Iroha Sakura by Tenga Review


Sakura is the squishest little vibrator I’ve ever held in my hand and had to grind against myself. It’s like a teeny, tiny little cloud with a slit for your clit. The iroha line is the first range of vibrators for women made by Tenga, the company who are known primarily for their male masturbators. There are three vibrators available in the female range, the other two being Midori and Yuki. All three irohas are made from this unique material enabling them to be all squishy and are finished off with a smooth coating of silky silicone which doesn’t attract any dust, fluff, hair, dirt etc. Professor Lockhart sums up my thoughts on this perfectly – “This is just like magic!”

Sakura has 3 constant speeds and 1 pulsing pattern all controlled by those metal triangles on the base; + and – which is pretty self explanatory. These are magnetic and are used for charging too – they fit in the little holes on the charging base which also doubles as a storage & display case, in case you want to feel what it’s like to run a vibrator museum. Can I just say how much I love vibrators that have two buttons? There is nothing I hate more than pressing a single button one too many times and going past the setting you’re aiming for.


I wanted this mostly due to the little clit slit – I thought it would surround my clitoris with vibrations from both sides, but sadly all it manages to do is tease and frustrate it. The vibrations feel like they’re powerful in my hand but I completely change my mind every time it goes near my vulva. I have to grind it into my clit to achieve any results and I must admit that the orgasms I get are never mind-blowing; mediocre at best and make me question the purpose of masturbation.

Whilst the material feels great, I think it dampens the vibrations, especially in that crucial place where you’d need them to be strong. The two points that form the V stick out from the rest of the ‘body’ of the toy and are pretty much hollow which really annoys me. I actually prefer using the top of the toy because it feels like the vibrations are strongest in that area & it seems firmer with a larger surface area, but this essentially makes the slit redundant.


In terms of noise, Sakura isn’t the loudest of vibrators on the first two settings but the 3rd and most powerful is just ridiculously noisy. After using my Leaf Fresh for three days straight I literally jumped when I turned on the Sakura because the noise startled me so much! I’m so disappointed in the noise because the 3rd speed is the one that I need to get anywhere near orgasm, but the whizzing noises the toy produces on that setting are so distracting. Whilst there isn’t a noticeable difference in strength of vibrations between the 1st & 2nd setting, the 3rd is A LOT more powerful but stupidly loud.

The biggest peeve I have about the whole line of the irohas is that they’re not waterproof. A £65 vibrator is only splash-proof, you can’t even use it in the bath or shower, or clean properly for that matter. Tenga recommend only tepid water should be used to clean these, no hot water whatsoever and only very mild soaps. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t sound like you’re going to get it very clean, especially when you’re dealing with a vibrator that has the potential of trapping lube in the slit (if that’s how you like to roll)


I feel like I should also point out that my Sakura had a horrible smell to it when I first got it. This is due to the nature of the material beneath the silicone layer and the smell has faded a little bit but is still noticeable about 6-7 weeks after opening.

It is an unusual and unique vibrator and I think the concept is great. I’m sure it will work for many people, especially those who don’t need powerful vibrations on their clit or prefer to use softer materials. If you’re one of those people who likes direct, pinpoint stimulation you may want to re-consider purchasing this, no matter how cute it looks.

So to sum up – Sakura is nice but not amazing, I’m treating it more like a stress ball that can also be used as a sex toy. I personally don’t think it’s worth £65 but Lovehoney seem to have it on sale quite often, so just keep an eye out if you really want one. One last thing – is it just me or does this toy totally resemble a woman’s vulva?

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the person who bought me this toy as a secret wishlist gift from Lovehoney – you’re amazing!


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