Womanizer Toy – Is this the best BIG O ever???

If you are on the market, let me tell you about the Womanizer vibrator. It is by far one of the best, if not the best sex toy I have found and ever had the pleasure of using. The only thing that may be better is the real thing. It has light, yet a powerful vibration that is combined with gentle suction that creates an experience that is one of a kind and something that won’t soon be forgotten.


What type of toy is it?

It is classified under a clitoral vibrator and oral sex stimulator, and those are not a lie. It works wonders when it is being used on your body, especially the clit. But, it can also be great for nipple play too. When ordering the Womanizer, I was a bit on the skeptical side because I am not one that’s fond of vibrators, but the light vibrations caught my attention with the suction feature. I have not regretted the purchase at all.


How it works

The head is created with silicone that you place over the clit, it is able to pinpoint the stimulation and actually make contact with the clit, but due to the products design those with larger clits may have more trouble with comfort.



Then there are the multiple speed options that are available, with six speeds to choose from you can have a custom experience every time you use the Womanizer. For me, clitoral orgasm seem to take forever, so I am not a bit fan of them. But, with this one the vibrations were just the right level for me to quickly achieve orgasm in in a matter of minutes, instead of half an hour!

Because if focuses just on the clit and can be compared to the stimulation of getting oral directly to the clit, it is a great option for anyone who has issues reaching their tipping point from clit play. But, it may lead you to wanting and craving more, even after multiple orgasms. Because of this, I always keep my favorite dildo handy when playing with the Womanizer to give myself an even better experience.



  • Focuses on the clit and helps reach orgasm quickly
  • Multiple levels of speed, with six options to choose from.
  • Rechargeable
  • Quite and travel friendly


  • Can’t think of any, it has great vibrations, high quality materials and rechargeable!


Wrapping up the Womanizer toy review

Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for a new toy for the bedroom, or for your travel needs. You can easily hide the Womanizer sex toy and use it discreetly or with a partner. You will find the rechargeable option to be helpful if you use it frequently as well.