Ben Wa Balls

Are you interested in kegel exercises that allow you to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor?  These muscles are known as PC muscles, or pubococcygeus and are used during orgasm. Of course, they help support the bladder, uterus, rectum and small intestines too, but let’s face it, orgasm just sounds so much more appealing, doesn’t it?

There are kegel exercises for men and women, but Ben Wa Balls, also known as vaginal balls are designed for females as they go in the vagina. Women experience all sorts of things through life that affect the strength of their PC muscle, from giving birth to surgeries or GI problems that result in strains. Even respiratory problems that give women chronic cough can affect them, along with being overweight.

If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, even laughing and leaking some urine, there could be medical purposes behind kegel exercises. Of course, with the use of Ben Wa Balls it will feel more pleasurable than just another exercise routine.

Let’s take a deeper look…

Okay, What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

These are the muscles in the pelvis that we often do not realize are there until something isn’t right. Basically, when you’re urinating, and something suddenly scares the heck outta you, these are the muscles used to cut flow,so you don’t become a runaway waterfall. Go ahead, next time you’re in there stop flow, figure out where those muscles are hiding, but don’t make it a habit. If you try to exercise by cutting flow your going to have negative impacts on your ability to empty your bladder bag!

What are Ben Wa Balls

Rather than risking possible damage to your bladder control, you should invest in some Ben Wa Balls, or a couple sets if you want options!

Choosing Your Ben Wa Balls

When it comes to using Ben Wa Balls for exercising your PC muscles, there are a few things to take into consideration. After all, one of the most common issues that women face with using Ben Wa Balls is not actually using them, it is deciding which Ben Wa Balls set is right for them. This is because they come in many styles, materials, and weight.

If you choose a pair that is too large, it won’t be comfortable. If you choose a set that is too small, well, it brings a whole new meaning to losing your marbles. Same if they are to heavy, light, you get the picture. So, with all these factors, how do you choose? Well, keep reading and we’ll cover the basics and even provide some good Ben Wa Balls to get you started.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Choosing the proper size
  • Choosing the proper weight
  • Choosing the proper design
  • When to avoid kegel balls


Choosing the Proper Ben Wa Ball Size

Because Ben Wa Balls come in a wide variety, including sizes this is the first stop you should make when considering a new kegel ball and/or if it is your first set. The reason they come in various sizes is, no every woman is the same, obviously.

You want a pair that is going to stay in when you’re using it, and not fall out. I mean, how comfortable would it be to keep shoving them back in every five seconds? Exactly. Many say they are positioned better for those with smaller pelvic regions, such as those who gave birth vaginally.

Alright, time to find your size

Internal Sizing

There are ways to find out your ideal size, some common ways include:

  • Tampon size – Which fits best?
  • 2-finger side-by-side test – If snug go with medium size, if loose medium to large.
  • Had C-Section? Commonly small to medium size
  • Give birth vaginally? – Medium to large


While you would think smaller is lighter, lighter is easier to start out, you want to start with something that will benefit your muscles while not falling out. You must find a happy medium that allows you to grip the balls and stop them from falling out. In this case, larger is easier to stop than smaller.

Choosing the Proper Weight

Just like size, these bad boys come in various weights too depending on the brand. The concept is to start with a light-weight kegel ball that fits comfortably, meaning you can squeeze and lift it with the PC muscles for a period of time. If your PC muscles are unable to do these motions more than a couple times, it will take longer to build them up. Remember, you can always upgrade later.

However, there are sets available too, which are more expensive but offer the ability to progress as needed.

When shopping, if the manufacture or retailer has not provided a weight, skip it. You always want to know the weight first!


Choosing Proper Ben Wa Ball Style

There are two options commonly found, single or double balls. They may be combined by a harness, or can be molded together.

The differences:

Single Ben Wa Ball

  • They are light-weight
  • Focus on smaller internal size
  • Usually better for beginners

Double Ben Wa Balls

  • Medium to heavy-weight
  • Designed for medium to large size
  • Designed for progression strengthening

Ideally, if you’re brand new to the kegel ball club, or need a small size start out with one. If you’re been practicing and want to increase your progression, or if your looking for a medium to large size, go with the double ball style.

When to Avoid Ben Wa Ball Exercises

There are things to know about Ben Wa balls to ensure safety. For instance, some come with an attached cord for easy removal, this helps avoid accidentally being stuck.

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, this increases the risk of Ben Wa balls becoming stuck due the vagina closing off. Although, this can occur in any woman if the cervix shuts off the passage.

  • Avoid buying Ben Wa balls if you’re unsure if they would be safe.
  • If you had a hysterectomy, consider if Ben Wa balls are right for you. If you do try, be cautious.
  • Always get the proper size and weight and don’t move up too quickly.


Ben Wa Ball Materials

Since these fun little things are going inside your body, you want to make sure of a few things first, including what they are made from. Ben Wa balls commonly come in ABS plastic and 100% silicone, but you may prefer jade or glass if you’re allergic to silicone. If you do not have a metal allergy, there’s always that route too for a nice smooth feel every time.

When strings are attached, make sure it is made from a body safe material too. This is something many forget about on their first purchase! You wouldn’t want to get home and realize its made from a material you’re allergic too, or simply don’t like the feel of.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

It is common to need lube for inserting. Depending on the material, you may need a certain type of lube. For example, if your Ben Wa balls are made from silicone, you want to avoid silicone based lubricants.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

When it comes to inserting, it is rather straight forward, but the following is a simple guide.

  1. Use your lube to ensure a smooth and safe insertion. Just remember, the easier they go in the easier they come out!
  2. Position as you wish, some lay down and others insert while standing, find what works for you.
  3. After inserting, sit up, walk around, do house work, or just lay there. This is your choice.
  4. If you experience pain at any time, stop inserting, then try relaxing and trying new positions.

If you find it painful after relaxing and trying a few positions, you likely have the wrong size for you. You should never force them in!