Eden Fantasys Hitachi style wand


If you are like me, you eventually get tired of using the same toy. I was in the market for something newer, bigger, more amazing! That is when I came across the Rechargeable Hitachi style wand, which reminded me of the classic Magic Wand, but with a prettier appearance. Not only did the look grab my attention, it has various other positive aspects, such as the materials used and functions included, so keep on reading to find out why I quickly fell in love with the Hitachi style wand!


My package was delivered just before I had to go out the door for work, and as much as I wanted to check it out then and there, I knew it would have to charge up first, so I simply plugged it up to charge while I was at work. Needless to say, when I got back home I was totally ready to check it out, and that is exactly what happened next!

When I first turned my new Rechargeable Hitachi style wand on, I guess I pushed the on button a little too far and it almost jumped out of my hand, and it would have had I not been able to grab it quickly and lower the vroom – changing it from a 3-vrooms down to the 1-vroom. With the 5-vrooms to choose from I have found that the 1-vroom takes care of almost all my needs, I said almost because there are those times when a little bit more is better. I was so ah-ed by how much power it had, as previous adult toys never lived up to my expectations. But, this little Hitachi Wand has been living up to all my expectations ever since day-1.

In the past, it is my experience that most adult toys were way to noisy for what I needed them for. I finally found just what I have been looking for in an adult toy with the Hitachi Wand, in that I can finally tend to my needs quietly, which lets me tend to my needs ‘whenever’ and ‘wherever’ I want to. Some of these needs consist of using 3, 4, & 5-vrooms and it is still quite enough for me.

One of the great features I like about my Hitachi Wand is that the materials used are plastic. Some other of the Hitachi Wand’s features I also find great are: It is Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, uses food-grade materials, and is also Phthalates free.

I am very happy with all of the functions provided by my Hitachi Wand. However, I am afraid I may never find the time to use all 10 of the patterns of vibrating it has, but I do get around to using the Pulsating and Escalating often. Yet, not so often on the Roller-coaster I am afraid.

I find that the built-in control panel gives me the type of freedom I am looking for in a toy. And the fact that it is USB rechargeable simply completes my package. Not to mention all the special features included, such as: Multi-speed, Multi-functioning, and very powerful. The multi-functioning lets me use all three of my favorite extension toys with it, giving me an abundance of pleasure anytime.

The product can be bought here:


To find out more about Eden fantasys check out this page.

Top 5 Expensive Lingerie Brands

Everybody has focused their attention on expensive lingerie since Victoria’s Secret released the 2010 Diamond Fantasy Bra that is worth $2.5 million. When we say the lingerie on this list is expensive, we mean the type where, if you must ask what the price is, you likely can’t afford it.

Although the position that these extremely expensive lingerie brands have, does not make them any better than those more affordable brands. But, there are people who are curious about the most expensive brands in the underwear industry, so keep reading!

  1. Bordelle

Founded by Javier Suarez and Alexandra Popa in 2007, Bordelle has updated the vintage classic look with a more modern and somewhat kinky design. Their products are sexy, slinky, and very sensual. Although, their line is not for discount shoppers. They have a trademark bandage dress line that starts around the $500 range, and reaches $1400.


  1. Carine Gilson

This is by far the most established designer on our list. Carine Gilson started designing couture lingerie in 1994, and her line is well known for only using the softest silks, sheerest chiffon and most delicate laces. Also, each piece has a work of art that is handcrafted, making it worth even more per ounce compared to some of the finest jewelry out there. The most basic piece in this brands collection is the Carine Gilson thong, which starts at $240. It doesn’t stop there though; her full length kimono’s go for a little over $1360.


  1. Agent Provocateur

When you think of mainstream lingerie, you think Victoria’s Secret, but when it comes to luxury lingerie, Agent Provocateur is the name to know. They are synonymous for expensive, elegant, and erotic lingerie. When it comes to the brands on this list, this is the one that is likely to stick out the most, as their products range from bodysuits for $800, kimonos for $900 and robes for $1100.


  1. Jean Yu

The designs by Jean Yu are simplistic, feminine and gorgeous. Each of the designs are limited edition, meaning that when they are gone that is it. The designs are also lightweight and airy, making it very comfortable, with a basic triangle bra starting at $320. Their full lingerie sets, including knickers, bra and garter belt can easily top the $1000 mark. Additionally, Jean Yu has an atelier located in New York if you would prefer to have your lingerie custom fitted.


  1. Guia La Bruna

With her designs being vibrant, Guia is among the youngest designers featured in this list. But, where her brand shines are all areas of her pieces are produced in-house rather than outsourcing aspects to other companies. This includes the samples, and the final design. This allows Guia La Bruna to control quality and the craftsmanship she has become so well known for. With her knicker and bra sets starting at $665, quality is expected. The knicker and cami sets hit $830.

Personally I prefer to shop at Eden Fantasys and Hips and Curves.

For more info check out my page on Eden Fantasys and Hips and Curves.


Review of edenfantasys.com

For those are you who are like me and like to switch up the store I purchase my things at often, finding a new place to buy my toys at was just around the corner. I was looking for a place that I could trust, but also have a new selection for me to choose from instead of seeing the same items I have for a long time. That is when I came across edenfantasys.com.

Right off the thing I noticed was the way they have their website designed and set up for customers. It is simple and elegant, which is great because it makes navigating the site so easy. They also provide great product images that really allowed me to see how the products looked rather than having to guess about it.

On top of that, they have their current sales and discounts right in front so you are always aware of what’s going on. Right now for example, they have a 30% off sale on anything red. They have a wide range of products to choose from as well, from women and men, to couples too! You will find that perfect toy here, I know I did.

I found their categories to be great, and fun to explore. I was not sure what I was looking for when I found Eden Fantasys, I just knew I wanted something different, and they didn’t let me know. I found the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper vibrator to not only be unique and different, but very interesting. It comes in an elegant blue and looks like a dolphin, where the beak tickles the clit and the tail teases the anus region! It’s also splash proof, so I am able to use it in the shower too.

They also provide a simple return policy, if it’s damaged or defective, you have 15 days to return it with the receipt. They don’t resell returned items for sanitary reasons, which is also great to know. This eased my mind about ordering and wondering about what if it broke, etc.

Also, when it comes to shipping, they are very discreet and they provide a tracking number once it has been shipped so you can keep an eye on when it’s out for delivery too, just in case you don’t want someone else having the chance to open your new personal gift before you. This is always a great way to ease my mind when ordering online too.


Site is very elegant

Shipping is discreet and has a return policy.

Wide range of products to choose from


A bit hard to navigate


Overall, I am very satisfied that I found edenfantasys.com because it introduced me to a whole bunch of new products and sex toys that I am excited to try out. I have recommended it to all my friends who are open about their experiences too.  I’ve even got a Eden Fantasys coupons page so you can buy more with less.





If you like dolphins, try the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper

Are you looking for a new toy to keep you company on the long lonely nights? Maybe you are just trying to find something fun and unique that will increase the fun time between you and your partner? Either way, I have found that the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper covers all of those, and it defiantly falls under unique.

This vibrator will bring you back into youthful playfulness and increase the intimate moments too. This product is designed to bring you a great experience with the design of the 3 speed Vibe Flipper which is also extremely bendable and made from a Refined Touch type of material. Also, the staff is a non-phallic designed probe for stimulating the g-spot and vagina both!

I find that the dolphin head brings a fun and unique time as it tickles my clit, and the tail teases my anal region at the same time! The actual insertable length is 3.7 inches, and has a 1.3-inch girth. With the three speeds, you are able to somewhat customized your experience, but the anal teasing adds a great deal of pleasure a standard dildo does not.

I enjoy that it is splash proof, which would seem expected with it being a dolphin theme. This means I am able to use it in the shower, but it is not water proof, so you should not use it in the bath.

The Soft Bend Flipper runs of two AAA batteries that are not included. I would have found it a little more convenient if they were at least included, but I still find that it is a great product that I enjoy, so I just keep a stock of AAA batteries around the house.

The features include multispeed, multifunction and vibrating and it is designed by Topco. It only comes in the color blue, but it gives it an elegant look which I find my partner really enjoys watching too, which only increases the amount of pleasure I get from this toy.


  • Comes in an elegant blue
  • UltraZone Refined Touch material
  • Multiple speeds and functions


  • 2 AAA batteries not included
  • Need a stock of batteries on hand
  • A bit too small


I do wish that it could be submersed into water so I could use it in my baths as well as my shower, but that is really the only downfall I have found other than the battery situation. If you are looking for something new to try out or introduce into your intimate sessions, then I highly recommend giving the Funzone Soft Bend Flipper a spin.  You can buy this toy using a coupon code from either Adam and Eve toys or from Eden Fantasys.  If you want something to hit your G-Spot try the 50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.

Sexy Pieces of Lingerie Men Want You to Wear

There are people that just prefer to cover up their assets, but for others, they want to show them off. No matter which way you prefer, the following list of lingerie likely has something that will fit your preference and he will enjoy it too!

Suspenders, Stockings or Garter Belts

When it comes to these three items, they are often considered standard items for getting your guy all hot and bothered. To make it even better, suspenders, stockings and garter belts often compliment other types of lingerie as well, just to turn the heat up more.

Many men would tell you there is just something about stockings allowing a little thigh to show between them and the underwear, it may be the naked skin, but whatever it is guys find it very sexy indeed.

Hold Up Stockings

If you are not a fan of suspenders, then hold up stockings can be a great alternative. Many women simply don’t like suspenders because they are rather difficult to put on, which make hold up stockings even more practical as it saves time, still gives the peep show of thigh skin and turns him on.

Also, they come in various patterns and colors, and the finishes can complement the majority of other things too! A little side note, a splash of water can help with keeping them attached to the legs if needed.

Corsets and Basques

When it comes to these two types of lingerie, sexy is only one way to describe it. These garments are often designed to either push your assets up, pull you in, or both for the purpose of accentuating all of your assets.

Also, they both offer additional support in the bust and waist, yet they are short which require panties. However, there are long line Basques which offers one or two lace layers at the base which allows for the extra mystery and/or modesty depending on how you look at it.

Basques and corsets can be rigid due to the wires, padding and bones that are in the designs, making it a challenge to put them on yourself, not to mention they can be very uncomfortable if wearing for long periods of time.

With these, getting the right size is very important as well, including your shape. In the end, it will make him head over heels, so a little discomfort may be worth it to you.

Overall, there are various types of lingerie that you can get to turn your guy on or just help increase the intimacy. Some are just giving a sneak peek of a little naked skin, and others expose much more skin and enhance assets. Either way, these ways are sure to get him in the mood.  I buy my lingerie from spicylingerie.com and hipsandcurves.com.  I use coupons for hips and curves from this page.

50 Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg Review


This is an amazing sex toy that comes from the 50 Shades of Grey product line, and it is even endorsed by the author of the books, E.L. James. That tells you how great of a product it must truly be, right? Well, that is what caught my eye about it in the first place, so I started to read up on it prior to purchasing it.


Being a fan of the books and the movie, just being part of the product line was enough to peak my interest, but as I continued to read about how smooth and firm the silicone is, it just made me all jittery inside. It comes with a wireless remote that allows you to control it while wearing it, which makes it possible to have some discreet fun just about anywhere you desire. You are going to love that it has three vibration speeds, with four different vibration functions too.

After getting it, I couldn’t wait to try out my new Relentless Vibrations Remote Controlled Egg, so I ran into the bedroom, opened it and gave it a spin. Right away I was glad that I made the purchase as the various speeds allowed me to customize my experience and reach climax as quick or slow as I wanted. To make it even better, the 3-inch egg was firm, but smooth as stated and the silicone felt good too.  This vibrator can be purchased from babeland.com.  Make sure you check out my babeland promo code page first so that you can get a discount.


The remote will work up to 25ft away too, giving it the added bonus of allowing your partner to secretly pleasure you when they feel like it. Just like Mr. Grey, he can pleasure you or torture you at will. Perhaps you’re the erotic type that likes public play? It even comes with a cool 50 Shades of Grey bag to store it in.


As though those wasn’t enough to entice me to buy it, it has a rechargeable battery that comes with a USB cable, making it easy to charge and be ready for the next go. If you’re in the office, simply connect it to the computer, no one will ever know!


  • You will be able to have all sorts of fun!
  • Silicone is firm and smooth for a great feel
  • Can be used discreetly and controlled up to 25ft away.



  • It can be a little bit noisy in quite places


Overall, if you are looking for a new sex toy that is going to get you off when you want it too, the Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg is the option to go with. The fact the battery is rechargeable and can be controlled from 25ft away are just two added bonuses that make this product even better.  Everyone needs a bit of extra kink in their life.

Where to buy?

You can try my favorite online stores, edenfantasys.com or adamandeve.com.  If you can get a bargain, you should by using some Eden Fantasys coupons from this page.

50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Are you the type that gets greedy when it comes to being pleasured? Well, that is just fine and this product encourages you to get as greedy as you want with pleasure. The Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is part of the 50 Shades of Grey product line and it is also endorsed by its author, E.L. James. If that isn’t enough to make you curious, nothing will!


With this product you are going to be able to feel the amazing and overstimulating pleasure from the inside out. This rabbit is not only big, but has a G-Spot tip with a vibrating stimulator designed to tease and please your every desire. Each of the stimulators are controlled using independent vibrating motors that result in a great feeling and pleasures.  This vibrator can be purchased from http://www.edenfantasys.com.  You should first check to see if you can use an eden fantasy coupon.


On top of having two motors, which means two motions at the same time, there are 12 various modes of patterns and speeds to make your experience the best possible. You will be able to customize the experience each time if you want as there are also three vibration speeds that create a total of 36 different sensations, imagine that!


The shaft part of this Greedy Girl is a total of 9.5 inches, with an insertable length of 5 inches. That’s enough to satisfy and then some. You are going to find the silicone is satin smooth, giving a great sliding motion and the tip is curved so it teases you in the most intimate spots. But the flat base allows the rabbit to be stood up straight, giving you more options with positions.


Of course, if you are a frequent user of the toy like I am, you will be glad to know it has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable. This allows you to easily charge it so that it always stays charged and ready for you. If you are the type that likes to carry it on your trips, it comes with a satin bag for storage too.


  • Has an insertable length of 5”
  • Stimulates in two places at once
  • High quality silicone
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cable included



  • Can be a bit big to carry around discreetly


If you are looking for a new toy that will allow you to pleasure yourself and get greedy with it, the Greedy Girl G-Spot Vibrator is the option to go with as it will do wonders every time you use it. I have not regretted buying it a single night, and would highly recommend it to anyone.

If you’re looking for a different way to spice up your love life, try buy some sexy lingerie.  Check out my hips and curves coupon page.

Is this the best BIG O ever???

Does the Womanizer give you the BIG O you’ve been looking for?

If you are on the market, let me tell you about the Womanizer vibrator. It is by far one of the best, if not the best sex toy I have found and ever had the pleasure of using. The only thing that may be better is the real thing. It has light, yet a powerful vibration that is combined with gentle suction that creates an experience that is one of a kind and something that won’t soon be forgotten.

It is classified under a clitoral vibrator and oral sex stimulator, and those are not a lie. It works wonders when it is being used on your body, especially the clit. But, it can also be great for nipple play too. When ordering the Womanizer, I was a bit on the skeptical side because I am not one that’s fond of vibrators, but the light vibrations caught my attention with the suction feature. I have not regretted the purchase at all.

The head is created with silicone that you place over the clit, it is able to pinpoint the stimulation and actually make contact with the clit, but due to the products design those with larger clits may have more trouble with comfort.

Then there are the multiple speed options that are available, with six speeds to choose from you can have a custom experience every time you use the Womanizer. For me, clitoral orgasm seem to take forever, so I am not a bit fan of them. But, with this one the vibrations were just the right level for me to quickly achieve orgasm in in a matter of minutes, instead of half an hour!

Because if focuses just on the clit and can be compared to the stimulation of getting oral directly to the clit, it is a great option for anyone who has issues reaching their tipping point from clit play. But, it may lead you to wanting and craving more, even after multiple orgasms. Because of this, I always keep my favorite dildo handy when playing with the Womanizer to give myself an even better experience.


  • Focuses on the clit and helps reach orgasm quickly
  • Multiple levels of speed, with six options to choose from.
  • Rechargeable
  • Quite and travel friendly


  • Can’t think of any, it has great vibrations, high quality materials and rechargeable!


Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for a new toy for the bedroom, or for your travel needs. You can easily hide the Womanizer and use it discreetly or with a partner. You will find the rechargeable option to be helpful if you use it frequently as well.




Exotic erotics super creepy product

I’m going to review the Elephant Trunk Vibrator.  This is a vibrator for those who like to play with exotic and unusual adult toys. It is made by Exotic-Eroctics, who are no strangers to unconventional dildos. They use high quality materials to create their products. This elephant trunk vibrator is exotic enough to fulfill the eccentric needs within all of us, ranging from fantasy to lifelike fun. Exotic-Erotics dildos come in a various range of sizes as well, but they often run larger than the average, but are customizable. You can choose between many colors, and three levels of silicone firmness as well.


The elephant trunk that I ordered was a small, which measures about 7 3/8”, and that is the insertable length, with a girth of 1.5” to 2” from base to tip. The base itself is a little over 3”. If you’re wanting something a bit bigger, their medium is 2.15” to 3” of girth, with 11” for insertable length. Then there is the large, which is just over 3” to 4” of girth from base to tip, and 15” of insertable length. If size is what you’re after, they have you covered!


When it came to the colors to choose from, they provided various amounts of options that included gray to give it more of an elephant trunk look, and other options such as neon green. The firmness level I went with was medium. They managed to get my custom made dildo out the door and in my hands in just 2 days as well!

When I got it out of the package, I was impressed by the design and craftsmanship in the amount of time it took to make and ship out. I was able to bend and squeeze the silicone very easily, which reminded me more of a comfortable butt plug rather than a dildo. Once I used it, my initial thoughts were confirmed, I should have gone with the firm silicone or even the ‘cored’. Medium firmness for this dildo was simply too soft and bends to easily, otherwise it’s a great product.

Its design has been created with a great amount of texture, which some may find to be too much texture, while others may find it feels so much better, like myself. If texture is what you are after, this would be at the top of the list of textured dildos to give a shot.


  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Shipping was quick
  • Product was high quality


  • The medium silicon was to soft, more like a butt plug.
  • Texture could be too much for some people, and require a lot of lube.


Overall, the Elephant Trunk Dildo by Exotic-Erotics is a great product for anyone looking for a new and interesting toy. It is made with high quality silicone, with three firmness options to choose from and many colors, including a lifelike gray. If you don’t want it to bend a bunch or be too soft, I recommend going with firm or their ‘cored’ options.


Where to buy

We usually recommend edenfantasys.com.  Check out Eden Fantasys coupons here.

Time to start sinning

I’m rejuvenating this site about sinning in LA because let’s face it, we all like to sin a little and there’s no better spot than LA.