Anal training kit – Oh really

Anal Training Kit——Oh Really?

Where to begin? I’ve heard so many good things about anal play and sex. My husband does use a finger or two in me from time to time but nothing other than that. So, the opportunity came around for me to review the Anal Training Kit by California Exotic Novelties. Put in for the review and it came last week.

I open the package to find my anal kit. Well, I wasn’t impressed at first sight. The 6 ½ x 4” box is nothing to write home about. It’s just a box, right, who cares. I take my new little butt plugs out to have a look see. They’re not very pretty. They’re rather ugly, I think. But hey, they’re going in my butt so whatever. And where are the instructions? This is a training kit! Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of a training kit, we’re talking about someone that is new and just learning. Ok, no instructions in the box or on the box. Well, how hard could it be? The only thing on the box with any kind of info is that it is made out of Pvc and wash before and after use and use rubber compatible lube. Well, don’t you think they should tell you what kind of lube to use, water, oil, silicone, what? Luckily I know you can use water or silicone base lubes.

The next day I decide to have a go at using my new Anal Training Kit. So, after my shower I get them out with my water based lube and some other toys to enjoy vaginally while I’m training my butt. I get all cozy on my love seat in my bedroom. Read a few pages of my erotic novel to get in the mood to play with me, myself & I.

My Experience:I get all slippery wet from my lube. Take the small plug, (which by the way is about the size of my husband’s finger, 3 1/4 “ long & 2 7/8” around) and insert it in my butt. It kind of feels like nothing is in there, it’s so small. I guess I need to move on to the larger butt plug, which is 6” long & 4 ½” in circumference at the top & 4” at the bottom. Big difference right? That’s what I thought and my butt thought so too! So, I proceed very slowly when inserting this one. I think my butt was a little scared. So I relax, think of hot sexy thoughts. I finally have it in and it really does not feel very good at all. I try to turn it and move a bit but the large part deepest inside doesn’t feel right. I’m thinking this plug is rather straight and your inner workings of your butt are not.

I decide I need to take it out. And that makes me happy. I’m thinking, ok, what’s the deal here, this is supposed to feel good. Well, I’m still ready for some feel good. I have my very favorite glass toy next to me and give it a try in my now ready butt. Oh my gosh, this one feel awesome!

It has a curve to it. Maybe that’s what made a big difference. That and the circumference on my glass toy is 4” inches. Now, I’m ready for a toy in my vagina. And everything is wonderful from that point on. I had a most awesome orgasm with two toys instead of just one. Very amazing!!

Ok, so it all turned out really good in the end. Funny one, right! Get it in the END, my butt.
But, I don’t feel like my Anal Training Kit did any training at all. The small plug is way too small. The large plug I felt was too large. There should be a medium size with the kit. There were no instructions included. So, I’m sorry but I can’t give a very good rating. Based on my experience, I can only give the Anal Training Kit one star. Sorry CA Exotics, better luck next time.


What a Wonderful Night

On Friday I had my IUD removed in an out-patient surgery center. They had to do it that way because my doc had tried two times to get it out and couldn’t. So, they had to knock me out. She said it would be way too painful for me to be awake. It came out without any complications. Yea!

The bad thing is that I have to wait two weeks to get another one put in and no sex for one week.

Well, it’s been about two weeks since we’ve made love anyway so what’s one more week, right?

OK, so last night, I’m already in bed almost asleep when hubby comes to bed and lays real close to me. That’s usually means he’s pretty horny. He starts caressing my breast and making my nipples all hard (which doesn’t take much). Now I’m getting really aroused at this point. I tell him remember I can’t have sex for a week. His response is, you just can’t have anything inside. So, he starts massaging my clit. This, of course feels awesome (since it’s been two weeks without anything). He manages to give me an orgasm with some help from my own fingers. Now that I’m taken care of, it’s time to take care of him. So, give him one of the best blow jobs. His hands are in my hair. He loves it and so do I. It didn’t take long to bring him to his ecstasy.

We lay in each other’s arms all tangled together. He was holding me so tight, it was so wonderful. I wish he showed his love like that more often. When I had to go potty he didn’t want to let to go. But nature calls.

What a wonderful night!

I want my lover back

How many women out there over, lets say 40 are wishing that their man (lover, husband, partner etc.) would get with the program and start to make wild passionate love to them. I’m in that category.

At 47 and having lost 47lbs to date and 7 inches off my waist I’ve come into a kind of sexual self awareness. I’m aware that I want to have sex. Crazy sex! With my husband and he being 53 is kind of on the limp deceased desire side. Yes, we certainly do have a lot more sex these days than we used too. But the quality is lacking. I mean I feel like I’m going after him every time. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind being the aggressor sometimes, that’s a fun thing to play. I’m talking almost every time though. It would be nice if he was aggressive once in a while. Ok, so then we’re in bed and he always wants me to pleasure him with a good blow job. I like giving him a blow job it’s quit fun. Love watching his face. He would love for me to bring him to orgasm everytime if he had his way. When that happens then I don’t get one. So I have to stop and climb on for my cowgirl ride if I want my orgasm. He hardly ever goes down on me. Hell, hardly any foreplay. The last time was Christmas Eve when he tasted me and god it was so great. I had almost forgot what it was like. He even wanted to 69 it. Hot!

Ok, last night I could tell he wanted to have sex. I went to bed first. All I had on was a sexy pair of black lacey panties. He came up a little bit later. He gets in bed and I decided that I wasn’t going to make all the moves (the aggressor) this time. He didn’t do a damn thing. I couldn’t believe it. He went to sleep. My gosh, what does it take. I guess it takes me taking the lead again!

So, I went to sleep frustrated again!! I’ll try tonight and let you know how it goes.

Awesome time playing model

My photo shoot was yesterday with George and his assistant Maxine.

Let me just start by saying how wonderful it was working with George and Maxine. They were so professional and very patient. With this being my first experience at modeling nude and with minimal clothing on, they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole day.

George, Thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to finally meet you and to meet Maxine. I’m so glad you were able to come down to VA to take the photos of me. It was all so much fun and I’m very honored and happy that I’m going to be a part of your new book. If you would ever like to take photos of me again, just let me know, I’d love to.

They arrived around noon at my best friend (S’s) home (also my neighbor). She’s a collector of antiques. So, I thought her home would make a beautiful backdrop for the photos.
(S), Thank you for always being there for me. You always support my crazy ideas. My best friend ever!!! Love you, XOXO!

This is something I had always wanted to do when I was younger but never let myself for fear of what others might think of me. When I turned 47 last July I decided I needed to make a life change. I wasn’t happy, I was fat and my marriage sucked. As I began to truly look within myself I started to realize that the only person that could help me was me. The most important thing was that I believed in myself. I took my power back; my own happiness was all about me. I became more confident, started to lose lots of weight without even realizing what was happening at first.

Your subconscious is a powerful thing. Then my marriage started getting better and better. In fact it’s better than it’s ever been. Isn’t that cool? My sex drive came back in full force and that’s the coolest thing ever and at this point I’ve lost 53lbs!!!

I started reviewing adult toys for EdenFantasys. Through the forum there I saw a post that George was looking for models for a book he’s doing about women over 35. My little light bulb went off and I contacted him right away. I hear from him the next day and he said Virginia wasn’t too far for him to travel. I think that was in late Jan. or early Feb. We went back and forth trying to work out a date. Finally March 27th was set. He asked me if I had any recent pics of myself that I could send so he could plan what type of equipment to bring for the shoot. That’s what brought me to ask another friend (M) to take some photos of me to send him. The photos you see now on my site are a few of the ones she took.

(M), You are a dream! Thanks for taking the photos of me. Love ya, XOXO!
Hope you guys are following all this so far.

Ok, back to the photo shoot. I think this has got to be one of the best days I’ve had. Just imagine being the center of attention for the day. Just you, not you and your kids, not you and your husband, just you! You’re all beautiful, wearing very sexy panties, garters, high heels, and your husband’s tie or nothing. Oh my gosh, I felt so special. It was incredible and I would most definitely do it again. In fact I’d like too when I lose another 10-15lbs. I still have work to do on my tummy; it’s so hard with having had two c-sections, but I know I’ll get there. I do look pretty damn good having shed 53lbs and all. My breasts are awesome no matter, just a little more work on my tummy tum tum. Maybe I should be satisfied. NO way! I want to be just a bit better!

On with the photos! The ones I’ll be posting in the next few weeks are the photos my best friend (S) took during the shoot itself. I’ll get the photos that George took in three weeks or so. Then I’ll be able to show you the real thing. You just have to be patient and enjoy these until then.

I think I’ll only show you one photo tonight. I’m such tease! lol

I find it difficult to start writing

I find it difficult to start writing thing down. When I’m just thinking about things in my head it seems to come very easy. Then I come and sit to write stuff its gone.  I think that’s referred to as writers block.  Maybe I just need some more inspiration.



Modeling date set

OK, so now the modeling date is set for the book shoot. George the photographer will be coming down from New York City on Saturday, May 17th to shoot photo’s of me for a book project on women over 35.
I’m so very nervous. All my hard work being laid out in a book for all to see. For the next two weeks I’ll be working my ass off to make sure I look as good as I can.
I’ll keep you posted.


Maybe I say it too often – and it’s a well worn cliché – but variety IS the spice of life! So why is that I don’t follow my own advice? For a bit of self-criticism – once I find a toy or technique that you respond to with an exceptional orgasmic experience – I catalog that as a ‘go to’ for the next session – or more. Time and time again, the second time around never lives up to the first – essentially proving the axiom once again!

Probably the biggest rut I get into is the ‘gentle’ or ‘attentive’ lover role – when the reality is that we both like a ‘take charge’ approach once in a while – so let’s see how it goes!

The Hammer!By GunsmokeStepping out of the shower – scrubbed and buffed – my shaft is still semi-erect from shaving and thoughts about what I expect to be a very hot night with my lover! While toweling off I notice your curves appear in the mirror. The reflection of your luscious curves pasted over with sweat soaked workout gear stokes my passion – I’m overtaken – I’ve got to have you now!
Dropping the towel, my arms wrap around you from behind – lips and teeth sinking into the damp & salty skin of your neck – not masking my intent – I grind my now fully erect manhood against the slick Lycra bound to you like a second skin!

Responding to my passion – I feel your body settle into my arms – now partially supporting you. With an unusual level of aggression my lips, tongue and teeth continue to lap & nip – while my hands begin tugging off the sweaty clothes that are between me and the objects of my desire!!

You offer no resistance – after all they’ve got to go before you can jump in for a well deserved hot shower. But when you try to move your body in the direction of the shower – my stronger arms pull you in the direction of the bed! Ignoring your mild protests – I bend you over the bed – pull down your shorts – taking in the pungent aroma of sweat and sex!!

In no time my face is buried between your cheeks with my tongue vainly trying to pry open your rosebud!! When my hands catch up – they spread your cheeks wide as I leave long trails of saliva along the full length of your aromatic ass!! Lost in the passion your hips rotate and press back into my face – silently admitting how much you enjoy this forbidden pleasure!

Raising the bar my thumb slips between your silky folds – searching for your g-spot as my fingers begin strumming your hot clit! With my hands and tongue finding a strong & steady rhythm – you glance back with a challenge; ‘You’ve got to put something bigger than that in there!!’

Taking up the challenge I shove the Liberator Wedge under your hips – then drive them into position for my assault! Running my hot shaft between your slippery cheeks – for a bit of natural lube – I plunge between your hot inner lips – driving to the hilt in one hard thrust!! With your hips pinned to the wedge – you’re unable to respond to the onslaught of my pounding hips as they drive into your glistening cheeks!!

Watching my shaft repeatedly disappear within you, the rapid hammer-like thrusts stoke my fervor! Then closing my eyes I picture the head of my shaft raking along your g-spot – then plunging deeply your deep gush inducing a-spot!!

As my hips continue their relentless thrusts we are both soaked with your secret sexy sauce – then I feel the squeeze of your awesome PC muscles initiating convulsions that radiate from your core – then radiate throughout your body!! The sight of your trembling flesh triggers my explosion mingling my orgasm with your own!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not ready to be done – I pull your hips toward me – off the wedge so that you now have to support yourself on legs weakened by your convulsive orgasm. Responding to the new found freedom of motion – your hips push back – meeting my relentless thrusts!!!

Grasping your hips I take control of the pounding by timing each stroke – generating powerful collisions with each thrust – triggering an even more powerful series of whole body convulsions – made all the more sensual by your loud – uncontrollable screams!!!!

Unexpectedly I let go of your hips – unable to stand you fall onto the bed with your searing hot vulva soaked with orgasm! Dropping to me knees – I dive full face into the wetness lapping like a thirsty canine – I greedily feast on the nectar of our labor!! Unable to move – your response is simply an audible trail of groans as small after-shocks continue to ripple through you!!!!!!!!!


Having recovered enough to find your way into the shower – I sneak in behind you – wrapping my arms around you again – as if starting all over! But not quite – spinning you around I press on your shoulders – gently lowering you to your knees.

Not wanting to deprive you of the chance to enjoy at least a little taste of our nectar – I offer my still soaking semi-erect shaft for your pleasure! Knowing exactly what to do – your tongue begins to savor my sex-soaked shaft. It isn’t long before my now clean shaft returns to its former glory. Taking each hand in mine, I raise you back to your feet – turning you around – powerless to resist – you lean into the cascading hot water as I plunge back inside your quivering sex – renewing my assault – reveling in your complete surrender to me – to your own pleasure……….

His birthday her surprise

She spent all morning baking and cooking for a small get together they were having later that day. It was his birthday and she was preparing what he had decided that he wanted for his birthday dinner, and of course her homemade chocolate pound cake with gooey chocolate peanut butter sauce.

He was in and out working around the house, messing with his new Sport-Trac and cleaning up the two frog ponds, trying to get them ready for spring. They like keeping the frogs happy. It’s wonderful to see the frogs go from eggs that look like jelly to tiny black tadpoles to big tadpoles that start to get legs then their tails get shorter and disappears and then they’re frogs and able to jump out of the ponds so they can sun themselves.

All this time when he comes in, he’s always checking out her breasts. He loves to see those luscious hard nipples though her top, she likes not wearing a bra to tease him.

It’s about 2 hours before everyone arrives, plenty of time for a nice long hot shower and to get all fluffed and buffed and sweet and sexy for the evening ahead. Especially for when everyone leaves, she told him she’d let him have his way with her, he could have anything he desired.

She heads up to start the water and he’s in their room getting undressed. “Oh, are you going to take a shower now? That’s what I was going to do.” she asked him.

“No, I thought I’d take a little nap before everyone gets here.”

“That’s a good idea; I’ll close the door so I don’t bother you.” she said, as the door closes behind him. She starts the shower and gets undressed. Stepping under the warm water to let it cascade over her body. Wetting her hair to shampoo and then washing her body with the sweet scent of vanilla and spice gel. Shaving to make sure she’s all nice and smooth.

As he laid there trying to take a nap, all he can do is, think about her in the shower. Naked, the water running over her sweet ass and her glistening beast, he just knew her nipples would be hard for the caress of his hands and his hot mouth to suck on them. Moving his hand down, curling his fingers around his thick hard cock, he started to stroke himself. He was imagining that it was her skilled hands wrapped around cock, making him so hard he could wait to plunge deep inside her tight pussy. Feel all her silky wetness flow over him.

Well, this was going to make him crazy. There was no way he could wait until tonight.

Just then he noticed the water wasn’t running any more. Perfect! Now, he would go take advantage of her warm moist body. Have his way with her, do exactly what he wanted to do with her for his birthday!
Quietly, he went over to her bed table, slid open the drawer and picked out her favorite toy. He cracked open the bathroom door and peeked inside.

“Hey, are you ready to take your shower now?” she said as he pushed the door to come inside and then closed it. Then, to her surprise, she saw in the mirror what he had in his hand, the glass dildo she loved. “OH, I guess you had something else in mind”

“We don’t have to, if you’d rather wait” he whispered, looking in the mirror at her with a very devious grin and hunger in his eyes.

When he was hungry for her, his eyes became a little darker pale green. And he was very hungry right now.
“It’s your birthday. I wouldn’t dream of making you wait”, she cooed looking back at him in the mirror, with that naughty smile of hers.

Pressing himself up close behind her, he brought his hand around to her breast and played with her hard nipples, as his teeth nipped at her shoulder. He started a slow decent down her body. Taking his time to smooth his hand over as much of her body as he could – starting at her neck, shoulder, arm, breast, tummy, over her mound and around to her sweet ass, giving her light kisses along the way.

As he knelt behind her, he eased her legs farther apart so he had better access to play with her swollen clit. He slid the toy between her cheeks into the wetness of her folds. “Very wet dear.”

“Mmmm”,, her head fell back, hands on the counter. Her hips were grinding against his torturing fingers teasing her clit and the feel of him thrusting the toy in and out of her sex.

“So sexy, watching you. You love it! Too bad you can’t see what I see.”
“Oh God, that feels so……good!” her voice shaky.
He stood up, pressed against her still working the toy in and out. She felt his hard shaft against her ass, his other hand now on her breast pinching and rolling her hard nipple between his fingers – kissing and nipping her neck and shoulder.

“I couldn’t wait till tonight.” he whispered in her ear.
She whimpered as he took the toy out of her silky wet folds and lay in on the counter. He turned her to face him and took her mouth with his and lifted her on to the counter.

Standing between her thighs, breaking off the kiss, “Now, I’m going to have my appetizer.” His mouth moving to her breast, he sucked it in, rolled his tongue around – grazing her engorged nipple between his teeth. She leaned back, as he moved further down. Kneeling between her legs, he brought his hands down to part her intimate folds. “Mmmm, so hot – so wet!”

She watched as he plunged his tongue inside her hot pussy, licking and tasting her sweet juice. Thrusting his tongue in and out, and then circling around her clit. Her head fell back against the mirror. One foot on his shoulder and the other propped against the door jam.

“So….good…oh yea……..good” she rasped – wanting him to know he was hitting all the right spots.
As he suckled on her clit, he picked up the toy again – pressing the cool glass past her glistening lips deeply into her slippery vagina. Instead of stroking the shaft – he rotated the shaft using the subtle textures of the glass to give her a new take on her favorite toy. “Ahhh, you taste so sweet!”

She lifted his head. “I need….you, now…….inside, your cock………inside me.” Somehow she managed to get the words out.
“You do?” With one last lick, he removed the toy and laid it on the counter. He stood, grasped her hips, the head of his cock pressed against her wet opening. “Watch me take you now, fill you. This is for you, what you want.”
“Oh yes!” She was watching. Watching as he pressed forward. Her juices coating his cock, making his shaft glisten, as he pulled back slowly.

He was watching her, so damn hot, watching her. He griped her hips harder and thrust his cock deep inside her in one hard move.
Her head fell back, her hands holding on to the counter. Each forward thrust pounded deep inside her. She was calling out his name. Her eyes closed. His eyes, watching her in sweet ecstasy, her orgasm taking control of her, making his explode deep inside her.

He pulled her up against his chest, his arms wrapped around her, holding her tight. Her arms around his waist, her head nestled in the crook of his neck. Lingering entwined in ecstasy for a few moments – until breaking apart to exchange loving kisses – sharing the heat – the intimacy.

“I love you! What a nice surprise for ME – on your birthday.”
“Well, I get what I want on my birthday and that’s what I wanted, to surprise you and make love to you.”
‘His Birthday, Her Surprise!’

Afternoon Delight

It’s mid day Saturday and a very nice day at that, she was in the sunroom, just messing around on the computer. When she got up to stretch and pet the cat, he comes in to tell her something, she doesn’t even remember what.

While they’re standing there talking he lifts his hand up to get a piece of lint off her shoulder and she jumped. “I thought you were going to tweak my nipple.” she said.

“Is that right, I can do that” He moves closer, turns her around so her butt cheeks are pressed against his groin then puts his hands over her breast and begins to play with her nipples.

“You know you’re going to make me all hot now!” She told him, as she felt a rush of heat between her legs. All she had on was a workout top and low riding sweats.

“Oh yeah, well your nipples are sure getting pretty hard. Let’s see how hot you are down here” His right hand moves down her side and around to her rear, where he slips his hand beneath her sweats and panties. Then slips his hand down between her cheeks and slides his fingers through the silky folds of her sex. “Yep, you’re getting hot and wet alright.”

“We really should go upstairs” Is her response.

“Well, I guess I could use a nap” He says teasingly.

She was so ready for him. She’d been thinking about sex all morning long. She was definitely following him!

In the bedroom, they can’t get their clothes off fast enough. He’s in the bed first and as she’s taking the last of her clothes off, she watches as his hand moves over his shaft. Thinking to herself, ’oh, he is so ready for me.’

“Come here, I think you need to have a ride and I want to play with and suck on your hard rosy nipples.” He likes her on top so he can watch her moving up and down on his cock.

No foreplay needed. She’s on him and he’s inside her in a matter of seconds. He takes hold of her hips as she starts to rock back & forth and up & down. She can feel all the contours of his shaft with every move.

He loves to tease her nipples and caress breast, so she leans down a bit to give him better access.

At times she lowers her head to look down between their bodies and watch as his cock appears and disappears inside her with every move.

Then sitting all the way up, she starts to really grid and rub her sex around on his shaft. He takes her hand and puts her fingers down to her clit and moves them around. “I want to watch you play with myself while you’re up there.”

‘It’s so hot, him watching me’ she thought to herself. And she so close, but she thought she may want him on top of her first.

She eased herself off, but it seems he has other ideas for what’s going to happen next. He urges her down to his cock. “I have an snack for you.”

“Oh, is that what you want?” She asks. “Well I have some yummies that will make you my afternoon delight. I think I’ll make you cherry flavor.”

She moves to his side putting the cherry cream in her hand, she grips the base of his shaft and starts a slow teasing massage, all the while making eye contact.

Now moving between his thighs with his heavy shaft in her hand, she lowers her head and slides her hot wet tongue all the way up his cock to the super-sensitive head.

“Is this what you want?” She said teasingly.

“Mmm- you know it is, sweet.” He gasped. At that very moment she took all of him between her lips into her wet fiery mouth. He jerked with pleasure, couldn’t stop himself. His body, his cock was all hers for the taking.

She took him in deep. One hand was holding the base of his shaft, while the other cupped and played with his balls. He was going insane with the pleasure she was giving him.

He had to watch! Reaching out, he pushed her hair back from her face. He twined his fingers in her hair and held it there. He could see it all. Her tongue licking, her lips moving and her mouth sucking.

He needed to touch her. “Turn your hot pussy around to me and give me one of your toys.”

With a very naughty smile, she reached over to get a toy. “This is my favorite one.” Then she handed it to him. Turning back around, he lifted one of her legs over his chest, so she was straddling him.

Her head at his cock, she began to suck him in again, stroking him.

His fingers slipping through her wet silky folds, he started rubbing and rolling her clit between his fingers. He thrust the toy into her vagina. Now she was the one trembling and jerking with pleasure. He moved it in and out, making her wild. “Oh…my…god, that feels…so good”

She was taking his cock so deep, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold on.

He had one more thing on his mind. His hand left her clit and moved to her rear opening. His fingers still coated with her creamy wetness, he slid his finger in easily then, a second finger. Making her scream out his name.

Moving all around, she wanted to buck, it was so good. Trying to keep her mind on the task in hand, she went back to sucking on him hard and so deep, rubbing herself all over him.

Lord, this was it. His hot seed shot into her mouth and she exploded with the most intense orgasm ever.

She collapsed on top of him, both of them sweaty and breathing hard and heavy, trying to catch their breath.

She turned around and lay in his arms, each of them giving soft, light kisses of pleasure at the wonderful afternoon delight.