Double Trouble

It’s been a while since I sat down to compose a story – but this may be my best effort! Just sit back and enjoy another fantasy from your not-so-secret admirer! ~Double Trouble~By Gunsmoke It’s an early Friday afternoon and […]


Wow Part 1: Going With The Flow

Sweetie: Wow! My head is spinning – my demure and sometimes reluctant lover has turned into a seductress! No complaints – I’m ecstatic! What I love about the change is how we can leverage anticipation as a powerful aphrodisiac. In […]


I want my lover back

How many women out there over, lets say 40 are wishing that their man (lover, husband, partner etc.) would get with the program and start to make wild passionate love to them. I’m in that category. At 47 and having lost […]


Awesome time playing model

My photo shoot was yesterday with George and his assistant Maxine. Let me just start by saying how wonderful it was working with George and Maxine. They were so professional and very patient. With this being my first experience at […]