Double-O by A Touch of Glass Review

Double-OSay hello to my first green sex toy. This beautiful dildo is another creation by A Touch of Glass & the second of their beauties I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. This double ended dildo features an impressive curve, with each end providing different stimulation in terms of texture. My Double-O measures 7 inches exactly and was packaged the same way as my Crystal Candy dildo. It also includes the same velvety storage bag.

With a swirly staircase on one side and bumps of various sizes on the other, there is plenty going on at each end. Whist Double-O has a lot to offer, sadly it just wasn’t made for me. I was hoping at least one end would feel good but it wasn’t meant to be. I tried to make myself love it, many, many times but it just wasn’t working out, and there is only so much my vagina can take.

There is one main problem I had with this dildo – the considerable difference between the shaft diameter & head diameter, which isn’t very noticeable to the eye, but can definitely be felt during use. The head provides a challenging insertion and stretches me uncomfortably once inside and don’t even get me started on removal – I dread slipping this thing out even more than putting it in. The tapered head makes the insertion fairly easy (still uncomfortable) but the biggest part comes out first upon removal which simply hurts.

Double Oo

I must admit that I hardly notice the texture during use, because the head fills me up so much. The swirls are so subtle that I question whether they even exist, but the bumps are actually slightly pointy, so whilst I can feel them, the feeling is not exactly pleasant. This makes me very sad, because I absolutely love textured dildos so it’s a shame I don’t love it in this case. Also, the uncomfortable feeling during use causes me to involuntarily clench my muscles around it, which makes things even worse, but I just can’t help it.

When using Double-O, I tried a few approaches. Rocking it back and forth didn’t work, even though it’s how I use some of my glass dildos. Thrusting slowly is how I tend to use most of my dildos regardless of the material, but that didn’t work either. Thrusting faster = hell no. Twisting felt okay but I couldn’t keep it up for long because of the curve, so I could only move it from side to side slowly and that didn’t really feel too great. The bumps and the fact that they’re so protruding means that I can’t move Double-O much at all when using that end, and keeping it in place simply doesn’t do anything for me.


I was so excited to receive this dildo, it was supposed to help me become BFFs with my g-spot and give me great orgasms, not repeatedly hurt me. It even felt like the head was scraping my pelvis on some occasions, which was when I decided that enough was enough and my vagina has been through too much torture.

On a more positive note though, this is actually really easy to hold during use. The size of the heads mean that I can get a good grip on whichever end isn’t inside of me at the time, and even though this is glass, it doesn’t slip out of my hands easily during use.

Glass has many great qualities and is usually very easy to clean, but the texture on this toy means some liquids will get trapped around the bumps & swirls – I find scrubbing with a toothbrush to be the best way of getting rid of those.

I really wanted to like this, but there is just too much going on. The swirls, the bumps, the curve, the head – my vagina just can’t cope with it all. The main issue for me is definitely the size and shape of the heads, combined with the hardness of the glass. I feel like I would enjoy this toy a lot more if the heads were slightly thinner.

As I mentioned earlier, this is the second toy from A Touch of Glass that I currently have in my possession and you should totally buy that one if you can afford it. You should probably buy this one too because I haven’t read a negative review of it yet – most people seem to absolutely love it, so I guess my vagina is just extremely picky.

There are so many other beautiful glass dildos made by A Touch of Glass, and we all know that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sex toys. Everyone enjoys different types of stimulation, so whilst I am extremely disappointed Double-O didn’t work for me, I still have Crystal Candy to dry my tears – figuratively speaking though because glass obviously isn’t absorbent.

A Touch of Glass kindly sent me this item in exchange for my honest review.

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