Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry Flavoured Lubricant


I am a big fan of flavoured lubricants; I love that they cover up the odour of sex so that the whole room doesn’t smell like vagina juices hours after the deed (which some people may love). The Blue Raspberry lube comes in a clear 125ml bottle with a pop cap which makes it easy to dispense and safe for storage without worrying about spillage.

The consistency of this lubricant is just how I like it: not overly thick, but just right so as not being too runny. It manages to stay where I apply it most of the time. It does become slightly sticky as it begins to dry but that stickiness goes away once it dries completely.

In terms of taste it does have a slight artificial tinge to it, but it’s not too bad. It tastes exactly like I expected Blue Raspberry to taste; it’s what I’d imagine licking a Smurf would be like! Being currently single I don’t use this for oral sex so the taste isn’t an issue for me. Besides, it’s the smell I want! And the smell is great, not overwhelming at all but definitely masks those unwanted odours I mentioned earlier.

Being water-based the Sliquid Swirl is good to use with all types of toys and condoms without causing damage. I use it with silicone toys or just for general clitoral stimulation and find that it doesn’t dry too quickly. It also doesn’t stain – and I’d know because I got it on my bedding, clothes and desk chair, and once it dried there is no evidence of it ever being in those places. Sneaky Sliquid!

The most important thing here though, is the fact that this lube is completely body safe and free of any chemicals or other nasty stuff. It contains no Parabens, Gluten or Glycerine and is Vegan friendly too! So you can be sure you’re putting something totally safe on and into your body.

This is the second flavour from the Swirl range I have tried and I’m very happy with both. I’d highly recommend the Sliquid Swirl Blue Raspberry Lubricant, so get your very own from Lovehoney here.

EDIT: I’m not sure if my perception of what entails ‘thick consistency’ has changed, but I swear this lube never used to be this runny. I’ve had it about 7-8 months now, which is long but not long enough for it to be going off. I feel like it has become runnier with time, the taste has been affected too – and not in a positive way! So whilst this is a great lube, I’d recommend using it within around 5-6 months time to prevent the above happening.