Seven til Midnight Skirted Eyelash Crotchless Knickers


I absolutely love the colour of these knickers – the cobalt blue is just so lovely & bright and I think it looks nice against my skin tone. They’re also available in black, red and pink. The fabric is see-through and stretchy, it really feels lovely and soft. The eyelash lace overlay gives great cover so you can’t see through the front of the knickers, which I personally love.

I was expecting the crotchless bit to to be much bigger as I already own another pair of Seven til Midnight knickers and they just have a giant hole between the legs. These however, have a nice, comfortable slit that’s just the right size and certainly didn’t feel like I was completely exposed during wear. The slit can’t be seen from the front, only slightly from the back and I must admit that I would have liked to have more access to the front (e.i. the clitoris). But the position is perfect for when wanting to wear these for penetrative sex or masturbation.

Size of crotchless slit

Size of crotchless slit.

The knickers are generally very low rise and the straps are a nice touch, plus add to the versatility. You can move them down so they blend in with the knickers or have them slightly higher up to enhance the hips – effectively giving you two pairs in one! I have to say I’m not a fan of this ‘enhancement’ as I have quite wide hips and so-called “love handles” so these dig in majorly (I’ve spared you the sight by covering them up with my hands in the image below) This brings me onto my next point, which is the sizing; I honestly think the sizing runs small. I have these in Medium which is supposed to fit sizes 10-12, but being a size 10 I genuinely wish I had them in the Large (12-14) because they do dig into my hips and my bum. Other than that they’re actually very comfortable and feel great against the skin.


Subtly covering up my love handles – you’re welcome.

Thank you Lovehoney for sending me these as a free product to review! You can get your own pair here.