Lelo Ida with controller
Does the Lelo Ida live up to the hype? Check to find out!

I just recently received my Lelo Ida and I almost squealed in delight. I love the look of that sleek black box and I enjoy each and every item that I get from Lelo. There are just three words that I need to summarize this amazing couples toy: Absolute Toy Heaven.

How the Lelo Ida works

Ida is a part of the Insignia line which is a premium waterproof toy.  It is a remote control vibrator so allows for couples fun.  The Ida is similar to the Soraya, so if you are like me you have that bad boy up on your sex toy pedestal and you worship it from time to time. The Ida really made me excited as I realized that it was my favorite color which is a pretty Cerise, but it was similar in style to the Soraya. It has the signature body safe, ultra smooth silicone to platinum toned accents that the Insignia toys come with. So you are getting that touch of luxury. Since it is a couple’s toy, you are going to get that sleek and sexy look for the whole experience.

It’s obviously a high end toy so try to get a discount by using a coupon for Lelo.

Setting the mood

This is the type of toy that you want to light a room full of candles, turn on some Barry White baby making music. Just for looks, the Ida is like the champagne for the night. It is literally the Rolls Royce of sex toys.

Now this isn’t your ordinary couples’ toy. The Ida is all about using it during sex so you both get stimulation at the same time. For once it won’t be all about you, your partner will get to enjoy that right as well and it does make for a really heightened experience for both/multiple people.

Lelo Ida Specs

The Ida comes with some pretty cool things in its box:

  • You are going to get the toy
  • A remote control disc
  • Batteries
  • Key turn to open it
  • Their signature black satin bag
  • A charger that will give you up to 5 hours of playtime
  • Authenticity and registration card
  • A sample lubricant
  • Instruction manual
  • Love Guide that will give you different positions to use for couple play

The Ida will vibrate at the base for stimulating the clit and on the curved arm. The arm does rotate, which is not what I was expecting the first time I used it. It gave my G-spot the right type of massage and sensations for my guy. When it comes to vibration, the Ida will pack a mean punch and that isn’t even on the highest speed.

Key features of the Lelo Ida

It has SenseMotion technology which allows you or your partner to adjust the vibration modes with just a button on the remote. You can even use it as a solo vibrator. There are 8 different rotation and vibration modes. Each one will give you a new type of sensation.

Lelo Ida with controller
Lelo Ida with controller

Ida is completely waterproof so have some well needed sexy time in that candle lit bubble bath. It is rechargeable and has a 1-year warranty as well as a 10 year quality guarantee.

Now when it comes to being a couple’s toy, it is pretty advanced and nice. Most women need to have clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm. So this brilliant little toy does that.

Lelo Ida Packaging
Lelo Ida Packaging

The Ida is larger than expected but it doesn’t need to adjusted and there is no need to use lube unless you like sounding like you stuck your finger into a jar of silly putty. It won’t cause willy burn while your guy is going to town. When compared to other couples’ toys, the Ida is the best of the best. The We-Vibe was a bit sticky and caused my guy to say No More Toys while he was holding a bag of frozen broccoli on his junk for almost 2 days. The Ida takes that type of worry away because it is so smooth and silky to the touch.

The best part is that it is wireless. So there are those times for kinky dinners where you put it in and leave the remote by his silverware. That’s how well it stays in place. Believe me, I tried squatting, pushing and it didn’t budge an inch during movement.


The Ida was exceptionally fun experimenting with. This super hot, finger wagging, jaw dropping toy and my super adventurous boyfriend made it for a weekend of nothing but play time.

When it comes down to it, the Lelo Ida is a toy that I will certainly keep in my arsenal. Now I will let you know that it does have a bit of girth to it and when your guy goes to add to that girth, it could be a tight fit. Guys seem to like the tightness feel, once you get past the “uh, what if I can’t get it in there” phase. This is a great couples toy that will certainly press all the right buttons for a night to remember.  If you’re looking for a pure solo toy check out my favorite vibrators here.  Another couple of Lelo toys you might be interested in are the Nea 2 and the Mia 2.