Ben Wa Balls

Are you interested in kegel exercises that allow you to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor?  These muscles are known as PC muscles, or pubococcygeus and are used during orgasm. Of course, they help support the bladder, uterus, rectum and small intestines too, but let’s face it, orgasm just sounds so much more appealing, doesn’t it?

There are kegel exercises for men and women, but Ben Wa Balls, also known as vaginal balls are designed for females as they go in the vagina. Women experience all sorts of things through life that affect the strength of their PC muscle, from giving birth to surgeries or GI problems that result in strains. Even respiratory problems that give women chronic cough can affect them, along with being overweight.

If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, even laughing and leaking some urine, there could be medical purposes behind kegel exercises. Of course, with the use of Ben Wa Balls it will feel more pleasurable than just another exercise routine.

Let’s take a deeper look…

Okay, What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

These are the muscles in the pelvis that we often do not realize are there until something isn’t right. Basically, when you’re urinating, and something suddenly scares the heck outta you, these are the muscles used to cut flow,so you don’t become a runaway waterfall. Go ahead, next time you’re in there stop flow, figure out where those muscles are hiding, but don’t make it a habit. If you try to exercise by cutting flow your going to have negative impacts on your ability to empty your bladder bag!

What are Ben Wa Balls

Rather than risking possible damage to your bladder control, you should invest in some Ben Wa Balls, or a couple sets if you want options!

Choosing Your Ben Wa Balls

When it comes to using Ben Wa Balls for exercising your PC muscles, there are a few things to take into consideration. After all, one of the most common issues that women face with using Ben Wa Balls is not actually using them, it is deciding which Ben Wa Balls set is right for them. This is because they come in many styles, materials, and weight.

If you choose a pair that is too large, it won’t be comfortable. If you choose a set that is too small, well, it brings a whole new meaning to losing your marbles. Same if they are to heavy, light, you get the picture. So, with all these factors, how do you choose? Well, keep reading and we’ll cover the basics and even provide some good Ben Wa Balls to get you started.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Choosing the proper size
  • Choosing the proper weight
  • Choosing the proper design
  • When to avoid kegel balls


Choosing the Proper Ben Wa Ball Size

Because Ben Wa Balls come in a wide variety, including sizes this is the first stop you should make when considering a new kegel ball and/or if it is your first set. The reason they come in various sizes is, no every woman is the same, obviously.

You want a pair that is going to stay in when you’re using it, and not fall out. I mean, how comfortable would it be to keep shoving them back in every five seconds? Exactly. Many say they are positioned better for those with smaller pelvic regions, such as those who gave birth vaginally.

Alright, time to find your size

Internal Sizing

There are ways to find out your ideal size, some common ways include:

  • Tampon size – Which fits best?
  • 2-finger side-by-side test – If snug go with medium size, if loose medium to large.
  • Had C-Section? Commonly small to medium size
  • Give birth vaginally? – Medium to large


While you would think smaller is lighter, lighter is easier to start out, you want to start with something that will benefit your muscles while not falling out. You must find a happy medium that allows you to grip the balls and stop them from falling out. In this case, larger is easier to stop than smaller.

Choosing the Proper Weight

Just like size, these bad boys come in various weights too depending on the brand. The concept is to start with a light-weight kegel ball that fits comfortably, meaning you can squeeze and lift it with the PC muscles for a period of time. If your PC muscles are unable to do these motions more than a couple times, it will take longer to build them up. Remember, you can always upgrade later.

However, there are sets available too, which are more expensive but offer the ability to progress as needed.

When shopping, if the manufacture or retailer has not provided a weight, skip it. You always want to know the weight first!


Choosing Proper Ben Wa Ball Style

There are two options commonly found, single or double balls. They may be combined by a harness, or can be molded together.

The differences:

Single Ben Wa Ball

  • They are light-weight
  • Focus on smaller internal size
  • Usually better for beginners

Double Ben Wa Balls

  • Medium to heavy-weight
  • Designed for medium to large size
  • Designed for progression strengthening

Ideally, if you’re brand new to the kegel ball club, or need a small size start out with one. If you’re been practicing and want to increase your progression, or if your looking for a medium to large size, go with the double ball style.

When to Avoid Ben Wa Ball Exercises

There are things to know about Ben Wa balls to ensure safety. For instance, some come with an attached cord for easy removal, this helps avoid accidentally being stuck.

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, this increases the risk of Ben Wa balls becoming stuck due the vagina closing off. Although, this can occur in any woman if the cervix shuts off the passage.

  • Avoid buying Ben Wa balls if you’re unsure if they would be safe.
  • If you had a hysterectomy, consider if Ben Wa balls are right for you. If you do try, be cautious.
  • Always get the proper size and weight and don’t move up too quickly.


Ben Wa Ball Materials

Since these fun little things are going inside your body, you want to make sure of a few things first, including what they are made from. Ben Wa balls commonly come in ABS plastic and 100% silicone, but you may prefer jade or glass if you’re allergic to silicone. If you do not have a metal allergy, there’s always that route too for a nice smooth feel every time.

When strings are attached, make sure it is made from a body safe material too. This is something many forget about on their first purchase! You wouldn’t want to get home and realize its made from a material you’re allergic too, or simply don’t like the feel of.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

It is common to need lube for inserting. Depending on the material, you may need a certain type of lube. For example, if your Ben Wa balls are made from silicone, you want to avoid silicone based lubricants.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

When it comes to inserting, it is rather straight forward, but the following is a simple guide.

  1. Use your lube to ensure a smooth and safe insertion. Just remember, the easier they go in the easier they come out!
  2. Position as you wish, some lay down and others insert while standing, find what works for you.
  3. After inserting, sit up, walk around, do house work, or just lay there. This is your choice.
  4. If you experience pain at any time, stop inserting, then try relaxing and trying new positions.

If you find it painful after relaxing and trying a few positions, you likely have the wrong size for you. You should never force them in!

Lovense Hush

There are many couples who have to move away from each other and it is because of this that the imperfect world of long distance relationships or LDR happen. The first thing that often crosses minds is how much is that couple going to miss the physical presence of their partner. Yeah, sharing stuff, talking as much as possible is great because there is Skype and Facetime as well as other means of communication, but what about that great feeling that you get whenever your partner touches you? Where can you find that? Truth is cheating is not an option for those who are very faithful and if you are one of those couples who are worried about going insane without a romantic touch or losing the passion, there is great news for you. However, you need to be sure that you are into anal pleasure and that you are okay with butt plugs before you invest in money and time for this product.

Lovense Hush butt plug

Lovense Hush butt plug

Hush by Lovense is going to take your pleasure to a whole new level. You have your regular butt plugs and then vibrating butt plugs, but Hush is a vibrating butt plug that you can control from anywhere. Sex toys have never been so versatile before now. For those who are looking to add a bit of spice or get a little TLC from your partner, whether you are alone or not, the Hush butt plug is definitely the way to go.

Hush Packaging

Hush Packaging

How the Lovense Hush works

The Lovense Hush is actually a next generation vibrating butt plug that you can, or your partner can control using your phone as the remote control. This has been created to allow couples to satisfy each other using a virtual world. The Hush Butt Plug will vibrate at various speeds to help provide you with intense fun and lots of pleasure. However, the difference with the other butt plugs is that is has a mobile app that you use to control the frequency of the vibration and even flow of your orgasm. Another great this is unlike other plugs, you do not have to have your smartphone right next to your butt plug or anywhere close to it to make it work. That is something that completely changes the whole game when it comes to pleasure.

Lovense Hush Power levels

Lovense Hush Power levels

You are able to use the Hush anywhere and it can be controlled anywhere, which gives your partner the chance to stimulate and even pleasure you when and where they want while being very discreet. So, what does that mean that the Hush is just for couples who live in different parts of the world? Nope. This toy is for anyone who is looking for a really great vibration and wants to have a mind-blowing orgasm anytime, anywhere, and at the discretion of their partner. Imagine this, you could be sitting your office, playing sports, at the spa, or traveling on the bus and if you have the Hush butt plug in, then whenever your partner wants you to have a bit of fun, there is nothing that would be able to stop them, except for you removing the plug.

Lovense Hush Review

The hush is compatible with both iOS and Android. It does not have a range for using it. It does what it promises that it does which is perfect delivery and maximum performance. I am not saying that it is the best, but it is ranked as a top remote-controlled butt plug that is on the market for Teledildonics.

Key Features

  • In order to use the Hush app, you are going to need to have internet connection.
  • There are a lot of vibration patterns that can boost your excitement and your mood.
  • Another cool thing is that you can sync it up to music, so that you can just enjoy what is going on as well as turn on the sound activated vibration which is amazing for foreplay with a partner.
  • The connection is stable and secure, so you do not have to worry about interruptions while you’re getting pleasures.
  • The app has both long distance and close-range control.

The design

When it comes to how the Hush has been designed it is great. It comes with a spiral top which is able to trap the lube, which is great when it is time to remove the plug from wherever you put it. The rest of the design makes it sure that you have maximum fun and minimum tension. It also has been designed and tested to stay in place while being used and it will stay there without moving or slipping.

It has been designed to make sure that you will not get injured when removing or inserting the plug. Another thing about this butt plug is that is covers all the issues that people have had with butt plugs before.

For instance,

  • It is made from 100% silicone
  • There is 0% latex in it which makes it perfect for those who have allergies
  • Iit is 100% safe and won’t hurt you.
  • It is also waterproof which means that you have a lower chance of destroying this toy.
  • The Hush is battery powered, so it will need to be charged before you can every use it.
  • Once you have it fully charged it can last 2 hours which is great for a long session.
  • It also has a USB charging cable.

Features of the app

One of the things that you will notice about the Hush is that it provides a whole new type of sensation. The new sensations that the Hush provides were specifically engineered vibration patterns that were made to cause intense orgasms. When you get into the app you can even customize your patterns and vibrations to use. Play around with it and start low and work your way until you hit the sweet spot.

Wrapping Up

If you are ready to take your anal pleasure to a whole new level whether on your own or with a partner, then the Hush butt plug is going to have you screaming for joy.

Lelo Ida review

I just recently received my Lelo Ida and I almost squealed in delight. I love the look of that sleek black box and I enjoy each and every item that I get from Lelo. There are just three words that I need to summarize this amazing couples toy: Absolute Toy Heaven.

How the Lelo Ida works

Ida is a part of the Insignia line which is a premium waterproof toy. The Ida is similar to the Soraya, so if you are like me you have that bad boy up on your sex toy pedestal and you worship it from time to time. The Ida really made me excited as I realized that it was my favorite color which is a pretty Cerise, but it was similar in style to the Soraya. It has the signature body safe, ultra smooth silicone to platinum toned accents that the Insignia toys come with. So you are getting that touch of luxury. Since it is a couple’s toy, you are going to get that sleek and sexy look for the whole experience.

It’s obviously a high end toy so try to get a discount by using a coupon for Lelo.

Setting the mood

This is the type of toy that you want to light a room full of candles, turn on some Barry White baby making music. Just for looks, the Ida is like the champagne for the night. It is literally the Rolls Royce of sex toys.

Now this isn’t your ordinary couples’ toy. The Ida is all about using it during sex so you both get stimulation at the same time. For once it won’t be all about you, your partner will get to enjoy that right as well and it does make for a really heightened experience for both/multiple people.

Lelo Ida Specs

The Ida comes with some pretty cool things in its box:

  • You are going to get the toy
  • A remote control disc
  • Batteries
  • Key turn to open it
  • Their signature black satin bag
  • A charger that will give you up to 5 hours of playtime
  • Authenticity and registration card
  • A sample lubricant
  • Instruction manual
  • Love Guide that will give you different positions to use for couple play

The Ida will vibrate at the base for stimulating the clit and on the curved arm. The arm does rotate, which is not what I was expecting the first time I used it. It gave my G-spot the right type of massage and sensations for my guy. When it comes to vibration, the Ida will pack a mean punch and that isn’t even on the highest speed.

Key features

It has SenseMotion technology which allows you or your partner to adjust the vibration modes with just a button on the remote. You can even use it as a solo vibrator. There are 8 different rotation and vibration modes. Each one will give you a new type of sensation.

Lelo Ida with controller

Lelo Ida with controller

Ida is completely waterproof so have some well needed sexy time in that candle lit bubble bath. It is rechargeable and has a 1-year warranty as well as a 10 year quality guarantee.

Now when it comes to being a couple’s toy, it is pretty advanced and nice. Most women need to have clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. So this brilliant little toy does that.

Lelo Ida Packaging

Lelo Ida Packaging

The Ida is larger than expected but it doesn’t need to adjusted and there is no need to use lube unless you like sounding like you stuck your finger into a jar of silly putty. It won’t cause willy burn while your guy is going to town. When compared to other couples’ toys, the Ida is the best of the best. The We-Vibe was a bit sticky and caused my guy to say No More Toys while he was holding a bag of frozen broccoli on his junk for almost 2 days. The Ida takes that type of worry away because it is so smooth and silky to the touch.

The best part is that it is wireless. So there are those times for kinky dinners where you put it in and leave the remote by his silverware. That’s how well it stays in place. Believe me, I tried squatting, pushing and it didn’t budge an inch during movement.


The Ida was exceptionally fun experimenting with. This super hot, finger wagging, jaw dropping toy and my super adventurous boyfriend made it for a weekend of nothing but play time.

When it comes down to it, the Lelo Ida is a toy that I will certainly keep in my arsenal. Now I will let you know that it does have a bit of girth to it and when your guy goes to add to that girth, it could be a tight fit.Guys seem to like the tightness feel, once you get past the “uh, what if I can’t get it in there” phase. This is a great couples toy that will certainly press all the right buttons for a night to remember.

Eden Fantasys Hitachi style wand


If you are like me, you eventually get tired of using the same toy. I was in the market for something newer, bigger, more amazing! That is when I came across the Rechargeable Hitachi style wand, which reminded me of the classic Magic Wand, but with a prettier appearance. Not only did the look grab my attention, it has various other positive aspects, such as the materials used and functions included, so keep on reading to find out why I quickly fell in love with the Hitachi style wand!


My package was delivered just before I had to go out the door for work, and as much as I wanted to check it out then and there, I knew it would have to charge up first, so I simply plugged it up to charge while I was at work. Needless to say, when I got back home I was totally ready to check it out, and that is exactly what happened next!

When I first turned my new Rechargeable Hitachi style wand on, I guess I pushed the on button a little too far and it almost jumped out of my hand, and it would have had I not been able to grab it quickly and lower the vroom – changing it from a 3-vrooms down to the 1-vroom. With the 5-vrooms to choose from I have found that the 1-vroom takes care of almost all my needs, I said almost because there are those times when a little bit more is better. I was so ah-ed by how much power it had, as previous adult toys never lived up to my expectations. But, this little Hitachi Wand has been living up to all my expectations ever since day-1.

In the past, it is my experience that most adult toys were way to noisy for what I needed them for. I finally found just what I have been looking for in an adult toy with the Hitachi Wand, in that I can finally tend to my needs quietly, which lets me tend to my needs ‘whenever’ and ‘wherever’ I want to. Some of these needs consist of using 3, 4, & 5-vrooms and it is still quite enough for me.

One of the great features I like about my Hitachi Wand is that the materials used are plastic. Some other of the Hitachi Wand’s features I also find great are: It is Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, uses food-grade materials, and is also Phthalates free.

I am very happy with all of the functions provided by my Hitachi Wand. However, I am afraid I may never find the time to use all 10 of the patterns of vibrating it has, but I do get around to using the Pulsating and Escalating often. Yet, not so often on the Roller-coaster I am afraid.

I find that the built-in control panel gives me the type of freedom I am looking for in a toy. And the fact that it is USB rechargeable simply completes my package. Not to mention all the special features included, such as: Multi-speed, Multi-functioning, and very powerful. The multi-functioning lets me use all three of my favorite extension toys with it, giving me an abundance of pleasure anytime.

The product can be bought here:

To find out more about Eden fantasys check out this page.

Eden Fantasys Elysium G-Spot Vibrator Review


Are you wanting something new to get off with, you aren’t alone. I got bored with my last toy, and was looking for something new because I like diversity in my collection. I came across the Elysium G-Spot vibrator and fell in love with the look right away. The appearance is only the first element I fell in love with though, the design is just as amazing.


This toy is designed to bring women pleasure and the release they are wanting, providing every part of the vagina with vibrating excitement. After you’ve gotten your fill, quite literally, the outer shaft can be used for massing the clitoris, which is a feature that really gets me going.

The Elysium has become popular, not just because of its design and great appearance though. It gets a high rating because of its safety and functions both. While it has a powerful vibration, with a very silent motor, it is made from silicone which makes it easy to grab and use.

The texture is considered wavy, making it feel great inside and out. It is safe for people with allergies as well, being it is latex free, hypo-allergenic, phthalates free and non-porous! If you have sensitive skin, this is a good product to go with, as I have never been broke out by it like some toys in the past.

There are ten vibration patterns, allowing you to customize each session to be different and includes pulsating, escalating and vibrating modes. It has several special feature as well, including a multifunction, light indicators and it’s rechargeable so when you get done it can be plugged in and ready for your next session when you are.

If you are looking for size, then you will be able to appreciate the size of this toy, and it’s great for penetration or external stimulation with the silky feel of the silicone. It is also easy to clean, but it did take a generous charging prior to first use.

Although, I do wish it was waterproof as that would increase the possibilities of where I could use my new toy. I have also found that the materials used can collect lint, but a quick wipe down prior to use is always a good idea anyways, never know what collects from the air between use.


  • Powerful multifunction
  • Feels great
  • Safe materials


  • Requires a generous charge prior to first use
  • Not waterproof
  • Can collect lint due to material



I prefer using it because of the powerful rumble it provides me, as it helps me get to climax and screaming YES, YES in no time. If you don’t get this experience with your current toy, I highly recommend getting the Elysium.

You can buy the product from here –

or you can check out my eden fantasys coupons first.

Top 5 Expensive Lingerie Brands

Everybody has focused their attention on expensive lingerie since Victoria’s Secret released the 2010 Diamond Fantasy Bra that is worth $2.5 million. When we say the lingerie on this list is expensive, we mean the type where, if you must ask what the price is, you likely can’t afford it.

Although the position that these extremely expensive lingerie brands have, does not make them any better than those more affordable brands. But, there are people who are curious about the most expensive brands in the underwear industry, so keep reading!

  1. Bordelle

Founded by Javier Suarez and Alexandra Popa in 2007, Bordelle has updated the vintage classic look with a more modern and somewhat kinky design. Their products are sexy, slinky, and very sensual. Although, their line is not for discount shoppers. They have a trademark bandage dress line that starts around the $500 range, and reaches $1400.


  1. Carine Gilson

This is by far the most established designer on our list. Carine Gilson started designing couture lingerie in 1994, and her line is well known for only using the softest silks, sheerest chiffon and most delicate laces. Also, each piece has a work of art that is handcrafted, making it worth even more per ounce compared to some of the finest jewelry out there. The most basic piece in this brands collection is the Carine Gilson thong, which starts at $240. It doesn’t stop there though; her full length kimono’s go for a little over $1360.

  1. Agent Provocateur

When you think of mainstream lingerie, you think Victoria’s Secret, but when it comes to luxury lingerie, Agent Provocateur is the name to know. They are synonymous for expensive, elegant, and erotic lingerie. When it comes to the brands on this list, this is the one that is likely to stick out the most, as their products range from bodysuits for $800, kimonos for $900 and robes for $1100.

  1. Jean Yu

The designs by Jean Yu are simplistic, feminine and gorgeous. Each of the designs are limited edition, meaning that when they are gone that is it. The designs are also lightweight and airy, making it very comfortable, with a basic triangle bra starting at $320. Their full lingerie sets, including knickers, bra and garter belt can easily top the $1000 mark. Additionally, Jean Yu has an atelier located in New York if you would prefer to have your lingerie custom fitted.

  1. Guia La Bruna

With her designs being vibrant, Guia is among the youngest designers featured in this list. But, where her brand shines are all areas of her pieces are produced in-house rather than outsourcing aspects to other companies. This includes the samples, and the final design. This allows Guia La Bruna to control quality and the craftsmanship she has become so well known for. With her knicker and bra sets starting at $665, quality is expected. The knicker and cami sets hit $830.

Personally I prefer to shop at Eden Fantasys and Hips and Curves.

For more info check out my page on Eden Fantasys and Hips and Curves.


Review of

For those are you who are like me and like to switch up the store I purchase my things at often, finding a new place to buy my toys at was just around the corner. I was looking for a place that I could trust, but also have a new selection for me to choose from instead of seeing the same items I have for a long time. That is when I came across

Right off the thing I noticed was the way they have their website designed and set up for customers. It is simple and elegant, which is great because it makes navigating the site so easy. They also provide great product images that really allowed me to see how the products looked rather than having to guess about it.

On top of that, they have their current sales and discounts right in front so you are always aware of what’s going on. Right now for example, they have a 30% off sale on anything red. They have a wide range of products to choose from as well, from women and men, to couples too! You will find that perfect toy here, I know I did.

I found their categories to be great, and fun to explore. I was not sure what I was looking for when I found Eden Fantasys, I just knew I wanted something different, and they didn’t let me know. I found the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper vibrator to not only be unique and different, but very interesting. It comes in an elegant blue and looks like a dolphin, where the beak tickles the clit and the tail teases the anus region! It’s also splash proof, so I am able to use it in the shower too.

They also provide a simple return policy, if it’s damaged or defective, you have 15 days to return it with the receipt. They don’t resell returned items for sanitary reasons, which is also great to know. This eased my mind about ordering and wondering about what if it broke, etc.

Also, when it comes to shipping, they are very discreet and they provide a tracking number once it has been shipped so you can keep an eye on when it’s out for delivery too, just in case you don’t want someone else having the chance to open your new personal gift before you. This is always a great way to ease my mind when ordering online too.


Site is very elegant

Shipping is discreet and has a return policy.

Wide range of products to choose from


A bit hard to navigate


Overall, I am very satisfied that I found because it introduced me to a whole bunch of new products and sex toys that I am excited to try out. I have recommended it to all my friends who are open about their experiences too.  I’ve even got a Eden Fantasys coupons page so you can buy more with less.


If you like dolphins, try the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper

Are you looking for a new toy to keep you company on the long lonely nights? Maybe you are just trying to find something fun and unique that will increase the fun time between you and your partner? Either way, I have found that the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper covers all of those, and it defiantly falls under unique.

This vibrator will bring you back into youthful playfulness and increase the intimate moments too. This product is designed to bring you a great experience with the design of the 3 speed Vibe Flipper which is also extremely bendable and made from a Refined Touch type of material. Also, the staff is a non-phallic designed probe for stimulating the g-spot and vagina both!

I find that the dolphin head brings a fun and unique time as it tickles my clit, and the tail teases my anal region at the same time! The actual insertable length is 3.7 inches, and has a 1.3-inch girth. With the three speeds, you are able to somewhat customized your experience, but the anal teasing adds a great deal of pleasure a standard dildo does not.

I enjoy that it is splash proof, which would seem expected with it being a dolphin theme. This means I am able to use it in the shower, but it is not water proof, so you should not use it in the bath.

The Soft Bend Flipper runs of two AAA batteries that are not included. I would have found it a little more convenient if they were at least included, but I still find that it is a great product that I enjoy, so I just keep a stock of AAA batteries around the house.

The features include multispeed, multifunction and vibrating and it is designed by Topco. It only comes in the color blue, but it gives it an elegant look which I find my partner really enjoys watching too, which only increases the amount of pleasure I get from this toy.


  • Comes in an elegant blue
  • UltraZone Refined Touch material
  • Multiple speeds and functions


  • 2 AAA batteries not included
  • Need a stock of batteries on hand
  • A bit too small


I do wish that it could be submersed into water so I could use it in my baths as well as my shower, but that is really the only downfall I have found other than the battery situation. If you are looking for something new to try out or introduce into your intimate sessions, then I highly recommend giving the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper a spin.  You can buy this toy using a coupon code from either Adam and Eve toys or from Eden Fantasys.  If you want something to hit your G-Spot try the 50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.

Sexy Pieces of Lingerie Men Want You to Wear

There are people that just prefer to cover up their assets, but for others, they want to show them off. No matter which way you prefer, the following list of lingerie likely has something that will fit your preference and he will enjoy it too!

Suspenders, Stockings or Garter Belts

When it comes to these three items, they are often considered standard items for getting your guy all hot and bothered. To make it even better, suspenders, stockings and garter belts often compliment other types of lingerie as well, just to turn the heat up more.

Many men would tell you there is just something about stockings allowing a little thigh to show between them and the underwear, it may be the naked skin, but whatever it is guys find it very sexy indeed.

Hold Up Stockings

If you are not a fan of suspenders, then hold up stockings can be a great alternative. Many women simply don’t like suspenders because they are rather difficult to put on, which make hold up stockings even more practical as it saves time, still gives the peep show of thigh skin and turns him on.

Also, they come in various patterns and colors, and the finishes can complement the majority of other things too! A little side note, a splash of water can help with keeping them attached to the legs if needed.

Corsets and Basques

When it comes to these two types of lingerie, sexy is only one way to describe it. These garments are often designed to either push your assets up, pull you in, or both for the purpose of accentuating all of your assets.

Also, they both offer additional support in the bust and waist, yet they are short which require panties. However, there are long line Basques which offers one or two lace layers at the base which allows for the extra mystery and/or modesty depending on how you look at it.

Basques and corsets can be rigid due to the wires, padding and bones that are in the designs, making it a challenge to put them on yourself, not to mention they can be very uncomfortable if wearing for long periods of time.

With these, getting the right size is very important as well, including your shape. In the end, it will make him head over heels, so a little discomfort may be worth it to you.

Overall, there are various types of lingerie that you can get to turn your guy on or just help increase the intimacy. Some are just giving a sneak peek of a little naked skin, and others expose much more skin and enhance assets. Either way, these ways are sure to get him in the mood.  I buy my lingerie from and  I use coupons for hips and curves from this page.

50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg Review


This is an amazing sex toy that comes from the 50 Shades of Grey product line, and it is even endorsed by the author of the books, E.L. James. That tells you how great of a product it must truly be, right? Well, that is what caught my eye about it in the first place, so I started to read up on it prior to purchasing it.


Being a fan of the books and the movie, just being part of the product line was enough to peak my interest, but as I continued to read about how smooth and firm the silicone is, it just made me all jittery inside. It comes with a wireless remote that allows you to control it while wearing it, which makes it possible to have some discreet fun just about anywhere you desire. You are going to love that it has three vibration speeds, with four different vibration functions too.

After getting it, I couldn’t wait to try out my new Relentless Vibrations Remote Controlled Egg, so I ran into the bedroom, opened it and gave it a spin. Right away I was glad that I made the purchase as the various speeds allowed me to customize my experience and reach climax as quick or slow as I wanted. To make it even better, the 3-inch egg was firm, but smooth as stated and the silicone felt good too.  This vibrator can be purchased from  Make sure you check out my babeland promo code page first so that you can get a discount.


The remote will work up to 25ft away too, giving it the added bonus of allowing your partner to secretly pleasure you when they feel like it. Just like Mr. Grey, he can pleasure you or torture you at will. Perhaps you’re the erotic type that likes public play? It even comes with a cool 50 Shades of Grey bag to store it in.


As though those wasn’t enough to entice me to buy it, it has a rechargeable battery that comes with a USB cable, making it easy to charge and be ready for the next go. If you’re in the office, simply connect it to the computer, no one will ever know!


  • You will be able to have all sorts of fun!
  • Silicone is firm and smooth for a great feel
  • Can be used discreetly and controlled up to 25ft away.



  • It can be a little bit noisy in quite places


Overall, if you are looking for a new sex toy that is going to get you off when you want it too, the Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg is the option to go with. The fact the battery is rechargeable and can be controlled from 25ft away are just two added bonuses that make this product even better.  Everyone needs a bit of extra kink in their life.

Where to buy?

You can try my favorite online stores, or  If you can get a bargain, you should by using some Eden Fantasys coupons from this page.