Guest Review: Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug

Hello again! You may or may not remember the last guest review published on my blog – Tantus were generous enough to send me a couple of ‘beginner’ butt plugs for review. My reaction upon seeing their size could be summed up by ‘hell no’. So I decided to send them on to people who would hopefully actually enjoy putting them up their butts. 

This review comes to you from Apricot Creams, a blogger pal of mine who just happens to write amazing reviews. So, without further ado – here’s what Apricot thought of the Tantus Twist.


‘Sculptural’ springs to mind when looking at the Twist. Measuring a fraction under five inches in girth around the middle and four and a half inches long, it’s smaller than the Neo but not something to be undertaken lightly, either – the texture’s intimidating even in Tantus’ super silky drag-free silicone and the swirls aren’t exactly subtle, jutting out five millimeters off the plug with the final one at the base measuring a deep eight millimetres. This plug means business.

The texture

Honestly, I’m not even sure why I wanted the Twist – I’m not a fan of butt texture at all! But somehow it had plagued my daydreams for months. I yearned for the swirl, I craved it, so when the lovely Teal offered it to me I was all over that like wasps at a picnic. And when it arrived, I was terrified. It was much bigger than I thought, and the ridges were harder, and while it has a little bit of bend, it’s not remotely squishy and all of this led it to it being sad and abandoned at the bottom of my toolbox for the foreseeable future.

Take 2

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, and I’m frustrated. I want something in my butt but I don’t know what – the Boosty’s got a seam, the Meteorite’s not big enough, but I don’t want to have to go through all the faff of warming up to take something bigger. And then I remembered the Twist, wedged somewhere under a paddle and a stack of storage bags. This is it! This is the Twist’s big moment, this is your time to shine – oh.

No joy

Unfortunately, the Twist seemed just as scared of me as I was of it. I tried, god knows I tried; I warmed up with my fingers, with other people’s fingers, with other plugs (both silicone and steel, large and small), with a glass dildo! but the Twist stubbornly resisted the siren call of my butthole, turning around, slipping out of my fingers and rolling away onto the bed every single time, leaving me annoyed and quickly running out of lube. This happened every time I tried to use it. I have never known a sex toy saga like it.

Last chance

I decided that I had to up my butt game. I spot-tested it with oil and silicone lubes for maximum slippy-slidey goodness*, I listened to inspirational music, I let it sit in a sinkful of hot water, I warmed up with a carefully selected array of toys – one, two, three, four. And finally, after days of trying, I found the magic formula – a slick of Yes oil-based lube to begin with, topped up with liberal amounts of Sliquid Silk and lots of warm-up with another textured toy; I liked the Tantus Meteorite followed by my beaded glass dildo.


Actually getting the Twist in is equal parts challenge and novelty – you (well, I, I’ve read reviews where people said that twisting it was painful but it’s okay for me) can literally screw it in or you can try and ease it in slowly like you would with a smoother plug. I like screwing it in for the ‘oh my god I’m literally screwing myself!!’ factor but it doesn’t do a whole lot for me, honestly, it’s a little overwhelming so I usually try and ease the first inch or so in like I would with an untextured plug, twist it for a little and repeat. It’s a bit of a mission, yeah, but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it.

For something so XXX EXTREME on the texture front the Twist is strangely bland internally. Kind of like the butt plug equivalent of the weird herbal teas my housemate buys – they look scary and witchy in the mug but taste like nothing at all. I can only feel the texture when I move around and granted, it does feel nice, but it’s nothing wildly exciting; just a pleasant reminder of its presence. Tantus’ curved bases are ridiculously comfortable and the Twist is no exception, sitting pretty in my butt for as long as I want it to, but removing it is less than pleasant as sometimes it almost pulls at me on removal. Ouch.

One thing I was looking forward to doing was having penetrative sex with the Twist in, imagining that the swirls that felt so vanilla inside me would feel omg amazing for a partner, but apparently the Twist is a hardcore monogamist and my partner’s dick just would. Not. Fit. In. It didn’t work. I was sad. He was sad. My partner’s bigger than average but we managed it with the Hula beads, so why not this? I guess double penetration is a hard limit for the Twist.

I have mixed feelings about this plug. I went way out my comfort zone for this, and I’m glad I did; it’s one of my larger plugs, and I do enjoy using it, but I just thought it’d be…different. It’s scarier on the outside than it is on the inside, that much is certain.  If you’re looking for a high tech butt plug that can be controlled by an app, check out my Lovense Hush review.

*it passed both but I wouldn’t expect anything less of Tantus, really.


This product was provided free of charge for an honest review. You can buy your own Twist plug directly from Tantus.