This is an amazing sex toy that comes from the 50 Shades of Grey product line, and it is even endorsed by the author of the books, E.L. James. That tells you how great of a product it must truly be, right? Well, that is what caught my eye about it in the first place, so I started to read up on it prior to purchasing it.


Being a fan of the books and the movie, just being part of the product line was enough to peak my interest, but as I continued to read about how smooth and firm the silicone is, it just made me all jittery inside. It comes with a wireless remote that allows you to control it while wearing it, which makes it possible to have some discreet fun just about anywhere you desire. You are going to love that it has three vibration speeds, with four different vibration functions too.

After getting it, I couldn’t wait to try out my new Relentless Vibrations Remote Controlled Egg, so I ran into the bedroom, opened it and gave it a spin. Right away I was glad that I made the purchase as the various speeds allowed me to customize my experience and reach climax as quick or slow as I wanted. To make it even better, the 3-inch egg was firm, but smooth as stated and the silicone felt good too.  This vibrator can be purchased from  Make sure you check out my babeland promo code page first so that you can get a discount.


The remote will work up to 25ft away too, giving it the added bonus of allowing your partner to secretly pleasure you when they feel like it. Just like Mr. Grey, he can pleasure you or torture you at will. Perhaps you’re the erotic type that likes public play? It even comes with a cool 50 Shades of Grey bag to store it in.


As though those wasn’t enough to entice me to buy it, it has a rechargeable battery that comes with a USB cable, making it easy to charge and be ready for the next go. If you’re in the office, simply connect it to the computer, no one will ever know!


  • You will be able to have all sorts of fun!
  • Silicone is firm and smooth for a great feel
  • Can be used discreetly and controlled up to 25ft away.



  • It can be a little bit noisy in quite places


Overall, if you are looking for a new sex toy that is going to get you off when you want it too, the Relentless Vibrations Remote Control Egg is the option to go with. The fact the battery is rechargeable and can be controlled from 25ft away are just two added bonuses that make this product even better.  Everyone needs a bit of extra kink in their life.

Where to buy?

You can try my favorite online stores, or  If you can get a bargain, you should by using some Eden Fantasys coupons from this page.  You can also compare this vibrator to other vibrators here.