! Carefully avoiding direct contact with my most sensitive firming erection – your hands meet in the middle – before taking independent paths – one to the front – one to the back!

As one hand massages my perineum – the other slides between my cheeks several times – teasing my rosebud on each pass – raising my anticipation! Preceding slowly – your hand slips away – then returns with a fresh dose of gel – a sure sign of what’s to come.

Gently – repeatedly your fingers press against my tight opening – allowing me to relax – as I adjust to each probe – a little deeper with each press – until the resistance ends allowing full penetration!

Pausing as I adjust to your presence inside of me – the fingers of your other hand massage a bit more vigorously – a very pleasant diversion! Slowly at first – then more quickly as my breath quickens – a second finger penetrates more deeply in search of my p-spot!

Enjoying the new sensation of both fingers inside of me – I fail to notice that you’re preparing a new surprise for me!
Then you whisper, ‘Relax – I think your going to like this!’ As your fingers withdraw – I simultaneously hear and feel the tip of a vibe pressing against me and try to relax knowing – or at lest hoping – that it isn’t too big!

Sensing my anxiety, you reassure me, ‘It’s our little blue water-proof vibe – relax and I’ll go slowly.’ Sighing my approval – you gently press the well lubed vibe forward slightly – withdrawing – and then deeper each stroke as you gauge my level of relaxation – after just a few gentle strokes – the little blue hummer nestles fully inside – buzzing intently in my ass!

After a few seconds to acclimate – my hips rock to let you know everything is ok! So slowly at first – then with greater vigor – stroking the little blue shaft has me near orgasm – even though you haven’t even touched my now rock hard – pulsing erection! With my eyes closed I’m completely focused on the sensations of the vibe – until……..
‘Open your eyes!’ you coo, ‘I want you to watch!’

Gradually opening my eyes my mind adapts to the visual pallet before me – seeing and feeling your hot your lips as they engulf me!

Holding my eyes open during an orgasm is nearly impossible – but dutiful to your command – I watch as my orgasm gushes forth past your lips! As the buzzing sensation in my ass intensifies – my final blasts find your open lips and waiting tongue!!

Barely able to stand I watch as you lick me clean – while your fingers gently massage my burning – but satisfied rosebud!

Rising up to support my drained body – you gracefully dry my hot tingling skin and guide me to bed. As I lie down you knowingly whispering – ‘I see that was as good for you – as it was for me! I’ll be READY when you’ve recovered……’

With my head spinning and my butt ablaze – I heed your advice and doze of with a wide grin of satisfaction etched on my face…..

To be continued…..