Lelo Luna Beads


I’m not new to kegel exercisers, or Ben Wa Balls for that matter; I’ve used a few sets over the past few months but none of those were as good quality as these.  Ben Wa Balls are designed to give your Pelvic Floor a good work out, which leads to better and more intense orgasms and also improves the tightness of the vagina for women who have given birth. This can be done with the use of kegel balls or without by just clenching and releasing the muscles, however the balls make the workout more challenging. I’d like to make it clear that kegel balls aren’t supposed to bring pleasure – they’re purely used for training purposes so don’t be surprised if you don’t orgasm within 5 minutes of insertion.  I’m also no stranger to Lelo products having tested the Lelo Mia 2 and the Lelo Ida amongst other Lelo products.

Initial concerns

I was extremely curious about the original Luna Beads, but I was worried about the size being too big. Then LELO introduced these so I had to have them. LELO recommend the Luna Beads Mini for women under 30 who haven’t given birth and the regular Luna Beads for older women who have had children. This is because the mini set is smaller and heavier than the regular and is therefore more challenging – it is assumed that the older a woman gets the weaker her Pelvic Floor muscles become, which of course isn’t always the case.


Lelo Luna Beads packaging

So, the Luna Beads Mini are nestled inside a simple and sturdy box, which also includes a black satin storage bag, warranty card and a sachet of LELO’s water-based lubricant. I must admit that I’m not a fan of this lube at all; I find it extremely runny and simply don’t like the texture so the sachets lay forgotten somewhere near the bottom of my toy box.

The size

The beads themselves are interchangeable and come in multiple parts. There are two pink balls weighing 29g each, 2 blue balls weighing 28g each and a white silicone harness which is used to keep the balls together. One balls of each colour also has a string attached securely for easy and safe removal. The string must be coated in something because it’s very stiff and dries extremely quickly after coming into contact with any liquids. There are free-moving, silver metal balls inside each of the 4 plastic balls, which make an incredible amount of noise. Metal bashing against plastic is the total opposite of discreet. The idea behind these is that you can tailor make just how heavy of a work out you want for your vagina. You could start off with just one pink ball, then move onto two pink balls. One pink + one blue ball would come next, with two blue balls being the most intense.

I’m in my early twenties without children so I started off with two pink balls*, which are the lighter ones of the set. I find inserting them with either one leg bent (like you would insert a tampon) or squatting are the two positions most comfortable for me. Water-based lubricant makes insertion so much easier too, but make sure to stay away from anything silicone-based because it could cause damage to the silicone harness. The harness has a total insertable length of 3 inches which makes these the smallest kegel exercisers I have tried. This means that the insertion is comfortable because they actually do fit inside of my vagina unlike others I’ve used.

The big drawback of the Lelo Luna beads

Now the noise – these are so loud! I thought the noise would be muffled slightly once these are inside my body but all that muscle and tissue doesn’t do anything. I can only use these when I’m alone or in very loud places otherwise I’m very conscious of the clicking noise coming from my vagina. I think putting metal inside of plastic is a recipe for a disaster so I’m not exactly sure what the people at LELO were thinking.



They do work as kegel exercisers because I have noticed a slight improvement in my pelvic floor muscles as well as stronger orgasms after long term use. BUT the noise really puts me off so I found a better use for them. Turns out they provide great internal stimulation when used with my Lovehoney Deluxe Wand, which is the most powerful vibrator I own (review pending). Now, I’m not a fan of internal vibrations, because they simply don’t do anything for me. But the wand makes the Luna beads jiggle like mad, and combined with the weight of the internal balls this makes the sensations of hitting my vaginal walls incredible. And so very loud, but who cares because the wand is loud anyway. The clitoral stimulation from the wand and the internal jiggling of the beads brought me to the most amazing orgasm I’ve had with the use of my wand. Honestly, using these two toys together was one of my finest ideas and I would highly recommend everyone who owns any type of magic wand and the LELO beads tries the same.

Wrapping up

I’ve had these for just over a year and I have to say that I don’t use them regularly. I really wish they were quieter! I think I’ve read somewhere that LELO have now covered the internal balls in silicone which makes them considerably quieter –  if that’s the case I really wish mine were like that because the noise is the only thing preventing me from using them on a regular basis.

* I’d like to add one more thing to this review – and that’s my personal experiences of over-estimating my vagina’s capabilities and strength. Please make sure you use the right weight of kegel balls beforeyou leave the house. I had this brilliant idea of using one pink + one blue ball inside the harness after a long break from any kegel exercises at all. And I decided to go out for a bike ride wearing the beads. Oh dear lord, don’t do it. Don’t ever wear too heavy kegel balls outside. They kept sliding out, do you have any idea how difficult it is to cycle with something continuously trying to make it’s way out of your vagina?! I do, and I wouldn’t recommend it. So please make sure your vagina can handle what you’re putting inside it.

To purchase, visit https://www.lelo.com/luna-beads