WOW – Part 2By GunsmokeA HARD Act To Follow
After freshening the tub with some hot water you slip in with a well deserved sense of satisfaction – knowing that you’d given me an experience to treasure for a long time!
Hoping that when I wake – I’ll have plenty of energy to reciprocate – your mind wanders to think of a response to the inevitable question ‘What’s your pleasure sweetie?’ Taking note of the intensity of my orgasm you ponder the possibilities for an equally explosive experience for yourself.
Wondering what made my experience so intense – you ponder the things that were different – we’ve made love in the shower before, you’ve given me many terrific blow-jobs before – and you suspect that I’ve watched you before. Well it must be the obvious – with increasing frequency we’ve included some anal play for me – and it usually ends well – pardon the pun!
Having fended of twenty years of attempts at any serious anal play – you wonder – ‘I don’t have a ‘p-spot’ – but it does feel nice when he licks my rosebud – it does feel nice when he massages my rosebud – I do shave there occasionally to make sure I’m smooth for him – then there’s the forbidden fantasy about double-penetration which occasionally creeps into my mind!
Just as all this swirls through your mind – your hands drift below the bubbles – one lightly stroking your vulva & clit – while the other slips deeper – testing the sensitivity of your rosebud – mmmm that feels kind of nice! After a little gentle probing – a finger slips inside – then out – and back in again!
Almost subconsciously a finger from your other hand slips inside – searching for your G-spot and viola – double-penetration! As you move both fingers around a bit to test the sensations………..
‘Looks like fun – can I join in?’ – My voice startles you – you wonder ‘Did he see what I was doing?’ Not letting on whether I saw anything out of the ordinary I ask the usual question ‘What’s your pleasure sweetie?’
In a teasing – but aggressive tone you respond ‘I’ve taken care of you big-boy, it’s your job to figure out just what I want!’ Having gotten a nice rest – with that challenge – I’d better think fast!
Slipping into the tub behind you – my arms slip through cupping each breast as I begin nibbling at your neck. Acknowledging my erection pressing into your back you opine ‘You’ve recovered nicely!’ As I tweak and knead you firming nipples, I retort ‘Yep, don’t you worry – it’s your turn!’ ‘What’d you have in mind big boy?’ You snap back – ‘Just follow my lead!’ I reply. ‘Oooooh’ – is the last thing you say before melting back into my arms!
Grasping your hands I place them over your breasts ‘Take care of these – while I go exploring!’ I aver in a firm voice – reluctantly you comply! As I watch your nipples pucker even firmer – I know you’re glad to have followed my instructions!
With your breasts in expert hands – my hands descend to explore your more southern erogenous zones! As expected my fingers encounter your smooth vulva – but the heat of the water masks the heat generated by your recent self-pleasure! None the wiser I take my own pleasure from alternating between massage-like kneading and teasingly light strokes.
Slumping back more deeply into me – you hands drop from your breasts – but I quickly replace them ‘Remember – you’ve got to follow my lead!’
As my hands drop back into the water I place them on them mid-thigh – drawing your knees up to improve my access – then slide them back to your center – my fingers slip between your cheeks – lightly stroking your rosebud. It seems a bit engorged – but not privy to your preliminaries – I attribute it to the warm water and your exposed posture!
‘There’s a bit of stubble here.’ I tease – ‘We’re going to fix that!’ Subconsciously your mind snaps ‘Think he really has the courage to go through with it?’ Startled your conscious mind reacts ‘I’m not sure I want that!’ As your internal struggle wages – I grab the razor – and raise your hips just out of the water!
Stunned by the beautiful view – I stop and stare – you know me well – you know why I go so slow – my admiration gives you the trust to know that I will be very gentle – very careful.
Finally I spread a generous layer of conditioner between your cheeks – teasing as if I may penetrate you – I stop short – increasing your anticipation – ‘Will he? Surely – but when?’ Then with a few quick strokes the downy hair is completely gone – leaving nothing but a smooth – pulsing – hot rosebud exposed before me!
‘Join me in bed.’ Is all I say! But inside your furious! Anticipating – almost longing for penetration – you’re consciously relieved but subconsciously disappointed! Does he want this? Do I? The internal conflict rages!
As you slink back into the tub to rinse off – and sulk – I take the time to get some things ready for your pleasure! Not knowing exactly how things will go – or what I’ll need – I pretty much empty all the possibilities into a corner of the bed – for east access.
From my own experience I know that you can never have too much lube – and it’s always better to go slow – tease to the point of push-back! When you get the push-back I’ll know you’re ready for more.
Summoning up the courage to proceed – your very presence tells me that you’ve accepted the challenge of this new adventure – and I’m determined to make sure you are absolutely stunned by the magnitude of the experience – assuring us of the opportunity to try again – to learn more, to feel more!
The Liberator ramp & wedge pillows elevate you to a place where I can comfortably lavish loving attention to your every curve for a very long time!
Kneeling between your legs I pour a generous portion of melted massage oil into my hands. Starting with a less sensual path I massage the warm oil onto your arms – down to your hands – taking time to massage each finger – you must know that I adore every inch of you! Next I massaged the hot oil into your feet – between your toes – up along your smooth calves and thighs – your whole body is beginning to glisten with the excess emollients!
Sensing your anticipation as I progress to the tops of your thighs, I whisper ‘Not yet – but soon – enjoy!’
Refreshing my load of hot oil – my hands finally find their first erogenous zone – as my fingers glide over your beautiful breasts – again I take your hands to each breast – allowing the oil massaged on your hands – to mingle with the fresh oil on your breasts! Remembering your experience in the tub – this time there is no protest – no resistance – as you expertly initiate the massage!
Admiring your skill – I sense the tingle that electrifies your clit – every time you tweak your nipples! With great interest I absorb the pleasure of your self-loving – all the while spreading more oil down your torso!
Refocusing on the indescribably beauty before me – I can see your vulva and clit are fully engorged – begging for the direct stimulation – so long delayed!
Switching from the massage oil to your favorite Shea-butter lubricant – I catch one last glimpse of your fingers compressed tightly around both nipples as you anticipate my focused attention to your throbbing clitoris – and more!
But one last time I linger – tracing the outlines of your engorged labia with my eyes – the skin on fire with anticipation!
Instead of the usual starting teaser strokes – I opt to satisfy you more urgently – more directly – as my right hand presses firmly against your pubic bone – my twisting hand forces the slippery Shea-butter rapidly into every crease! Ooooooooooooh – I hear rising gutturally from deep within you – seeming to come from a mini-orgasm – but surely not enough to satisfy!
With the force of my hand – your knees draw upward completely exposing your pulsing rosebud invitingly into view. Obligingly my other hand spreads the oily-butter between your cheeks – paying special attention to the flaming center of your rosebud – so recently denuded in preparation!
But again – the gentle pressure fails to be firm enough to satisfy your expectations! Sensing your expectation – I whisper ‘Not yet…!’ Your sigh of disappointment – your impatient pressing toward me – tell me the internal conflict is resolved – ‘NOW’ your mind screams – but no words escape!
Determined to start with an explosive orgasm – I decide on the ultimate distraction – grabbing your favorite Fun Factory – Tiger silicone shaft – I plunge it full-depth in a single stroke – your hungry vagina devouring it – as if it’s not nearly big enough! Knowing how this smoothly rippled shaft works – you ride the textured shaft driving it deeply inside past your g-spot – to that gush inducing a-spot as I make sure the bottom flange crashes against your clit with every thrust!
Even with your vibe easily within reach – you focus on the rapidly thrusting shaft until your body jerks with convulsions – forcing your ejaculate to soak the silicone shaft and my hands as I continue thrusting – driving successive waves of full body convulsions!!
Pausing for a moment to allow the waves rippling inside to complete your powerful orgasm – I whisper ‘NOW!’
‘To get there you’re going to follow my lead – and I’m going to follow yours – it’s the only way!’
Without a word you lay forward across the ramp affirming the inevitable – your rosebud pulses with anticipation. Stopping again to admire the form before me – I gently part your cheeks and allow my tongue to sample the juices of your orgasm! The taste is sweet – invigorating my senses and encouraging my advances. As my tongue gently teases your rosebud – the heat penetrates the fine layer of saliva coating my tongue – searing the tip.
Backing away briefly I grab a small vibrating butt-plug to begin our adventure. Applying some supper slick silicone lube to the shaft – I run it along your cheeks – urging you to relax. Your hips sway just a little to let me know you’re ready. Carefully positioning the narrow tip – I press lightly a few times – then with slightly more pressure as your hips press back to meet my pressure – allowing more of the taper to penetrate – opening and relaxing your rosebud.
Know that you’re an ass virgin – I add more lube – then resume smoothly pressing the shaft in unison with hips pressing back toward me! After a few more strokes – your breathing quickens – as the peak of the plug passes inside – and your rosebud clamps down – practically cutting off the neck of the well designed plug! Pausing to allow pleasure to replace the feelings of discomfort – my fingers strum your clit as a little distraction!
Carefully drawing the plug just past its apex – then back inside – your breathing quickens, your rosebud yields and your hips again respond to the stroking! Then urging me on you plead ‘Oh baby I want you inside me – cum inside me – NOW!’
I thought I was in charge – but no – my fantasy has become your fantasy – it’s time for me to perform!
First things first – another drenching of ultra slick silicone lube for both of us!
Bracing myself – your hips rock back – then forward – then back again – until your rosebud opens – accepting me fully inside for the first time! The feeling is electric as my hot shaft encounters your even hotter flesh! Pausing to absorb the intense sensations – I steady myself – awaiting your hips to signal it’s time to begin actively exploring our new reality!
My eyes are fixated on the stunning view – as your hips resume their short strokes – and more of me disappears within you – I add even more lube to ease the way!
As we both initiate small movements – responding to each others lead – I can feel your hot ass pulsing – demanding my orgasm! Just as the last millimeter of my erection disappears – we both shudder with explosive orgasms – like we’ve never felt before!!
With your tight ass keeping me from the normal post orgasmic deflation my hips draw back – then settle into a slow rhythmic stroking – savoring my first – our first anal orgasm!!
Falling to the bed ‘spooned’ together I silently hope that this is just the opening act of a new chapter in our evolving lifelong dedication to pleasing one another!