Ceramix No 4 Review

Ceramix 4b

I have a soft spot for this dildo, not only is it gorgeous and features two of my favourite things – polka dots and it’s blue! – it is the first toy to find my G-spot! Yes, it finally happened – I am no longer a G-spot virgin.

The Ceramix Pleasure Pottery range from Pipedream are beautiful vibrators, dildos and butt plugs made out of ceramic. The colours used are bright, which I personally love because it makes a nice change from the usual shades of pink and purple. The dildos in the range are hollow with a stopper plug in the base which enables them to be filled with hot or cold water for temperature play. Ceramic generally has the same properties as glass, being non-porous and easy to clean, making it completely body-safe.

The Ceramix No 4 arrives in Pipedream’s standard display case-like packaging, nestled inside a foam insert. The foam smells strange so I tend to avoid keeping it in the original box. The dildo looks great at first glance, but upon closer inspection I noticed a few imperfections. There are dents in the paint and the white dots are uneven; it sort of looks like a 9 year old painted the thing. The base is flared which makes this dildo easy to hold during use as well as making it compatible to use in a harness.

Ceramix 4

The shaft is rippled but the head is smooth and the angle is absolutely perfect for me. As I mentioned earlier this is the toy that has finally coerced my G-spot into joining in on the orgasm fun. I haven’t squirted from using this (not yet anyway) but it definitely feels like it’s hitting something inside, and the orgasms it gives me are so much more intense than anything I’ve experienced from clitoral stimulation. Honestly though, this thing is great, the size is filling but not uncomfortably big and the ripples feel nice on the entrance to my vagina.

Because it’s basically still winter I’ve only used this toy warmed up. I fill it with hot water from the tap and submerge it in the sink for 5 minutes before play, just to ensure it retains the temperature for as long as possible. I do find that I have to fill it up before putting in water otherwise it floats!

Ceramix 4a

There is a warning on the box that suggests you shouldn’t overheat the toy or use extremely hot liquids – I’d imagine that goes both ways and subjecting it to extremely cold temperatures could potentially cause damage.

In terms of lubricant; ceramic can technically be used with any type, however the plug in the base is made out of silicone so I’d suggest only using water-based lubricant to avoid the deterioration of something so vital. A word of advice – do not try to remove the plug under a running tap because it will slip out from between your fingers and you will end up sprayed with water. Or maybe this sort of thing only happens to me. Rest assured that the little plug won’t slip out during use and soak everything though, because it’s tricky to remove.

Ceramix 4c

I find myself constantly comparing this to my glass dildos but I have to admit that I like how ceramic doesn’t feel as hard as glass. It feels almost delicate, but that may be because the dildo is hollow – and I think that’s what makes it so great.

There is one thing that annoys me a little bit – I can hear water sloshing around inside during use which is distracting to say the least! However, I usually pair this toy up with a clitoral vibrator so the sound of vibration tends to drown out the sloshing.

Overall I am impressed with this dildo. It finds my G-spot with ease, gives me incredibly intense orgasms and adds that little something in the form of temperature play. The material feels similar to glass but still unlike anything I’ve ever used. Oh and it’s blue – I think I might have mentioned that already.

I am ashamed to admit that I bought this toy from Amazon. I know, what was I thinking?! But I desperately needed it and it was so difficult to find any UK retailers that sold it at the time of purchase.

I’d recommend purchasing it from Simply Pleasure.