Tantus Juice Silicone Butt Plug Review

A few months ago, I told Tantus that I’d be willing to try anal play for the first time and requested a “tiny beginner butt plug” for review. I was sent two butt plugs, neither of which looked small enough for me to want to put up myself. I asked some friends to help out, and thankfully they agreed – Sum Sub has kindly taken the time to write the following guest review for me (and all of my readers):


I have this blogger friend, Teal, who is passionate about body safe materials in sex toys. She gave me the opportunity to guest review a Tantus butt plug, the Juice, and well, even though I knew nothing about Tantus, I leapt at the chance.

A small amount of research tells me that Tantus are an American sex toy manufacturer who produce quality toys made from their own supersoft ultra body safe Silicone.  Now, I have plenty of experience of butt plugs of all materials, including silicone, and so to realise that I would be testing a plug from such a well regarded manufacturer was a little exciting.

So after waiting ages, when it finally arrived (only joking – Teal is very kind and I received the toy within days), I was eager to see how it was packaged.  I was mildly surprised to find it encased in a plastic display box, which held the plug in plain sight.  In fact it held it very securely in plain sight, as I virtually had to destroy the box to get the toy out.

Once in my hands, the first thing that struck me was just soft and silky the silicone was.  I’ve read of other bloggers talking about silicone drag, and with this Tantus toy in my hand, I suddenly realised what drag was all about.  This toy is so super smooth that even without lube it offered very little resistance to the skin of my hands – I don’t think drag would be a problem with this silicone.

I find this plug plays a slight optical illusion with me, sitting in my hand I can’t help but think it looks bigger than the 4inch length and 1.5inch diameter that it has.  Perhaps this is a result of the wedges that are sliced length-ways out of the plug to make it look like a juicer and that gives it its name.  However, there is no doubt that this is a beginner to intermediate plug.


The good news is that those little grooves help your lube stay on the toy, meaning inserting the plug is extremely easy, the shape is quite elongated compared to many other plugs I’ve tried, so the graduation in diameter is slow, making this ideal for beginners.

The disappointing news is that once in, the quirkiness of the shape makes very little difference compared to any other similar sized plug I own.  What is nice though is the neck is quite thick, which meant I could feel a slight stretch all the way through wearing this; and this is something no other plug of this size that I have offers.

One thing that is absolutely clear about this plug is that it’s not going anywhere you don’t want it to – the anchor shape makes it feel really secure, and it also contours nicely with your body, which brings me on to the thing I absolutely love LOVE about this plug. Long term use.

This plug is far superior to anything else I have ever tried for long term use.  By that I mean wearing it for an extended period.  It is comfortable, both internally and externally.  The shape is discreet enough not to create a bulge visible through your clothes, and it stays put, it really does!  It fits nicely between your bum cheeks and produces a gentle movement as you walk. It is not too long that every movement will create a visible reaction, but is big enough that the occasional movement does.

The final thing I love about this plug is that it doesn’t smell (yet?!) – I have many plugs purporting to be silicone, which do begin to smell after a couple of months, and although I’ve not had this one that long yet, there’s no hint of anything nasty!

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated try the Lovense Hush because it comes with a phone app!

Tantus sent the Juice Butt Plug to me as a free tester item – which I ended up sending on to Sum Sub.