We’ve went through tons of LELO products, now it’s time to review one of the best toys for a bit of outdoor fun, the Lyla 2. This toy particularly excels when it comes to discreetness but there’s a lot more to the Lyla than meets the eye. Here’s everything you need to know about the Lyla 2 before you buy it.

Lelo Lyla 2 Packaging

Just like every other standard LELO product, Lyla 2 also offers discreet packaging for folks that want to be a bit quiet about what they like doing under those sheets. The main box has no marking of LELO or Lyla.

Beneath the main box, there is the exquisite packaging of the Lyla 2. You can see the toy beneath the transparent box. For some reason, LELO really takes their time designing fancy boxes for their products. While the level of detail it goes in to make these packages may be considered unnecessary, it’s definitely a nice touch.

Inside the box, there’s the pink toy fitted in a velvety compartment. The remote and the toy are stored separately. Other than the toy, there’s a user manual, charging cable, pack of LELO’s own lube and a carrying bag included in the box.

The Remote

You probably wouldn’t expect this, but LELO really put some thought and time into the remote of this toy. The first notable aspect would be the range of the toy. It can be used up to a distance of 118 feet – No, you did not read a digit extra. This distance may vary depending on the obstructions between the toy and the remote.

The remote itself is bigger than the toy, but it still is able to be concealed pretty easily. It’ll fit in the palm of your hand without much trouble. Plus, it’s pretty discreet too. If someone finds it in your bag, the last thing they think will be a sex toy remote. So, if you have prying co-workers or roommates, Lyla 2 has you covered.

Other Features

Like we mentioned earlier, this toy is entirely quiet. Sure, there’s a small buzzing sound, but it goes away completely once it goes in. This level of sound makes Lyla 2 a great public toy. So, if you want a bit of entertainment during work hours without anyone finding out, Lyla 2 is a great purchase for you.

There are six different vibration modes and speeds built-in with the Lyla 2. You can shuffle through the modes with the remote.

The toy is 100% waterproof. Don’t be afraid of taking it in the tub or in the shower. However, do be careful about getting the remote wet. It probably can survive a splash or two, but it won’t be as happy after a dip as compared to the toy itself.

The Lelo Ida is an alternative you may be interested in.