Imposters, liars and deceivers – don’t steal other people’s work

Never have I imagined I’d have to write this post, because I had no idea people did things like this. I’m shocked, angry and upset. It has come to my attention that someone has been getting in touch with various adult retailers and manufacturers, asking for review products, giving out my blog address and claiming to be me. At least 4 companies have been contacted so far, all of them UK based. I’ve tried to contact this person  to ask them to stop, but to no avail.

See that message? First of all, I always take the time to research each individual company and wouldn’t even dream of sending a generic email like that. Second of all – look at all those mistakes! If companies are willing to send out items to people who send messages like that, then I am genuinely worried.

I have no idea what this person is trying to achieve. I guess their aim is to get free sex toys, and they think that using my blog is the best way to achieve that. Maybe I should be flattered that they chose my blog? That still doesn’t change the fact that I work hard to make this site what it is and I don’t appreciate someone using my work to lie to other people.

I wanted to take the time to reassure you all that I only use one email address when dealing with companies – it is listed in the contact tab on my blog. There is a another email address I’ve used, one I had before I made my blog specific email account but the companies I’ve contacted using that address have all been notified of the situation.

Lucy, if you’re reading this – please stop. You’re not going to get very far doing what you’re doing because the companies you’ve contacted so far have all let me know what you’re up to. Just stop.

I’d like to urge retailers & manufacturers to be careful when sending out tester products to bloggers and reviewers. Please, try to take a look at their blog and make sure you have the right person so that you don’t send out a product to some random stranger and end up with no review. If the message seems suspicious at all, try to contact the relevant blogger to clear things up.

I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, I wish there was more we could do to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’ve heard of bloggers having their content stolen and posted elsewhere, but I don’t think this has ever happened before. Just another thing for sex bloggers to worry about, eh.

Blog Tour – My Writing Process

SAM_5185aSo, this blog tour thing is going around – I guess it’s another way for you guys to get to know a little bit more about me, right? The lovely Apricot Creams thought I should do this, so here goes.

What am I working on?

Whilst it might look like my blog is slightly plain-looking (believe it or not, I like it like this – for now), I am actually working on finding that perfect theme. But I am impatient and have no idea what I’m doing most of the time so it’s taking a while – I’m mostly imagining what it’s all going to look like but not actually doing a lot about it.

I am working on a few guides, which will hopefully be ready soon, I just don’t feel like I have enough information to publish them yet. I’m also considering getting more personal and writing about some of my experiences when it comes to sex and relationships and just life in general, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to share that yet. There are also about 8 product reviews I’m planning on publishing this month so watch this space – some of them are pictured above and include my first ever butt plug!  I’ve since updated to the Hush butt plug.

Aside from the blog stuff I’m currently in my final year of university so I have lots of essays, reports and exams to focus on too.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I genuinely don’t know. We all review sex toys in our own way and style so I guess something should stick out for me, but it doesn’t. I write what I feel and hope that at least one person out there enjoys reading it.

Why do I write what I do?

Because I like dildos. I like talking about dildos. I like playing with dildos. I like helping people make informed decisions about dildos (and vibrators and all other kinds of sex toys). My blog is sort of like my sanctuary – whilst I love helping people and hope people find my writing useful – I also write for myself. It gives me something to focus on, something that gives me a break from my university work & something I’m genuinely interested in that I love doing.

How does my writing process work?

I tend to plan everything I write. I absolutely love hand writing so all my initial ideas are covering hundreds of pieces of paper strewn about all over my desk. Ideas tend to come to me randomly, I’ll be putting my shoes on before leaving the house and I’ll suddenly think of something I want to include in a review that I simply must.write.down.right.this.second. otherwise I will forget. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this has made me late for something.

When it comes to review layout, I don’t have one. I tend to write whatever comes to mind because I don’t like restricting myself. I hate having to stick to a particular format so the chances of two or more of my reviews being in any way similar are slim.

When reviewing lingerie I tend to wear it when I write and basically just type whatever I’m thinking in that moment. When it comes to sex toys, I like to fondle whatever it is I’m reviewing whilst I’m writing just so it’s on hand.

I feel like a review isn’t complete without pictures so I tend to make that either the first or last thing about a review, depending on what the weather is like at the time. My place tends to be very dark unless it’s sunny outside so I rely on that big, hot guy up in space because my pictures only look good when he’s around.

It usually takes me a couple of hours to complete a review but I don’t always hit the publish button as soon as it’s finished. Sometimes I let it sit and rest for a few days just to make sure I’m 100% happy with it.

I’d like to pass this on to the following bloggers; if you wish to get involved please publish your post next Monday, or whenever really – I don’t really know if I’m actually supposed to be publishing this today to be honest. If you decide to join in, please submit the link of your post on Dizzygirl’s blog here so that other bloggers can see who has done the blog tour already!


WOW – Part 2By GunsmokeA HARD Act To Follow
After freshening the tub with some hot water you slip in with a well deserved sense of satisfaction – knowing that you’d given me an experience to treasure for a long time!
Hoping that when I wake – I’ll have plenty of energy to reciprocate – your mind wanders to think of a response to the inevitable question ‘What’s your pleasure sweetie?’ Taking note of the intensity of my orgasm you ponder the possibilities for an equally explosive experience for yourself.
Wondering what made my experience so intense – you ponder the things that were different – we’ve made love in the shower before, you’ve given me many terrific blow-jobs before – and you suspect that I’ve watched you before. Well it must be the obvious – with increasing frequency we’ve included some anal play for me – and it usually ends well – pardon the pun!
Having fended of twenty years of attempts at any serious anal play – you wonder – ‘I don’t have a ‘p-spot’ – but it does feel nice when he licks my rosebud – it does feel nice when he massages my rosebud – I do shave there occasionally to make sure I’m smooth for him – then there’s the forbidden fantasy about double-penetration which occasionally creeps into my mind!
Just as all this swirls through your mind – your hands drift below the bubbles – one lightly stroking your vulva & clit – while the other slips deeper – testing the sensitivity of your rosebud – mmmm that feels kind of nice! After a little gentle probing – a finger slips inside – then out – and back in again!
Almost subconsciously a finger from your other hand slips inside – searching for your G-spot and viola – double-penetration! As you move both fingers around a bit to test the sensations………..
‘Looks like fun – can I join in?’ – My voice startles you – you wonder ‘Did he see what I was doing?’ Not letting on whether I saw anything out of the ordinary I ask the usual question ‘What’s your pleasure sweetie?’
In a teasing – but aggressive tone you respond ‘I’ve taken care of you big-boy, it’s your job to figure out just what I want!’ Having gotten a nice rest – with that challenge – I’d better think fast!
Slipping into the tub behind you – my arms slip through cupping each breast as I begin nibbling at your neck. Acknowledging my erection pressing into your back you opine ‘You’ve recovered nicely!’ As I tweak and knead you firming nipples, I retort ‘Yep, don’t you worry – it’s your turn!’ ‘What’d you have in mind big boy?’ You snap back – ‘Just follow my lead!’ I reply. ‘Oooooh’ – is the last thing you say before melting back into my arms!
Grasping your hands I place them over your breasts ‘Take care of these – while I go exploring!’ I aver in a firm voice – reluctantly you comply! As I watch your nipples pucker even firmer – I know you’re glad to have followed my instructions!
With your breasts in expert hands – my hands descend to explore your more southern erogenous zones! As expected my fingers encounter your smooth vulva – but the heat of the water masks the heat generated by your recent self-pleasure! None the wiser I take my own pleasure from alternating between massage-like kneading and teasingly light strokes.
Slumping back more deeply into me – you hands drop from your breasts – but I quickly replace them ‘Remember – you’ve got to follow my lead!’
As my hands drop back into the water I place them on them mid-thigh – drawing your knees up to improve my access – then slide them back to your center – my fingers slip between your cheeks – lightly stroking your rosebud. It seems a bit engorged – but not privy to your preliminaries – I attribute it to the warm water and your exposed posture!
‘There’s a bit of stubble here.’ I tease – ‘We’re going to fix that!’ Subconsciously your mind snaps ‘Think he really has the courage to go through with it?’ Startled your conscious mind reacts ‘I’m not sure I want that!’ As your internal struggle wages – I grab the razor – and raise your hips just out of the water!
Stunned by the beautiful view – I stop and stare – you know me well – you know why I go so slow – my admiration gives you the trust to know that I will be very gentle – very careful.
Finally I spread a generous layer of conditioner between your cheeks – teasing as if I may penetrate you – I stop short – increasing your anticipation – ‘Will he? Surely – but when?’ Then with a few quick strokes the downy hair is completely gone – leaving nothing but a smooth – pulsing – hot rosebud exposed before me!
‘Join me in bed.’ Is all I say! But inside your furious! Anticipating – almost longing for penetration – you’re consciously relieved but subconsciously disappointed! Does he want this? Do I? The internal conflict rages!
As you slink back into the tub to rinse off – and sulk – I take the time to get some things ready for your pleasure! Not knowing exactly how things will go – or what I’ll need – I pretty much empty all the possibilities into a corner of the bed – for east access.
From my own experience I know that you can never have too much lube – and it’s always better to go slow – tease to the point of push-back! When you get the push-back I’ll know you’re ready for more.
Summoning up the courage to proceed – your very presence tells me that you’ve accepted the challenge of this new adventure – and I’m determined to make sure you are absolutely stunned by the magnitude of the experience – assuring us of the opportunity to try again – to learn more, to feel more!
The Liberator ramp & wedge pillows elevate you to a place where I can comfortably lavish loving attention to your every curve for a very long time!
Kneeling between your legs I pour a generous portion of melted massage oil into my hands. Starting with a less sensual path I massage the warm oil onto your arms – down to your hands – taking time to massage each finger – you must know that I adore every inch of you! Next I massaged the hot oil into your feet – between your toes – up along your smooth calves and thighs – your whole body is beginning to glisten with the excess emollients!
Sensing your anticipation as I progress to the tops of your thighs, I whisper ‘Not yet – but soon – enjoy!’
Refreshing my load of hot oil – my hands finally find their first erogenous zone – as my fingers glide over your beautiful breasts – again I take your hands to each breast – allowing the oil massaged on your hands – to mingle with the fresh oil on your breasts! Remembering your experience in the tub – this time there is no protest – no resistance – as you expertly initiate the massage!
Admiring your skill – I sense the tingle that electrifies your clit – every time you tweak your nipples! With great interest I absorb the pleasure of your self-loving – all the while spreading more oil down your torso!
Refocusing on the indescribably beauty before me – I can see your vulva and clit are fully engorged – begging for the direct stimulation – so long delayed!
Switching from the massage oil to your favorite Shea-butter lubricant – I catch one last glimpse of your fingers compressed tightly around both nipples as you anticipate my focused attention to your throbbing clitoris – and more!
But one last time I linger – tracing the outlines of your engorged labia with my eyes – the skin on fire with anticipation!
Instead of the usual starting teaser strokes – I opt to satisfy you more urgently – more directly – as my right hand presses firmly against your pubic bone – my twisting hand forces the slippery Shea-butter rapidly into every crease! Ooooooooooooh – I hear rising gutturally from deep within you – seeming to come from a mini-orgasm – but surely not enough to satisfy!
With the force of my hand – your knees draw upward completely exposing your pulsing rosebud invitingly into view. Obligingly my other hand spreads the oily-butter between your cheeks – paying special attention to the flaming center of your rosebud – so recently denuded in preparation!
But again – the gentle pressure fails to be firm enough to satisfy your expectations! Sensing your expectation – I whisper ‘Not yet…!’ Your sigh of disappointment – your impatient pressing toward me – tell me the internal conflict is resolved – ‘NOW’ your mind screams – but no words escape!
Determined to start with an explosive orgasm – I decide on the ultimate distraction – grabbing your favorite Fun Factory – Tiger silicone shaft – I plunge it full-depth in a single stroke – your hungry vagina devouring it – as if it’s not nearly big enough! Knowing how this smoothly rippled shaft works – you ride the textured shaft driving it deeply inside past your g-spot – to that gush inducing a-spot as I make sure the bottom flange crashes against your clit with every thrust!
Even with your vibe easily within reach – you focus on the rapidly thrusting shaft until your body jerks with convulsions – forcing your ejaculate to soak the silicone shaft and my hands as I continue thrusting – driving successive waves of full body convulsions!!
Pausing for a moment to allow the waves rippling inside to complete your powerful orgasm – I whisper ‘NOW!’
‘To get there you’re going to follow my lead – and I’m going to follow yours – it’s the only way!’
Without a word you lay forward across the ramp affirming the inevitable – your rosebud pulses with anticipation. Stopping again to admire the form before me – I gently part your cheeks and allow my tongue to sample the juices of your orgasm! The taste is sweet – invigorating my senses and encouraging my advances. As my tongue gently teases your rosebud – the heat penetrates the fine layer of saliva coating my tongue – searing the tip.
Backing away briefly I grab a small vibrating butt-plug to begin our adventure. Applying some supper slick silicone lube to the shaft – I run it along your cheeks – urging you to relax. Your hips sway just a little to let me know you’re ready. Carefully positioning the narrow tip – I press lightly a few times – then with slightly more pressure as your hips press back to meet my pressure – allowing more of the taper to penetrate – opening and relaxing your rosebud.
Know that you’re an ass virgin – I add more lube – then resume smoothly pressing the shaft in unison with hips pressing back toward me! After a few more strokes – your breathing quickens – as the peak of the plug passes inside – and your rosebud clamps down – practically cutting off the neck of the well designed plug! Pausing to allow pleasure to replace the feelings of discomfort – my fingers strum your clit as a little distraction!
Carefully drawing the plug just past its apex – then back inside – your breathing quickens, your rosebud yields and your hips again respond to the stroking! Then urging me on you plead ‘Oh baby I want you inside me – cum inside me – NOW!’
I thought I was in charge – but no – my fantasy has become your fantasy – it’s time for me to perform!
First things first – another drenching of ultra slick silicone lube for both of us!
Bracing myself – your hips rock back – then forward – then back again – until your rosebud opens – accepting me fully inside for the first time! The feeling is electric as my hot shaft encounters your even hotter flesh! Pausing to absorb the intense sensations – I steady myself – awaiting your hips to signal it’s time to begin actively exploring our new reality!
My eyes are fixated on the stunning view – as your hips resume their short strokes – and more of me disappears within you – I add even more lube to ease the way!
As we both initiate small movements – responding to each others lead – I can feel your hot ass pulsing – demanding my orgasm! Just as the last millimeter of my erection disappears – we both shudder with explosive orgasms – like we’ve never felt before!!
With your tight ass keeping me from the normal post orgasmic deflation my hips draw back – then settle into a slow rhythmic stroking – savoring my first – our first anal orgasm!!
Falling to the bed ‘spooned’ together I silently hope that this is just the opening act of a new chapter in our evolving lifelong dedication to pleasing one another!

Wow Part 1: Going With The Flow


Wow! My head is spinning – my demure and sometimes reluctant lover has turned into a seductress! No complaints – I’m ecstatic! What I love about the change is how we can leverage anticipation as a powerful aphrodisiac. In light of the terrific new circumstance in which we find ourselves – here’s a new story for your enjoyment – hope you like it!

WOW – Part 1 By Gunsmoke

Going With The Flow
Coming into our room after a typical weight lifting session – I’m both pumped-up and a little sore. Since we’re alone – the precedent is set for a very erotic evening!

Striking a match to light some candles, the sound of bath water running makes me think that a relaxing soak in the tub doesn’t sound like a bad idea – but I suspect relaxation is not your plan. As I move toward the bath you intercept me – greeting me with your robe loosely tied – revealing a bit if enticing cleavage and raising my anticipation another notch.

As we embrace your passionate lips alternately crush – then nibble on mine as you whisper your plans to ravage me! After a firm squeeze around your waist – my deft hands spin you around – gaining easy access to those sensitive nerve endings spreading up from your shoulders to just behind each ear! Pulling you tight – my lips, tongue and teeth work their magic – as if these nerves have a direct connection to the tingling rushing between your thighs! Knowing the connection – my hand descends teasing & stroking your smooth hot skin through the silken fabric.

Sensing your knees weakening – my arm squeezes tighter – keeping you safely nestled close to me!
‘After a great workout – I’m sure going to need a massage!” I whisper.
‘Oh yes, and much more!” you reply.

Releasing my left arm – breaking our embrace – I grasp the shoulders of the robe – admiring your silhouette as you emerge from the silken cocoon. Setting the robe aside – instead of following I decide to start with a hot shower.
Without hesitation you respond to the change in plans – going with the flow.

Jumping under the stream of hot cascading water I prepare to wash away the sweat and grime – my body recoils slightly with the feel of your cool skin pressing against me from behind as your deft hands circle my waist. Nice – I’m getting a bit of very welcome help!

Well – now I’m going with the flow! Leaning on the wall, arms up – exposed as can be – I await your skilled & sensual attention to detail. The next sensation I feel is your hands massaging an aromatic shampoo into my scalp – then spreading the gentle suds to cleanse my face and neck. Hoping to prolong the pleasure – I’m a bit disappointed when I feel the rinse water – but I anticipate even better sensations are soon to come my way.

Expecting the feel of a wash cloth – I’m gratified instead to feel your fingers spread a generous dose of body wash over my chest and back – then your finger nails join the action – creating a red hue on my skin as it responds the sharp & stimulating attention! Taking advantage of the slippery gel – your fingers begin to press firmly into my flesh – reducing the tension evident in the muscles deep beneath the surface – a spontaneous ‘ahhhhh’ escapes my throat as I yield to your charms.

Soon I feel more cool gel spreading gracefully around my glutes – then around front! Carefully avoiding direct contact with my most sensitive firming erection – your hands meet in the middle – before taking independent paths – one to the front – one to the back!

As one hand massages my perineum – the other slides between my cheeks several times – teasing my rosebud on each pass – raising my anticipation! Preceding slowly – your hand slips away – then returns with a fresh dose of gel – a sure sign of what’s to come.

Gently – repeatedly your fingers press against my tight opening – allowing me to relax – as I adjust to each probe – a little deeper with each press – until the resistance ends allowing full penetration!

Pausing as I adjust to your presence inside of me – the fingers of your other hand massage a bit more vigorously – a very pleasant diversion! Slowly at first – then more quickly as my breath quickens – a second finger penetrates more deeply in search of my p-spot!

Enjoying the new sensation of both fingers inside of me – I fail to notice that you’re preparing a new surprise for me!
Then you whisper, ‘Relax – I think your going to like this!’ As your fingers withdraw – I simultaneously hear and feel the tip of a vibe pressing against me and try to relax knowing – or at lest hoping – that it isn’t too big!

Sensing my anxiety, you reassure me, ‘It’s our little blue water-proof vibe – relax and I’ll go slowly.’ Sighing my approval – you gently press the well lubed vibe forward slightly – withdrawing – and then deeper each stroke as you gauge my level of relaxation – after just a few gentle strokes – the little blue hummer nestles fully inside – buzzing intently in my ass!

After a few seconds to acclimate – my hips rock to let you know everything is ok! So slowly at first – then with greater vigor – stroking the little blue shaft has me near orgasm – even though you haven’t even touched my now rock hard – pulsing erection! With my eyes closed I’m completely focused on the sensations of the vibe – until……..
‘Open your eyes!’ you coo, ‘I want you to watch!’

Gradually opening my eyes my mind adapts to the visual pallet before me – seeing and feeling your hot your lips as they engulf me!

Holding my eyes open during an orgasm is nearly impossible – but dutiful to your command – I watch as my orgasm gushes forth past your lips! As the buzzing sensation in my ass intensifies – my final blasts find your open lips and waiting tongue!!

Barely able to stand I watch as you lick me clean – while your fingers gently massage my burning – but satisfied rosebud!

Rising up to support my drained body – you gracefully dry my hot tingling skin and guide me to bed. As I lie down you knowingly whispering – ‘I see that was as good for you – as it was for me! I’ll be READY when you’ve recovered……’

With my head spinning and my butt ablaze – I heed your advice and doze of with a wide grin of satisfaction etched on my face…..

To be continued…..

Double Trouble

It’s been a while since I sat down to compose a story – but this may be my best effort! Just sit back and enjoy another fantasy from your not-so-secret admirer!

~Double Trouble~By Gunsmoke

It’s an early Friday afternoon and the email trail has ceased giving my mind a chance to wander – no surprise it wanders our ‘date night’. Knowing that you’re pretty tired after 5 straight 5:30 AM mornings I decide to try a little pampering to help you relax – and something unusual to keep you awake!

With an outline of the plan in my mind, I start staging things to make sure the evening goes smoothly – both literally and figuratively! Starting in the bath – I light some aromatic candles, make sure the Shea Cashmere Shower & Body Cream are handy – and your razor – just in case!

Dipping into my stash of things I haven’t given you yet – I pull out the Lola Luna Monte Carlo open micro-g – placing it close to the razor – hint! Nearby I set out the PureWand – your favorite ‘gusher’ in case you want to ‘knock off the edge’ while enjoying the nice hot bath!

Moving into the bedroom I place the Liberator Throe in place -and layout a variety of your favorite toys – and a few I have in mind for that ‘something unusual’ – then place the quilt over the prepared bed – just in case prying teenage
eyes appear!

Sensing that you’ll be home soon I go down stairs to make one of my ‘signature’ Mike’s & juice – then hang out ‘til you get home. Sure enough a few minutes later you come through the door lugging your heavy bag – shoulders drooping from a tough week.

As you come into the kitchen, I reach for your bag setting it aside – wrap my arms around – pulling you close for a big hug that I hope will help you slow down the thoughts that I know are racing in your head. Starting with a few basic kisses – my lips slide along your cheek – as my nose brushes your ear lobe – my lips find that special spot on your neck that says – this is no ordinary kiss! Slowly but surely I sense you transition from the troubles of the day to the promise of a pleasurable evening.

With my lips still dancing along your neck – I spin you around with my arms circling your waist – gently lifting your voluptuous 32G breasts – taking the weight off your shoulders that have carried the load all day! With my lips still dancing along your neck – one hand slips behind to deftly release the quadruple-clip – eliciting an audible relieve as your breasts fall freely for some much needed massage! With my hands now fully engaged in their mission of mercy – and arousal – your hips press back into me – raising our level of anticipation to the next level!

With our hips almost locked together – I place my hands on your shoulders – pressing your shoulders forward until your hands grasp the counter-top for support. Backing away slightly, my hands settle into the massage – with the goal of draining more tension from your tightly wrought muscles. Alternating between firm and gentle strokes I work your neck – shoulders – back – & breasts – then return following your spine up – for a repeat performance – or 2 or 3 or…..

After a few iterations – I grasp your shoulders – returning to a few pecks along your neck – then whisper; ‘Why don’t you go soak in the tub – I have to go out to get some Mike’s.’ Sensing your objection I promise to be right back – with a gently push you’re on your way upstairs.

Once you step into the bathroom – it’s obvious that this is part of ‘my plan’ – but what the heck – as the prime beneficiary – why not!

Starting the bath you notice the overstuffed envelope and recognize it as one of my surprises! Opening it up to see the Monte Carlo micro-g with its dangling jewel – its clear why the razor is set close by! Settling into the hot soapy water you relax – soaking up the heat and wondering what pleasures I have planned for your evening.

After a couple sips of my Mike’s-mix you grab the razor – taking care to make sure your legs and vulva are as smooth as possible – even shaving off the ‘landing pad’ – which would get in the way of the Monte Carlo’s dangling jewel.
Settling back into the hot water you take note of the PureWand! Knowing me, you know it’s no accident! Always open to new ideas – for opening your pleasure paths – you grasp the cold steel – quickly pressing it against your hot vulva – before it has a chance to soak up the heat – the huge temperature differential sends shivers down your spine!!

Placing the heavy head of the wand in just the right position – you release your grip – letting the massive weight find its way – slipping over your g-spot – before setting deeper inside! Again the sensation of cold steel generates involuntary waves of convulsions – both slightly painful & pleasurable – that fine line you’ve told me about! Before long the steel warms as you rhythmically rock the big ball – along your throbbing g-spot – then deeper as your arousal deepens the passage way!

Hearing your instinctual moans tells me that your eyes are now closed – and it’s safe for me to spy on your self-pleasure! Oh – I forgot to mention – I didn’t really need to go out! Quietly I get close enough to watch as your left hand wipes warm water across your tight hard pink nipples – while your right hand guides the PureWand through its paces!

As the ripples of the water and your breathing attest – your first orgasm appears imminent! Half expecting to see your other hand descend to help finish the job with a bit of clit stimulation – I’m amazed instead to witness you fingers squeezing – no pinching hard on your nipples – just as your whole body shudders with intense waves of repeated convulsions of an obvious explosive orgasm!!!!!!!

Having stayed as long as I dare – I quietly slip down stairs – make a few loud noises – then slowly re-ascend to join the party! After a few minutes I peak in the door to see that you’ve lit the candles in the bedroom – then crawled into bed under the covers – awaiting my return. Ever the observant lover – I detect what appears to be some rhythmic movement under the covers – I think to myself ‘Wow – is that hot or what!!!!!??????

Knowing that it’s good to strike while the irons hot – I quickly strip and hop under the covers pressing my body next to you – immediately sensing your heat from the bath! ‘You’re trembling’, I whisper – ‘And you’re surprised’ – you respond half knowingly – half mockingly! ‘Well n0’ – I admit!

So far – so good – I gloat to myself! Grasping the comforter I quickly throw it off – creating a rush of cool air to rush over your red hot skin – causing involuntary shudders – but no protest – maybe it’s that pain vs. pleasure equation at work again!

My eyes immediately catch a glimpse of your nipples – still red and throbbing from their recent activity – and quickly re-hardening in response to the sudden rush of cool air! As if drawn magnetically – my palms stroke each breast as my tongue and teeth ravage each nipple in a quickly alternating pattern of sucking – blowing – tweaking – – much more aggressively that the normal soft touch that is my style!

In spite of your obvious rapture over this renewed breast stimulation – soon my mind wanders to what I know is waiting for me – as my hands continue pleasuring your breasts – my tongue traces a hot trail between your breast down around your lovely belly button and then set my sights for a taste of your smooth, hot – swollen clit!

Since you started shaving your beautiful flower – I absolutely love sucking and licking both the meaty outer & delicate inner pedals! Having received no complaints I’ve assumed that the feeling is mutual!

As I quickly grasp the Liberator Wedge – your hips instinctively rise – as if choreographed – then settle back as if to dangle your fruits in front of me as an offering! Knowing I will stop to admire the erotic views of your sex framed by the micro-g – your body shudders slightly – in anticipation!!

True to form – I admire the view as my mind pictures the recent underwater scene of the ‘gusher’ frictionlessly gliding between those lovely pedals! But I can’t admire two long – your body will not cease to tremble until you feel the reassuring touch of my hands – obligingly I lay my hands on your torso – settling your frayed nerves!
Glancing up – I get a glimpse of one of my new favorite pastimes – watching as you knead your breasts and nipples – helping build up to soon to be inevitable orgasmic explosion! Always looking to learn new techniques I watch intently as you knead the bright pink skin of your breasts and firmly squeeze your now crimson nipples!
My internal clock tells me it’s time to move on – as my head descends and my lips suck in a mouth full of your sweet pedals – the sensation takes on a new dimension as the dangling string of jewels finds its way into the mix – allowing the soft strokes of my lips to be complemented by the hard edge textures of metal and stone!

Momentarily releasing your pedals from my lips – I repeat the sucking motion – making sure to draw your clit into the action! As my tongue circles your clit – the string of jewels join in creating hither to unknown sensations – eliciting audible clues of increasing in volume – confirming the hoped for magnifying effect is indeed a go!!!
As my lips and tongue ravage every inch of you – I leave behind a thick, hot, wet trail – then begin driving my tongue deep inside – searching for your sweet natural nectar – that I know the gusher has left in there for me! Just as my tongue penetrates past the silky gateway – the sweet nectar pours onto my tongue – as a lap away all that is there to enjoy!!!

After enjoying the sweet nectar – I rear up and announce; ‘I’ll be right back’ – leaving you a bit dazed by the unexpected interruption to the path to your bliss!!!

Returning quickly with the large wedge – you roll off the small wedge – not quite knowing what comes next! Extending my hand to help you – I place the two wedges into a pattern for your comfort – then take your hand – leading you into place lying over the large ramp and resting your head on the smaller wedge. Wondering what might be next – your eyes close as you abandon your anxiety in favor or trust.

With your hips now poised high over the bed and me between your beautiful legs – I openly lavish your creamy cheeks with kisses while my hands knead the firm flesh – until in unison they press outward opening a path for my tongue to find new pleasures! By now the micro-g has served its purpose, so I back away – lowering it from your hips – allowing for unobstructed access to your smooth pulsing forbidden entrance!!

Unlike my usual tentative – occasional anal licks – my tongue goes to work with a sense of abandon – licking and probing! Responding to my enthusiasm your hips begin rocking back to meet my tongue! So far so good – I gloat again – silently before backing away! Your hips respond by pressing back a little farther as if trying to find my tongue – to no avail!

Grasping your favorite Decadent Indulgence Hummingbird vibe I press the slender shaft between your glistening sex with unexpected force – then I crank both controls to their maximum settings as the slender shaft searches for the deepest reaches of your a-spot – while the little bird chirps away at your throbbing clit! The sudden change in sensation produces more spontaneous sounds as your hips press back trying to maximize the dual sensations as your sugar sweet nectar copiously glistens into view!

You know how visual I am – and the sight of your hips grinding back into the thrusting Hummingbird is fantastic! Just then I notice your other very tight entrance pulsing – almost as if an invitation! To test the theory my tongue dives between your luscious cheeks – licking and probing with fresh abandon! Now when you push back to get the rotating shaft to focus on your a-spot – my tongue stiffens to create the tiniest of penetrations.

With one last press – your hips start to grind in small circles – responding I hold the vibe firmly in place – as my tongue continues lavishing your sweet ass– I can sense the build up – then a loud instinctual sound pierces the room – quickly followed by repeated waves of convulsions – as the trickle of sugar becomes a flood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep the Hummingbird firmly in place for almost 5 minutes – as successive waves of orgasm ripple through your body – then your hips fall forward a bit to relieve the now overwhelming sensations!! Responding to your cue – I pull out the shaft – and look in awe at your trembling – glistening sex – my mouth watering in anticipation! Pressing your hips forward – I dive in – my tongue & lips savoring the sweet nectar – careful not to over stimulate your pulsing clit.

Suddenly I was acutely aware of my throbbing cock and began to contemplate the ‘end game’!
‘This is going to be a little different’ – I advise, even though I’m not sure that after such an intense orgasm you could even hear me! You first notice my intent as I apply a light coating of anal balm to your still red entrance– my sensitive finger tips searching for your reaction to what may or may not be an unexpected next step.
As the pads of my finger tips massage in the soothing gel – I sense a noticeable lack of resistance – allowing a finger slip just inside! Encouraged – I look left searching for an appropriate toy – when I notice the Alumina Flow and decide that the small tapered end would make a good start! But to keep you guessing I opt to give the gel more time to do its work – by slipping the cool larger end of the Flow between your engorged labia! Your low almost inaudible groan confirms that you’re ready for more!!

Always one to oblige – I work the smooth metal shaft in rhythm with your now rocking hips – warming the Flow – in preparation for it’s next performance! Since this next step requires a bit of silicone lube – I release my grasp of the Flow – watching it dance on it’s own as your PC muscles flex – pulling the warming metal a little deeper with each pulse!!

As I withdraw the Flow the tone of your moan expresses your disappointment – which I hope to replace with ecstasy – very soon!! Drizzling the ultra slick silicone at the apex of the deep cleft before me – allowing it flow down to its intended target – then slip the this smooth aluminum through the silicone.

Repositioning for comfort – my left thumb slips in searching for your g-spot as four fingers lightly strum your clit – reawakening your hot button! Instinctively your hips make little circles as they grind back into my hand – helping enhance the effect of my dancing digits!

As you get into a rhythm – I change the angle of the metal shaft – placing it teasingly at your gorgeous rear entrance– but resist pressing forward – waiting – wondering if I your desire to break the taboo would reveal itself?
Holding the Flow steady – your hips press back – as I watch the slim metal shaft slip easily past your pulsing tight entrance – Double Trouble – even if on a very small scale! Slowly at first – both of my hands begin thrusting – getting into a rhythm with your hips as you revel in this new combination of sensations! Then with the pump already primed from two prior orgasms – your PC muscles flex around my thumb as a fresh round of convulsions shudder throughout you!!!!!!!!!

Mid convulsion I roll you off your long held perch on the ramp – slip a modestly sized vibe past your pulsing – receptive tight ass – then plunge my over engorged cock to the hilt in one hard thrust!!!! Draping your legs over my shoulders for maximum effect – my hips turn into a jackhammer!!!!!!! Realizing that you’re still mid-orgasm – my instincts have taken over as I thrust relentlessly searching deeply for satisfaction as my pubic bone hammers your still pulsing clit!!!! After what seemed like 100 full bore thrusts – the vibes I can feel inside your ass bring on my explosion with a previously unheard of ferocity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The intensity of the moment makes it impossible for me to stop – as my hips continue crashing with yours – as you continue convulsing – almost uncontrollably!!!!! Mercifully my hips lock against yours as our intense orgasms take over. Then I gently lower your legs to the bed – then I put my arms around you and squeeze – absorbing the convulsions – as you begin to regain control….. Gradually our entwined bodies recover – seeming to meld together – saying nothing – but communicating none the less – the love and trust we share reinforcing already unbreakable bonds……

Finally slipping off to the side – still recovering – in mid-breath I hear you sigh ‘Oh my…..’ as your voice trails off – not needing to say more!!!!!!!!

Exhausted at 5 in the afternoon – I draw the sheet over our still flaming bodies to prevent a chill – not long after we doze off as a pair of nested spoons – needing the contact………..


Opening my eyes I notice that its 7 pm – estimating that a 2 hour nap should be good – I slip out of bed trying to revive myself mentally and physically. Realizing that after our unprecedented romp a couple of hours earlier – I was famished! Picking up your Monte Carlo micro-g – I wonder if you’ll oblige me one more erotic fantasy!
Gently rousing you – I suggest going out for dinner. Agreeing with the plan, you take my hand as I help you out of bed. As your legs stabilize under you – I hand you a skirt and the micro-g – knowing what I have in mind you teasingly opine ‘I can’t believe you!’ but saying nothing more proceed to get dressed.

As we walk out the door – I glance at the skirt and wonder if you have really taken the challenge? No way to know – until sitting in the restaurant at a quiet booth – I notice a subtle shudder! I wonder is it a gust of air from the opened door – or the jeweled string dancing across some particularly sensitive spot? In any case – I revel in the trust we share and adventures yet to be explored………

Isn’t this a wonderful story? I hope you enjoyed it,

I sure did!

Taffy for your tushy and candy for your…

What do I want to get?

You decided for your next toy you wanted to try something a little different than the other toys you have, which by the way are all some kind of vibe. So, you set out to search all the unusual looking dildos at EdenFantasys. Well, there are quite a few. You finally picked out the Taffy Tickler – Silicone Sugar, made by Topco Sales. It looks very intriguing and pleasing to the eye and you can’t wait to get your hands on it.

What’s it feel like? Is it pretty?

Your new toy arrives and you have to open it right away. So run up to your bedroom, tear open the USPS package and find your new Taffy Tickler Silicone Sugar inside. Taking it out of its own little package you run your hands up and down the shaft. It feels so good! And, of course it’s pretty. Read on and I’ll tell you.

It’s beautiful! So, what’s it made out of?

The whole shaft is made of clear Cyberglass; it’s very cool and smooth to the touch. Then it has four bands in one inch intervals of alternating dark blue and light blue medical grade silicone ticklers. They kind of look like when you eat salt water taffy and pull it apart and it leaves spiky dollop looking things. They’re not as soft as I thought they would be. They’re not hard either. I guess that leaves in between. They feel really pretty neat. Like little squishy spiky things.

What size is it?

The Taffy Tickler ‘Sugar’ is not a large dildo by any means. I’m talking diameter, which is 1 1/8 inch (more like 1 inch) and circumference which is 3½ inches. The length is a good 7 ½ inches with insert-able length at 6 ¼ inches. It weighs ½ lb. I don’t think we’ll be traveling together.

Will it fit?

If you want big hunk of burning love, you might want to look for a different toy. So, length is very good, the girth is kind of weak, unless you like your toys on the more narrow size, then you will love it. I, on the other hand, am finding out I like more girth in my dildos and vibes. But hey, that’s just me.

What do I use to make it slippery?

You can use almost anything to lube it up, water in the shower or bath, your own saliva or your partners and oil and water based lubricants are good choices with ‘Taffy Tickler Sugar’. Do not, however, use silicone lube with your ‘Taffy Tickler Sugar’ since the ticklers are made of silicone. No silicone on silicone, not good, it will damage your ticklers and we can’t have any of that!

How am I going to clean it?

Easy, you can use soap and warm water or toy cleaner. But, my favorite way to get it nice and clean is to: first I wash it with soap and water then, I like to sterilize it by putting it in boiling water for 2 or 3 minutes.  ‘Boil that dust speck!’Oh, you can even put Taffy on the top rack of the dishwasher. How about that, easy hah?

What am I going to keep it in?

It came in a clear plastic ‘clam shell’ type package. Very easy to open, you just pull the top open. I hate when you have to fight to get the package open and then it’s all ripped up and there’s no way you can reuse it. Not the case here. You’ll be able to store it back in its package. It does come with a pamphlet inside that gives you some very general info, everything that I’ve already covered.

So, you want to know how to have some fun?

Well, since your Taffy Tickler can be used women and men, you can do lots of things with your Taffy. How about some temperature play? If you like it cold in your cooch or low temp in your tush just put Taffy Tickler in icy water or your freezer for a few minutes.

But, if you want to get things a little heated then hold Taffy Tickler under warm tap water for a couple of minutes or microwave it in short 3-5 second intervals. That will get your hungry holes all warmed up. Now, you’re really to lube it up. Don’t forget, NO silicone lube, anything else is fine. So, go ahead. What are you going to try first? Taffy in your tush, candy in your coochy or tickle your ta tas? I suggest you try them all!

Oh, you want to know what I liked about Taffy?

Well, as I said before I found Taffy to be a little on the narrow side to be candy for my coochy. It just felt very odd and I just wasn’t getting good feelings from the ticklers. It was too rough to me. For my coochy, I would like it better if it was all glass.

I decided to try Taffy in my tushy. Now, that was pretty wild and a new experience for me. I have to say I enjoyed that more than candy in my coochy. The ticklers really add a whole different sensation. You should definitely give Taffy a try in your tushy.So, there you go, everything you wanted to know about Taffy Tickler – Silicone Sugar.

Now, go have some fun!!

$36.99Taffy ticklerGlass dildo by TopcoMaterial: Cyberglass™Safety:Buy from EdenFantasys
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Anal training kit – Oh really

Where to begin? I’ve heard so many good things about anal play and sex. My husband does use a finger or two in me from time to time but nothing other than that. So, the opportunity came around for me to review the Anal Training Kit by California Exotic Novelties. Put in for the review and it came last week.

Packaging and instructions

I open the package to find my anal kit. Well, I wasn’t impressed at first sight. The 6 ½ x 4” box is nothing to write home about. It’s just a box, right, who cares. I take my new little butt plugs out to have a look see. They’re not very pretty. They’re rather ugly, I think. But hey, they’re going in my butt so whatever. And where are the instructions? This is a training kit! Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of a training kit, we’re talking about someone that is new and just learning. Ok, no instructions in the box or on the box. Well, how hard could it be? The only thing on the box with any kind of info is that it is made out of Pvc and wash before and after use and use rubber compatible lube. Well, don’t you think they should tell you what kind of lube to use, water, oil, silicone, what? Luckily I know you can use water or silicone base lubes.

My first try

The next day I decide to have a go at using my new Anal Training Kit. So, after my shower I get them out with my water based lube and some other toys to enjoy vaginally while I’m training my butt. I get all cozy on my love seat in my bedroom. Read a few pages of my erotic novel to get in the mood to play with me, myself & I.

My Experience:I get all slippery wet from my lube. Take the small plug, (which by the way is about the size of my husband’s finger, 3 1/4 “ long & 2 7/8” around) and insert it in my butt. It kind of feels like nothing is in there, it’s so small. I guess I need to move on to the larger butt plug, which is 6” long & 4 ½” in circumference at the top & 4” at the bottom. Big difference right? That’s what I thought and my butt thought so too! So, I proceed very slowly when inserting this one. I think my butt was a little scared. So I relax, think of hot sexy thoughts. I finally have it in and it really does not feel very good at all. I try to turn it and move a bit but the large part deepest inside doesn’t feel right. I’m thinking this plug is rather straight and your inner workings of your butt are not.

I decide I need to take it out. And that makes me happy. I’m thinking, ok, what’s the deal here, this is supposed to feel good. Well, I’m still ready for some feel good. I have my very favorite glass toy next to me and give it a try in my now ready butt. Oh my gosh, this one feel awesome!

It has a curve to it. Maybe that’s what made a big difference. That and the circumference on my glass toy is 4” inches. Now, I’m ready for a toy in my vagina. And everything is wonderful from that point on. I had a most awesome orgasm with two toys instead of just one. Very amazing!!


Ok, so it all turned out really good in the end. Funny one, right! Get it in the END, my butt.
But, I don’t feel like my Anal Training Kit did any training at all. The small plug is way too small. The large plug I felt was too large. There should be a medium size with the kit. There were no instructions included. So, I’m sorry but I can’t give a very good rating. Based on my experience, I can only give the Anal Training Kit one star. Sorry CA Exotics, better luck next time.  If you want something better check out the Lovense Hush Butt Plug.


What a Wonderful Night

On Friday I had my IUD removed in an out-patient surgery center. They had to do it that way because my doc had tried two times to get it out and couldn’t. So, they had to knock me out. She said it would be way too painful for me to be awake. It came out without any complications. Yea!

The bad thing is that I have to wait two weeks to get another one put in and no sex for one week.

Well, it’s been about two weeks since we’ve made love anyway so what’s one more week, right?

OK, so last night, I’m already in bed almost asleep when hubby comes to bed and lays real close to me. That’s usually means he’s pretty horny. He starts caressing my breast and making my nipples all hard (which doesn’t take much). Now I’m getting really aroused at this point. I tell him remember I can’t have sex for a week. His response is, you just can’t have anything inside. So, he starts massaging my clit. This, of course feels awesome (since it’s been two weeks without anything). He manages to give me an orgasm with some help from my own fingers. Now that I’m taken care of, it’s time to take care of him. So, give him one of the best blow jobs. His hands are in my hair. He loves it and so do I. It didn’t take long to bring him to his ecstasy.

We lay in each other’s arms all tangled together. He was holding me so tight, it was so wonderful. I wish he showed his love like that more often. When I had to go potty he didn’t want to let to go. But nature calls.

What a wonderful night!

I want my lover back

How many women out there over, lets say 40 are wishing that their man (lover, husband, partner etc.) would get with the program and start to make wild passionate love to them. I’m in that category.

At 47 and having lost 47lbs to date and 7 inches off my waist I’ve come into a kind of sexual self awareness. I’m aware that I want to have sex. Crazy sex! With my husband and he being 53 is kind of on the limp deceased desire side. Yes, we certainly do have a lot more sex these days than we used too. But the quality is lacking. I mean I feel like I’m going after him every time. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being the aggressor sometimes, that’s a fun thing to play. I’m talking almost every time though. It would be nice if he was aggressive once in a while. Ok, so then we’re in bed and he always wants me to pleasure him with a good blow job. I like giving him a blow job it’s quit fun. Love watching his face. He would love for me to bring him to orgasm everytime if he had his way. When that happens then I don’t get one. So I have to stop and climb on for my cowgirl ride if I want my orgasm. He hardly ever goes down on me. Hell, hardly any foreplay. The last time was Christmas Eve when he tasted me and god it was so great. I had almost forgot what it was like. He even wanted to 69 it. Hot!

Ok, last night I could tell he wanted to have sex. I went to bed first. All I had on was a sexy pair of black lacey panties. He came up a little bit later. He gets in bed and I decided that I wasn’t going to make all the moves (the aggressor) this time. He didn’t do a damn thing. I couldn’t believe it. He went to sleep. My gosh, what does it take. I guess it takes me taking the lead again!

So, I went to sleep frustrated again!! I’ll try tonight and let you know how it goes.

Awesome time playing model

My photo shoot was yesterday with George and his assistant Maxine.

Let me just start by saying how wonderful it was working with George and Maxine. They were so professional and very patient. With this being my first experience at modeling nude and with minimal clothing on, they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole day.

George, Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and to meet Maxine. I’m so glad you were able to come down to VA to take the photos of me. It was all so much fun and I’m very honored and happy that I’m going to be a part of your new book. If you would ever like to take photos of me again, just let me know, I’d love to.

They arrived around noon at my best friend (S’s) home (also my neighbor). She’s a collector of antiques. So, I thought her home would make a beautiful backdrop for the photos.
(S), Thank you for always being there for me. You always support my crazy ideas. My best friend ever!!! Love you, XOXO!

This is something I had always wanted to do when I was younger but never let myself for fear of what others might think of me. When I turned 47 last July I decided I needed to make a life change. I wasn’t happy, I was fat and my marriage sucked. As I began to truly look within myself I started to realize that the only person that could help me was me. The most important thing was that I believed in myself. I took my power back; my own happiness was all about me. I became more confident, started to lose lots of weight without even realizing what was happening at first.

Your subconscious is a powerful thing. Then my marriage started getting better and better. In fact it’s better than it’s ever been. Isn’t that cool? My sex drive came back in full force and that’s the coolest thing ever and at this point I’ve lost 53lbs!!!

I started reviewing adult toys for EdenFantasys. Through the forum there I saw a post that George was looking for models for a book he’s doing about women over 35. My little light bulb went off and I contacted him right away. I hear from him the next day and he said Virginia wasn’t too far for him to travel. I think that was in late Jan. or early Feb. We went back and forth trying to work out a date. Finally March 27th was set. He asked me if I had any recent pics of myself that I could send so he could plan what type of equipment to bring for the shoot. That’s what brought me to ask another friend (M) to take some photos of me to send him. The photos you see now on my site are a few of the ones she took.

(M), You are a dream! Thanks for taking the photos of me. Love ya, XOXO!
Hope you guys are following all this so far.

Ok, back to the photo shoot. I think this has got to be one of the best days I’ve had. Just imagine being the center of attention for the day. Just you, not you and your kids, not you and your husband, just you! You’re all beautiful, wearing very sexy panties, garters, high heels, and your husband’s tie or nothing. Oh my gosh, I felt so special. It was incredible and I would most definitely do it again. In fact I’d like too when I lose another 10-15lbs. I still have work to do on my tummy; it’s so hard with having had two c-sections, but I know I’ll get there. I do look pretty damn good having shed 53lbs and all. My breasts are awesome no matter, just a little more work on my tummy tum tum. Maybe I should be satisfied. NO way! I want to be just a bit better!

On with the photos! The ones I’ll be posting in the next few weeks are the photos my best friend (S) took during the shoot itself. I’ll get the photos that George took in three weeks or so. Then I’ll be able to show you the real thing. You just have to be patient and enjoy these until then.

I think I’ll only show you one photo tonight. I’m such tease! lol