Rocks off little cocky

Rocks Off Little Cocky Review

Little CLittle CI was so excited when I found out Rocks Off were sending me the Little Cocky for review. I’ve had my eye on it for absolute ages, since I came across it on the Lovehoney site.  It is also my very first Rocks Off product which is absolutely shocking, seeing as I’ve been using sex toys for over 2 years now.  However, the excitement quickly diminished because this thing is nothing special.

Made out of silicone and measuring just under 10cm in total length, Little Cocky is primarily an anal sex toy. I was told by Rocks Off that it can obviously also be used vaginally. I guess the pronounced balls make it butt safe and the small size and tapered tip would probably be easy to insert, but I haven’t tried it that way.  The main part of the toy is made out of “platinum cured body-safe silicone rubber” – I wasn’t 100% sure what that meant, because I wasn’t even aware ‘silicone rubber’ even existed, so I asked Rocks Off to clarify and they explained that the information needed updating but it is 100% pure silicone they now use. The bullet inside sticks out about half an inch when inserted and is made out of plastic. The bullet is waterproof so Little Cocky can be enjoyed in the bath or shower, as well as being easy to clean.

I don’t usually get any enjoyment out of internal vibrations and being so small this vibrator does absolutely nothing for me when used that way. When used on my clit, it wasn’t that great either. The basic bullet included is nothing special, featuring 3 speeds and 4 patterns. It would make a good beginner bullet if you want to work out whether speeds or patterns are good for you, but it doesn’t offer me anything because I worked out that I need rumbly, constant vibrations on my clit. It is fairly powerful on the highest constant speed, but it’s also slightly buzzy and simply not enough for me, and the thick silicone sleeve dampens its vibrations even more. I also don’t personally like the pointed tip, because whilst it does offer precision stimulation, I find it pokes into my clit uncomfortably.

The good news is that the bullet is removable. It is quite difficult to take out at first, but twisting and pulling seems to do the trick if you can grasp the only shiny and slippery part of the toy. It just had to be the bit you need to get a grip on.  Because of this, you can substitute the bullet for a different one.


The silicone is so smooth and silky soft that it feels great against the skin and I didn’t want to give up on it just yet – so I swapped the bullet for a We-Vibe Tango. It really makes a difference! I can’t insert it into the sleeve fully because it’s slightly thicker and longer than the standard issue bullet, but it fits about half way and stays in place fine. The amazingly strong vibrations of the Tango transfer through the Rocks Off silicone so well. Sometimes I find Tango way too powerful and overwhelming, so having the sleeve is really nice because it dampens the vibrations slightly. It also means that my hands don’t get numb from holding Tango directly which is always the case when I use it, as I can hold it by the balls.

The biggest downside to this toy is that the included bullet is battery operated. I generally don’t bother with anything that isn’t rechargeable but I couldn’t resist this little thing. I don’t think I’ll be replacing the N battery when it runs out but I’ll definitely use the silicone sleeve again with another bullet. It’s not all bad though, at least a storage bag is included, which you don’t always get.

So, in my opinion, Little Cocky works best with a more powerful bullet. The smoothness of the silicone combined with more power feels great when used clitorally, but I imagine it could be used vaginally by people who want something small & anally for people who are beginners looking for a small toy. It didn’t impress me as it is, but I noticed that Rocks Off have ventured into making rechargeable toys now so who knows – maybe this bullet would work with the Little Cocky better.

Rocks Off provided me with this item for free in exchange for my honest review.