We-Vibe Sync

We’ve reviewed tons of different We-Vibe products, and if you’ve tried any of them, you’d know how good they are. Well, this is a bit different in terms of functionality. This is a couple’s toy, meaning that it’s designed to be used during intercourse to enhance the experience for both the male and the female. But, is it any good? Let’s move on to our review.

The Packaging

The Sync’s case is pretty sweet. It comes in a really sturdy cardboard box that’s in the shape of a cube. It looks amazing with the whole multicolored thing going on there along with the image of the product.

Inside, you can see the Sync resting comfortably in a tight compartment. Apart from the actual product, the following stuff is included inside the box.

  • Charging dock
  • Sachet of Lube
  • Charging Cable
  • Remote
  • User Manual


The Sync is meant to provide a completely hands-free experience, and it does just that. There’s no button on the device other than the on/off button. There’s two different ways to use this device.

We Vibe Sync with phone
We Vibe Sync with phone

The first is through the remote provided inside the box. Now, the remote is pretty darn good. The connectivity is great and you can jumble through all the vibrations and intensity modes very easily.

The second is through We-Vibe’s own We-Connect app. And, this is where the toy really shines the brightest. The app allows you to control so much more apart from just the vibrations. The most distinct feature of the app is the fact that it can allow your partner to control the vibrations from halfway around the world. That’s right, this toy is a blessing in disguise for long distant relationships. You could also make custom vibrations by running your finger across the screen or just syncing the vibrations to your favorite song. The possibilities are endless and the Sync makes sure you don’t get bored anytime soon.


The toy is made of flexible, high-quality silicone. This means that safety is no longer a problem. The silicone is entirely phthalates-free making it non-porous. The material is really easy to clean and feels amazing inside.

Other Features

This toy, like some of the previous We-Vibe toys, uses a magnetic charging dock. But, with Sync, the manufacturers removed some of the problems people faced with Tango. The charging dock is shaped like a cowboy hat, meaning that it won’t disconnect by accident, you’ll have to rip it off. Also, the hat doubles down as an amazing place to store your toy.

There a lot of built-in vibration patterns. Both ends have their own personal vibrators and each of them have six modes and a wide variety of vibration intensities. So, overall, just the built-in stuff is enough to keep you busy for a few months.

The final thing we’d like to mention is the amount of comfort partners have while using this toy. Unlike other couple’s toy, the Sync doesn’t take up much space. It’s not just pleasurable for the female, but also the guy as the vibrations are stimulating for him as well. Overall, this is a great toy to spice up your sex life.

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