Julian Snelling Rosebud Aluminium Butt Plug Review

Julian plug

Look at this little cutie – this is the first thing to ever go up my butt.  Yes, this review is written by someone who has never ventured into anal play before. I was a little bit reluctant to “go there” but I just couldn’t resist the crystal in the base. I mean, who wouldn’t want a sparkly butthole?!

I seriously can’t get over the size of this plug. It is the teeniest, tiniest thing I’ve ever seen so I wasn’t intimidated by it in the slightest. It’s roughly the same length as my thumb, just thicker. The whole thing is absolutely beautiful, the pointy crystal in the base creates the most amazing effects when you aim it at some light, but my red plug has some sparkle to the overall finish too. Lovehoney only stock this size of the aluminium plug in black, but you can see the whole range of colours and sizes over on the Rosebuds website. They have some seriously awesome butt plugs, made out of stainless steel or aluminium in a variety of sizes. Their colours and crystals are so beautiful, there really is a lot of choice.

Julian Snelling

My first try

I thought this would be a good choice for my first butt plug. Yes, aluminium is a fairly heavy, rigid material with no give, but it’s also very smooth and easy to clean so it’s completely body-safe. I guess I could have chosen a softer material for my first plug, like silicone, but I can’t say I’ve seen silicone plugs this small. Most tiny plugs I’ve come across seem to be made out of questionable materials, which I’d never put in any of my orifices. The material does mean the plug feels very cold initially so warming it up under a warm tap before use is a good idea, but you can also cool it down even more if you’re into temperature play.

The review

I found the plug fairly easy to insert with an addition of some anal lubricant, mostly due to the size as well as the smooth surface and the slightly pointed tip. The first time I used it, I was convinced it would get sucked in which would lead to coughing up tiny crystals for a week. Fortunately, that did not happen, but I still held on to the plug for dear life, not daring to let go for even a second.

Using the plug after that first time has been so easy. The stem does seem fairly short and the base could do with being a little bit bigger, but it seems to work so I guess I shouldn’t complain – everything is in proportion. I didn’t really notice the weight of the plug, but that could be because I’ve never worn it for an extended period of time. I tend to only keep it in for short periods of time, and I don’t really move around much with the butt plug in. I’m still not 100% confident when using it, but hopefully that will soon change.

JulianI’ve heard that some butt plugs have the potential of pushing against the g-spot through the thin barrier between the rectum and vagina, therefore providing pleasurable sensations, but this plug is way too small for that and doesn’t really stimulate anything. I do find that it makes clitoral orgasms more intense, but any kind of vaginal penetration is slightly uncomfortable with the plug inserted.

Wrapping up

From the few times I used this plug, I managed to come to the following conclusion – it is so much easier to insert butt plugs when lying down on my stomach with my bum up in the air than when sitting down with my knees up. The latter position is much better for admiring just how pretty and sparkly your butthole is in the mirror.

The Julian Snelling plug is a great introductory butt plug for those new to anal play. I think the crystal adds a hint of cute glamour to it, making an anal toy less intimidating. Butt plugs really aren’t as scary as I always thought them to be, and I’m glad I got to try this, so thanks for sending one over, Lovehoney!

Lovehoney sent me this butt plug as a free tester in exchange for my honest review.

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