Anal training kit – Oh really

Where to begin? I’ve heard so many good things about anal play and sex. My husband does use a finger or two in me from time to time but nothing other than that. So, the opportunity came around for me to review the Anal Training Kit by California Exotic Novelties. Put in for the review and it came last week.

Packaging and instructions

I open the package to find my anal kit. Well, I wasn’t impressed at first sight. The 6 ½ x 4” box is nothing to write home about. It’s just a box, right, who cares. I take my new little butt plugs out to have a look see. They’re not very pretty. They’re rather ugly, I think. But hey, they’re going in my butt so whatever. And where are the instructions? This is a training kit! Maybe it’s just me, but when I think of a training kit, we’re talking about someone that is new and just learning. Ok, no instructions in the box or on the box. Well, how hard could it be? The only thing on the box with any kind of info is that it is made out of Pvc and wash before and after use and use rubber compatible lube. Well, don’t you think they should tell you what kind of lube to use, water, oil, silicone, what? Luckily I know you can use water or silicone base lubes.

My first try

The next day I decide to have a go at using my new Anal Training Kit. So, after my shower I get them out with my water based lube and some other toys to enjoy vaginally while I’m training my butt. I get all cozy on my love seat in my bedroom. Read a few pages of my erotic novel to get in the mood to play with me, myself & I.

My Experience:I get all slippery wet from my lube. Take the small plug, (which by the way is about the size of my husband’s finger, 3 1/4 “ long & 2 7/8” around) and insert it in my butt. It kind of feels like nothing is in there, it’s so small. I guess I need to move on to the larger butt plug, which is 6” long & 4 ½” in circumference at the top & 4” at the bottom. Big difference right? That’s what I thought and my butt thought so too! So, I proceed very slowly when inserting this one. I think my butt was a little scared. So I relax, think of hot sexy thoughts. I finally have it in and it really does not feel very good at all. I try to turn it and move a bit but the large part deepest inside doesn’t feel right. I’m thinking this plug is rather straight and your inner workings of your butt are not.

I decide I need to take it out. And that makes me happy. I’m thinking, ok, what’s the deal here, this is supposed to feel good. Well, I’m still ready for some feel good. I have my very favorite glass toy next to me and give it a try in my now ready butt. Oh my gosh, this one feel awesome!

It has a curve to it. Maybe that’s what made a big difference. That and the circumference on my glass toy is 4” inches. Now, I’m ready for a toy in my vagina. And everything is wonderful from that point on. I had a most awesome orgasm with two toys instead of just one. Very amazing!!


Ok, so it all turned out really good in the end. Funny one, right! Get it in the END, my butt.
But, I don’t feel like my Anal Training Kit did any training at all. The small plug is way too small. The large plug I felt was too large. There should be a medium size with the kit. There were no instructions included. So, I’m sorry but I can’t give a very good rating. Based on my experience, I can only give the Anal Training Kit one star. Sorry CA Exotics, better luck next time.  If you want something better check out the Lovense Hush Butt Plug.