Body Stocking

Seven til Midnight Floral Lace Bodystocking

This was such a random purchase. I can’t say I ever planned on buying a bodystocking, but long story short – Lovehoney had a 2 for £20 deal on selected bodystockings and I just couldn’t resist. I’m not sure why, but I just wanted to know what they would look and feel like on my body. No one had ever raved about them so I really didn’t know what to expect.

And I have to say I am so glad I made the purchase. The bodystocking arrived in a lovely box (which I no longer have), wrapped around a piece of cardboard like most tights. Once out of the box it looked absolutely tiny! I thought I was sent a sexy babygrow by mistake to be honest. The lace is incredibly stretchy though so once I had it on it fit like a glove and clung to every nook and curve of my body. It was surprisingly easy to get into as well.

The feeling of the lace on my skin was amazing – it felt like I was naked but surrounded by beautiful, soft lace. I love the pattern of the lace, it’s like fishnet but in the shape of triangles and the flowers are so pretty. I actually found that the lace looked darker on the sleeves because it didn’t stretch as much as it did on the rest of my body.There is clearly no bust support here – I haven’t been blessed with a big chest so it’s not like it matters for me, but the lace is very stretchy so it would easily accommodate larger chests.

Now, this bodystocking is crotchless and I found the hole to be a little too big for my liking because it’s massive and leaves everything completely exposed. This is a positive thing if you’re planning on having penetrative sex whilst wearing this as it leaves plenty of room for fun to be had, with complete access to front and back.


There are a few little things which are slightly annoying about this piece of lingerie; firstly, it keeps slipping down my shoulders if I move my arms around too much, but I didn’t mind this that much because it actually creates a really sexy off-the-shoulder look. Another thing is that my navel piercing kept poking through and getting stuck in the lace when I’d sat down so I would suggest being careful around any body jewellery when wearing this, or any other bodystocking.

Despite the above very minor issues this bodystocking is so incredibly comfortable and makes me feel so confident and sexy. It doesn’t dig in anywhere, I don’t have to keep adjusting it constantly – apart from when it falls off my shoulders, but I usually just tend to leave it once it does. I could wear this all day and all night long and can’t help but run my hands down my body to feel the lace every time I have it on. It looks so classy and elegant, which is surprising considering you’re just wearing all-over-the-body tights. I am so, SO glad I decided to buy this and would suggest absolutely everyone does the same – I believe  you’re missing out if you haven’t got one! I cannot recommend this highly enough.

I bought this item from Lovehoney, which can be found here.