Exotic erotics super creepy product

I’m going to review the Elephant Trunk Vibrator.  This is a vibrator for those who like to play with exotic and unusual adult toys. It is made by Exotic-Eroctics, who are no strangers to unconventional dildos. They use high quality materials to create their products. This elephant trunk vibrator is exotic enough to fulfill the eccentric needs within all of us, ranging from fantasy to lifelike fun. Exotic-Erotics dildos come in a various range of sizes as well, but they often run larger than the average, but are customizable. You can choose between many colors, and three levels of silicone firmness as well.


The elephant trunk that I ordered was a small, which measures about 7 3/8”, and that is the insertable length, with a girth of 1.5” to 2” from base to tip. The base itself is a little over 3”. If you’re wanting something a bit bigger, their medium is 2.15” to 3” of girth, with 11” for insertable length. Then there is the large, which is just over 3” to 4” of girth from base to tip, and 15” of insertable length. If size is what you’re after, they have you covered!


When it came to the colors to choose from, they provided various amounts of options that included gray to give it more of an elephant trunk look, and other options such as neon green. The firmness level I went with was medium. They managed to get my custom made dildo out the door and in my hands in just 2 days as well!

When I got it out of the package, I was impressed by the design and craftsmanship in the amount of time it took to make and ship out. I was able to bend and squeeze the silicone very easily, which reminded me more of a comfortable butt plug rather than a dildo. Once I used it, my initial thoughts were confirmed, I should have gone with the firm silicone or even the ‘cored’. Medium firmness for this dildo was simply too soft and bends to easily, otherwise it’s a great product.

Its design has been created with a great amount of texture, which some may find to be too much texture, while others may find it feels so much better, like myself. If texture is what you are after, this would be at the top of the list of textured dildos to give a shot.


  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Shipping was quick
  • Product was high quality


  • The medium silicon was to soft, more like a butt plug.
  • Texture could be too much for some people, and require a lot of lube.


Overall, the Elephant Trunk Dildo by Exotic-Erotics is a great product for anyone looking for a new and interesting toy. It is made with high quality silicone, with three firmness options to choose from and many colors, including a lifelike gray. If you don’t want it to bend a bunch or be too soft, I recommend going with firm or their ‘cored’ options.


Where to buy

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