Modeling date set

OK, so now the modeling date is set for the book shoot. George the photographer will be coming down from New York City on Saturday, May 17th to shoot photo’s of me for a book project on women over 35. I’m so very nervous. All my hard work being laid out in a book for […]


Maybe I say it too often – and it’s a well worn cliché – but variety IS the spice of life! So why is that I don’t follow my own advice? For a bit of self-criticism – once I find a toy or technique that you respond to with an exceptional orgasmic experience – I […]


I’m reading this great book called Female Ejaculation & The G-Spot. It was a suggested to me by a friend that I learn about female ejaculation in hopes of improving my husbands and my relationship, sexually and otherwise. I ordered this book from EdenFantasys. I really had not heard of any such thing as female ejaculation so, I […]

His birthday her surprise

She spent all morning baking and cooking for a small get together they were having later that day. It was his birthday and she was preparing what he had decided that he wanted for his birthday dinner, and of course her homemade chocolate pound cake with gooey chocolate peanut butter sauce. He was in and […]

Afternoon Delight

It’s mid day Saturday and a very nice day at that, she was in the sunroom, just messing around on the computer. When she got up to stretch and pet the cat, he comes in to tell her something, she doesn’t even remember what. While they’re standing there talking he lifts his hand up to […]