Top 5 Expensive Lingerie Brands

Everybody has focused their attention on expensive lingerie since Victoria’s Secret released the 2010 Diamond Fantasy Bra that is worth $2.5 million. When we say the lingerie on this list is expensive, we mean the type where, if you must ask what the price is, you likely can’t afford it.

Although the position that these extremely expensive lingerie brands have, does not make them any better than those more affordable brands. But, there are people who are curious about the most expensive brands in the underwear industry, so keep reading!

  1. Bordelle

Founded by Javier Suarez and Alexandra Popa in 2007, Bordelle has updated the vintage classic look with a more modern and somewhat kinky design. Their products are sexy, slinky, and very sensual. Although, their line is not for discount shoppers. They have a trademark bandage dress line that starts around the $500 range, and reaches $1400.


  1. Carine Gilson

This is by far the most established designer on our list. Carine Gilson started designing couture lingerie in 1994, and her line is well known for only using the softest silks, sheerest chiffon and most delicate laces. Also, each piece has a work of art that is handcrafted, making it worth even more per ounce compared to some of the finest jewelry out there. The most basic piece in this brands collection is the Carine Gilson thong, which starts at $240. It doesn’t stop there though; her full length kimono’s go for a little over $1360.

  1. Agent Provocateur

When you think of mainstream lingerie, you think Victoria’s Secret, but when it comes to luxury lingerie, Agent Provocateur is the name to know. They are synonymous for expensive, elegant, and erotic lingerie. When it comes to the brands on this list, this is the one that is likely to stick out the most, as their products range from bodysuits for $800, kimonos for $900 and robes for $1100.

  1. Jean Yu

The designs by Jean Yu are simplistic, feminine and gorgeous. Each of the designs are limited edition, meaning that when they are gone that is it. The designs are also lightweight and airy, making it very comfortable, with a basic triangle bra starting at $320. Their full lingerie sets, including knickers, bra and garter belt can easily top the $1000 mark. Additionally, Jean Yu has an atelier located in New York if you would prefer to have your lingerie custom fitted.

  1. Guia La Bruna

With her designs being vibrant, Guia is among the youngest designers featured in this list. But, where her brand shines are all areas of her pieces are produced in-house rather than outsourcing aspects to other companies. This includes the samples, and the final design. This allows Guia La Bruna to control quality and the craftsmanship she has become so well known for. With her knicker and bra sets starting at $665, quality is expected. The knicker and cami sets hit $830.

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