Sexy Pieces of Lingerie Men Want You to Wear

There are people that just prefer to cover up their assets, but for others, they want to show them off. No matter which way you prefer, the following list of lingerie likely has something that will fit your preference and he will enjoy it too!

Suspenders, Stockings or Garter Belts

When it comes to these three items, they are often considered standard items for getting your guy all hot and bothered. To make it even better, suspenders, stockings and garter belts often compliment other types of lingerie as well, just to turn the heat up more.

Many men would tell you there is just something about stockings allowing a little thigh to show between them and the underwear, it may be the naked skin, but whatever it is guys find it very sexy indeed.

Hold Up Stockings

If you are not a fan of suspenders, then hold up stockings can be a great alternative. Many women simply don’t like suspenders because they are rather difficult to put on, which make hold up stockings even more practical as it saves time, still gives the peep show of thigh skin and turns him on.

Also, they come in various patterns and colors, and the finishes can complement the majority of other things too! A little side note, a splash of water can help with keeping them attached to the legs if needed.

Corsets and Basques

When it comes to these two types of lingerie, sexy is only one way to describe it. These garments are often designed to either push your assets up, pull you in, or both for the purpose of accentuating all of your assets.

Also, they both offer additional support in the bust and waist, yet they are short which require panties. However, there are long line Basques which offers one or two lace layers at the base which allows for the extra mystery and/or modesty depending on how you look at it.

Basques and corsets can be rigid due to the wires, padding and bones that are in the designs, making it a challenge to put them on yourself, not to mention they can be very uncomfortable if wearing for long periods of time.

With these, getting the right size is very important as well, including your shape. In the end, it will make him head over heels, so a little discomfort may be worth it to you.

Overall, there are various types of lingerie that you can get to turn your guy on or just help increase the intimacy. Some are just giving a sneak peek of a little naked skin, and others expose much more skin and enhance assets. Either way, these ways are sure to get him in the mood.  I buy my lingerie from and  I use coupons for hips and curves from this page.