Best vibrators – the ultimate guide for 2017

My first vibrator was purchased when I was 21 years old. I bought it from a sex shop that had one of those peep show deals in the back room and I was so embarrassed when I was looking at them, and even more so when I took it up to be paid for. Of course, the guy behind the counter must have been so used to women buying sex toys because he looked rather bored. That was then…

Now, I will walk into any sex shop I choose to, buy whatever I choose to, and won’t give a second thought to the person behind the counter, because I know what I want and I know when I am wanting it. This is something every woman should be aware of, and the reason every woman should own a vibrator, at least one.

Of course, this isn’t to say your partner should be replaced by a toy, after all nothing is quite like the real deal. But, I do believe in learning more about what it is you want out of the experience. This can lead to understanding what you want with your partner and expressing it to them in the bedroom, shower or anywhere else you may be.

Using a vibrator allows you to learn what turns you on, but it also helps you discover what doesn’t turn you on or get you all hot and bothered. Just like anything else, these things require practice to figure out. Sometimes, it takes a whole lot of practice, and over time things may even change. Things that used to turn you on when you were younger may not do the same thing for you anymore, just as turn-off’s could be more enjoyable than before.

Then there is the fact that great lovers are not born, they are made. This is because it is in human nature to learn as we go along and discover things. This includes being better in the sack, so another great reason to own a vibrator and use it is to gain more practice. You could surprise your lover or partner with something new you found you enjoy, they may enjoy, or even better that you both enjoy. All from owning at least one vibrator.

Vibrators are not just for solo use though, as they can also be used to improve the sexual activities between partners. They help reach orgasms faster and better, which can lead to things down there being tighter. When you orgasm, you use your pelvic muscles, which are the same things exercised with Kegels, and over time your orgasms will become better too! So, vibrators lead to explosive orgasms with or without a partner.  Another way to spice up your love life is to buy some sexy lingerie.  Personally, I buy from  Before you buy from them, check to see if you can use a Hips and Curves coupon.

Check out for antique vibrators.  You might also be interested in the history of vibrators.

Best Vibrators

If you are searching for a great vibrator or just wanting to expand your collection, then our list of the best vibrators is sure to help you hit the spot every time!


The Vibrating UFO

This is a sex toy that was designed to look a little strange, and resembles a UFO, hence the nickname. It’s actually a sex toy called the Durex Sensual Bliss Intimate Massager, which gets the name due to the amount of surface stimulation it provides the user. It can also be used as a personal full body massager as well, for that full body experience.

It can be used for solo adventures, or with a partner to increase the fun. The shape is what makes it unique, and makes it stick out from all the rabbits and old fashion dildo’s, instead it is round and the best fit for the user’s palm, which makes it so much easier to hold compared to other styles of vibrators, and moving is a breeze.

It has two buttons, once changes the speed, which it has three options for, and the other button select’s the four various pulse modes. It was also made from a soft coating and that makes it fun to use, but easy to clean as well. It also uses a rechargeable design which uses a USB cable.

If you are looking for something that is going to help stimulate the surface of either yourself or your partner, you can’t go wrong with this little guy.  This vibrator can be bought from  Be sure to check out if you can use a babeland promo code first.



The Aqua Rabbit

A survey was conducted by Love Honey that resulted in 93% of couples stating they have sex in the bath or shower, and the Aqua Rabbit is the perfect sex toy for those couples. It acts as two toys in one as the Drops of Sweden H20 Water Jet Rabbit Vibrator is not only used in water, but out of it as well. So, you can use it just as easily in the bedroom! This opens a world of possibilities for single or taken women alike. The curve hits the g-spot while the water is targeting the clit for an amazing feeling.

One of the biggest issues with this toy will likely be finding the correct water temperature, because luke warm on the hands is going to be very hot on the lower regions. The water literally squirts up with a powerful effect that feels great on the clit, once the right temperature is found of course. Although it does feel good, it doesn’t have a way to really customize the water pressure that comes out, limiting the experience.

The curved part of the toy is made from a soft material that has two ridges that enhance the arousal experience. The extra cap allows you to use it in the bedroom and the bathroom both, and it has ten different vibration modes that allow you to customize your experience in a few ways.

It does run off batteries, but it is probably better that way as there’s no risk of being shocked when being used compared to the possibility of water damaging a charging port.  This vibrator can be bought from  First check to see if you can use an eden fantasy coupon.


The Siri 2 – A Musical Vibrator

If you are thinking, wait, a musical vibrator? Yes, you read that correctly, LELO has brought music to the experience with the Siri 2, by basing the 8 vibration modes on various music genres. Of course, it also responds to sounds, which could be your playlist, your voice, your partners voice, or if you sing in the shower! Yes, it is also waterproof and it comes in various colors from purple and pink, to black. Its motor has been enhanced too, for double the pleasure.


Initially, if you thought of this and pictured an iPod style vibrator you wouldn’t be alone. However, it has an oval shape that will vibrate based on different sounds and music genres, which range from reggae to slower classical and the hard beats of R&B. While these are fun, the real show starts when you turn it to the external sound sensory mode and let it respond to sounds around you.

If you are near a music source, such as a radio or if you are real exotic, in the car, it will vibrate with the beat. The down side, it usually requires you to be pretty close to the sound source, so if your radio is in the living room, you may have to wait until kids are well asleep for play time, or just go for a drive in the car.


If you are the type that is already musically stimulated, adding it and your new best friend together will surely create a great experience you won’t soon forget. You will find that it’s not just for solo use either, as partners enjoy playing with the sound response feature too. There are so many possibilities with the Siri 2.

The Twenty One Diamond Vibrator

This sex toy was created by Bijoux Indiscrets who designed the vibrator to look pretty, but be discreet. It’s used for stimulating the clitoris and to be the highlight of any night alone. They claim that there is no other toy that compares to it on the market today.


One of the major selling points focuses on the unique look that it has, it is feminine and small, yet sophisticated and looks pretty too. In the lineup of usual sex toys, it has a more appealing appearance than some of them, as some sex toys just made your insides want to shrivel up and then there are the generic looking bullets that are everywhere. If you are a first time sex toy user, or not big on penetration during masturbation, then this is the one to try.


The Twenty One is one of the more discreet toys out there as well, so it is the one to have if you are the embarrassed type for owning a vibrator. It actually resembles the perfume bottle from Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million, and it has a black box that stores it like it was jewelry. You could throw a party, have people look at it and never assume it was a sex toy at all, more like home décor.

It is also designed with a rechargeable battery to keep things ready for when you are, and it comes with the USB charging cable and satin pouch for when you want to take it on the go. After all, it will just look like you are carrying around your perfume.

With a diamond shape you will be able to try out all types of positions that allow you to get pleasure in different ways. You are going to find that the Quick Start Guide that comes with it will give you tips on how to use the various sides to focus on different areas, get a massage, or just enjoy it in different ways.

It is all controlled with a single button, which turns it on and off, and switches between the various vibrations and speeds. This is great for ease, but if you are looking to go back to a certain mode, you must go through them all.


The Ina Wave

Dubbed the Double Pleaser, the Ina Wave was created to feel like your partner’s fingers as they caress you. On top of that, it is dual action, which means you will be left gasping for air when you want it most with G-spot stimulation and the stimulation on your clit at the same time. There are also ten different vibration modes that will allow you to set the wave as you wish, when you wish.


When it comes to self-pleasure or bringing more options into the bedroom with your partner, the Ina Wave is one of the best options on the market right now. If you are a fan of rabbits, it is top of the line. It is made from a silky smooth silicone that doesn’t get really cold like some materials, and the sticky latex makes it more comfortable and easy for use.


They designed the clitoris massager to switch between ten various speeds that go from weak to really powerful. At first, the clit tip may feel a bit large, but after a few uses it gets more comfortable and easier to maneuver. Like most things, practice makes perfect.


Then there is the curved head that massages the g-spot with forward and backward motions that have varying speeds. It gives the user a powerful massage in all the right places for that great experience all women long for. You will find that the combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation to be very invigorating from the blended movements.

These are just some of the best vibrators available on the market today. It does not matter if you are looking for a quick orgasm, something you can take your time with, a different experience each time or something you can use in the bedroom and shower both, these vibrators have you covered in every area you want, and need.

An honorable mention must go to the Lelo Ida.




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However how does it rank against the best vibrators?  Check out for other options.

More info can be found here –  By the day’s end, in case you’re climaxing – it really is ideal, whether it’s from your fingers, your accomplice, or the vibrations.





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