Book Review: Entertaining Mr Stone by Portia Da Costa

Mr Stone Each month, Lovehoney pick one erotic novel to be featured as Book of the Month; that particular novel always includes a free gift, usually a small vibrator or a bondage item, depending on the type of book. Entertaining Mr Stone is featured this month and includes a free Powerful Pocket vibe, which is one of Lovehoney’s best-selling beginner vibrators.

Having read ‘The Gift‘ before, I was familiar with Porta Da Costa’s writing before even receiving this book so I knew I could expect high quality and great content. I’m glad to say that I didn’t find any major similarities between the two books, the scenes seem to be fresh and original.

Entertaining Mr Stone is an erotic novel about Maria, a woman who started a job at an office. She had previously lived in London and has moved back to her home town, meaning life is fairly boring. Her boss, Robert Stone is a tall man who completely steals her heart. Maria spends a lot of her time at work fantasizing about Mr Stone – and rest assured that it’s not all just fantasy.

There’s a lot of emphasis placed on the fact that Mr Stone doesn’t look like a model, which differentiates him from other main male book characters. However, I found this to be slightly annoying because it seemed borderline obsessive. Another thing I found slightly obsessive was the fact that Maria cannot stop thinking about the size of Mr Stone’s equipment, hoping he is as big as the rest of him. Are her expectations matched? That I cannot reveal.

I was expecting the whole book to be mainly about Maria and Mr Stone, particularly the erotic scenes. However, a few other characters are mentioned which does make the book that little bit more interesting.

One thing I find with most erotic books is that there is always at least one word that describes the male or female anatomy, which makes me completely cringe. I didn’t find any in this book! I did however think that Mr Stone’s nickname, ‘Clever Bobby’, is something you’d call a child or a dog, not a grown man.


The free vibrator included with your purchase of Entertaining Mr Stone throughout the month of May is the Powerful Pocket vibrator. There is no need to add it to basket if you’re making a purchase during May, it is added automatically along with the book. It seems to be one of those vibes Lovehoney tend to give away as an extra quite often. It’s not the best vibrator out there; it only has one speed and is fairly loud, however it does have interchangeable tops which are all different and can transform an ordinary vibe in no time. I still own one of these, the original version without the interchangeable heads was one of the first sex toys I ever bought.

The Powerful Pocket vibrator is made out of plastic, meaning it is hard and rigid. It features 3 metal beads at the top, which were designed to stimulate the clitoris. The interchangeable heads can be attached to the vibe easily, and all provide different stimulations. I personally did not get on with the two spiky ones because I found them too pointy and painful. The smooth head feels okay and isn’t too overwhelming & the final head is pretty similar to the original metal nubs, only plastic – it feels great, it’s probably the best out of the four.

Overall, Entertaining Mr Stone is a great novel, well written & well worth a read. The free vibe included during the month of May probably won’t impress you if you already have a large arsenal of sex toys, but it’s a good option for those new to vibrators.

Lovehoney provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.