Crystal Candy by A Touch of Glass Review


Crystal Candy was kindly and so incredibly generously sent to me by A Touch of Glass for an honest review. I didn’t know which one of their beauties I would be receiving as it was a surprise so you can image how chuffed I was when I found this in the box!

First of all, prepare yourself for an explosion of packing peanuts! My Crystal Candy arrived nestled amongst millions of them – alright, I might be exaggerating slightly, but there are lots of them. There is no packaging for the dildo itself, it was wrapped in clear protective plastic which enables the buyer to take a look at their toy before use to determine whether you want to actually keep it. Looking at something online doesn’t always give a realistic representation of colour, size etc. so I guess this is a great way of letting you decide whether you want to keep the toy whilst still making sure it can’t be used. However, I had an issue with this – it was very difficult to remove the plastic and I managed to scratch the smooth surface of the dildo with my scissors in a couple of places in my attempt to free it from the confines of the plastic.

And guess what – there is a storage bag included! And it gets even better, because it’s the most beautiful shade of blue!


The Crystal Candy is made out of medical grade borosilicate glass, which is non-porous, body safe, phthalate free and easy to clean & sanitise. In terms of size, it’s actually on the small scale. It measures just over 8 inches in length so it’s fairly long but also fairly slim. The shaft features 3 round bulbs, all a different size and a longer tapered head. The shaft is straight but it curves slightly towards the tip.

In terms of texture, this toy doesn’t have a great amount of it. Only one of the bulbs has nubs sticking out of it, the rest is completely smooth.

I think this is definitely a double ended toy – I’ve used it both ways, even though I was slightly apprehensive about using the thicker, rounder end. But it had to be done for research purposes; I’m sure you all understand. Because I don’t want to confuse my readers (or myself) I am going to refer to the longer end as ‘the blue end’ and the rounder bulb as ‘the pink end’.


So, using the dildo with the blue end: it’s so simple. It slips in easily and comfortably. I was initially worried about the tip being too pointy and painful but I didn’t experience any cervix stabbing at all; in fact, it felt really nice. I’m easily the most impatient person on the planet so I usually like to quickly thrust with my dildos to achieve the quickest orgasm possible. With this though, I like to savour each movement and I’m happy just to move it in and out slowly, with no rush or vigorous thrusting.

I can only insert the toy just past the first pink bulb when used this way, because of the length of the blue head. I was a little bit disappointed with that because I was really looking forward to that nubby bulb stimulating the entrance to my vagina! But this is where the other end comes in.

The pink end, ahh the pink end. I was dreading using this toy that way, and I have no idea why. I thought it would be too straight, too big and just too… ouch – but it really, really wasn’t. It doesn’t provide any direct g-spot stimulation for me personally, but it fills me up just that little bit more than the blue end. Oh and that nubby bulb – it’s in the perfect position to stimulate my labia during use. I can still thrust with the toy but I find twisting it works just as well. That way the bigger bulb is just inside my vagina and the slimmer shaft makes the toy sit inside comfortably, whilst the nubby bulb goes to town on my labia. I’m not a size queen when it comes to internal toys so this was a really great way for me to enjoy the dildo.


My first glass dildo had me convinced that I’d need all my glass to be textured to enjoy it, but Crystal Candy proves that this isn’t the case. The smooth surface is much easier to insert and it means I can still move the toy when my muscles start to contract and spasm at point of orgasm. I don’t know if anyone else gets this but I usually can’t remove a dildo straight after a good orgasm because my vagina doesn’t want to let it go.

My g-spot and I aren’t great friends yet which means anything other than clitoral orgasms are difficult for me to reach. I did manage it a couple of times recently using a ceramic toy, but this beauty completely blew that out of the water. I don’t know what it is about the head (blue end) but it’s like it was made to fit my body. The stimulation it provides is subtle but still feels amazing due to the shape and angle.

When I first received Crystal Candy I had my doubts on whether I’d want to recommend a toy that costs £76.99. Price is very important to me when choosing a toy and I didn’t think it could possibly be worth that much. However, that clearly changed after I got to use it, but let me just state the reasons why you should buy this:

  • This is essentially a double ended toy
  • Soft, blue storage bag
  • The delivery is free to the UK
  • It is hand-made out of high quality, non-porous and easy to clean glass
  • It includes lifetime warranty in case anything happens to your glass beauty – which is highly unlikely, but accidents do happen.

Just in case that wasn’t enough – A Touch of Glass offer 20% off your purchase if you sign up to their newsletter, and 50% off your next purchase if you review your glass beauty on their site – that’s a five and a zero, as in half price. Do you know of any other other companies or manufacturers who make beautiful, high quality products and still offer all of that? Because I don’t!

Yes, it is considerably more expensive than the average Icicles dildo, but it is hand-made to perfection and I’m pretty sure you won’t be thinking about the price when you use it. It’s an investment that will undoubtedly last a life time, if cared for properly.

Crystal Candy is absolutely perfect in every way. The stimulation it provides is subtle but it still gives me incredible orgasms. The colours used are beautiful, I’m particularly fond of the blue head. I could only think of one reason why someone wouldn’t enjoy this toy, and that’s if you like your dildos girthy and filling. Other than that – I’d urge you to buy it!

You can also get 15% off all toys in the shop this spring, using code SPRING15 at checkout.

Thank you, A Touch of Glass, for sending me this gorgeous toy in exchange for an honest review and making me very happy and satisfied!