Best vibrators – the ultimate guide for 2016


Every woman should own a vibrator…

Vibrators are wonderful for masturbation, vibrators are wonderful during sexual intercourse. If you have a hard time having an orgasm (as many women do) or if you have never had an orgasm, you really need to have a vibrator. Statistically speaking, a woman in ten did not have an orgasm! We often hear men talk of vibrator addiction – Hey, guys, do not rather help you your wife to orgasm with a vibrator to have suffer through not having at all. Remember that now famous scene of fake orgasm of the now old movie when Harry met Sally? The reason why it is so funny because it’s so true.


Vibrators are not intended to replace men… It’s like the steak and Apple Pie. We want both in our lives and should not have to choose between the two. There are many things a vibrator can’t provide. He cannot put his arm around us to keep us close or even out the trash. Similarly, there are a few things a vibrator can do that a man can simply not do – at least not without a little help. A vibrator can be your best friend, guys. You won’t have to make the language exercises to keep fit. It also takes the pressure on women to “hurry” before getting exhausted. It is simply much more easy life everything for you two. And believe me, there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that your wife has had an orgasm.  Check out for antique vibrators.  You might also be interested in the history of vibrators.


So guys, it may be difficult, but try to put your ego aside and show your wife that you really understand and care about his pleasure.


Contrary to popular belief, most vibrators are not intended to be used indoors… They feel well indoors, but to descend on them, most women need a vibrator on the clit. For many women, one of the best feelings in the world is to be penetrated by a penis, fingers or a vibrator on the G-spot and a vibrator on the clit at the same time. The combination can provide the strongest orgasms of all.


Your first vibrator must be variable speed…

And when you start to use your vibrator, do not take home, escalate to full throttle and hold it against your clit. It is too intense and that someone may have to detach yourself from the ceiling! Start slowly and your way of working. Your body will tell you what he wants. We recommend that you play with your first vibrator by yourself up so that become familiar you with it. It can be difficult to teach a man to take care of your vibrator for you. He can simply say what you need and when. You can try to get your hands on yours if you want to feel like it’s a joint effort. Better yet, ask him to use his fingers to find your G-spot. Try  About power noise…

Noise and power vary with each vibrator. Usually, the best quality vibrators have the most power and less noise. Of course, the best quality vibrators will cost more. Be aware that most cheap vibrators become stronger with age and wear. Electric Vibrators we sell are among the most quiet. These are often the most powerful as well but may actually be too powerful for some women.



Most vibrators are manufactured in the East. Many vibrators delivered with piles of funny. Discard it. They are not alkaline batteries of good quality and often leak and ruin your vibrator. The reason is that it’s a kind of violation export in the East for them to use our alkaline batteries Americans in their packaging. This is why we also sell of good quality batteries with our toys. Be sure to order them if you do not already have at home. In addition, some vibrators have a piece of paper in the battery compartment that shows you to what insert your batteries. KEEP this DOCUMENT in the VIBRATOR unless he tells you to remove – your vibrator will work without it! However, some vibrators which use batteries of type of watches have a round paper on top of the battery that does not need to be removed to make it work.


Fly with vibrator

If you fly with your vibrator, remove the batteries so that it cannot rotate accidentally. Better yet, buy LELO Iris and you won’t have to worry about batteries at all – simply block it in the OFF position until you reach your destination. Put toys in your checked baggage privacy. staff of airlines are normally law-abiding.


Take care of Battery Operated vibrators

Vibrator batteries offer many advantages: they are inexpensive, portable and often have variable speed control, or a variety of vibration and pulsation sensations. However, the lifetimes can be unpredictable, ranging anywhere from a week to several years. Here are some tips on how to extend its life:


Do not drop the vibrator. Plastic parts may crack.


If there is a wire between the battery and the vibrator, do not pull on the cord. When retrieving the vibrator of the vagina, grab the vibrator itself with your fingers; do not pull as a buffer. Please do not insert this type of anal vibrator. The cord could easily fall off, leaving the vibrator inserted into the rectum. Use only toys with a base flared for anal stimulation.

Wash the toys clean and dry after use. Put condoms on toys used by more than one person during sexual intercourse or those that go from anus to vagina; put fresh condoms on toys before inserting it in the following location.

Caution: Any device running on battery generates heat when it is running. If the buzzer does not have access to air, it can become hot enough to cause injury. Therefore, please do not lie on the packaging the vibrator or the battery. Always turn off the vibrator and put it away when not in use. Don’t fall asleep with your vibrator on.

Best vibrators


Rabbit Pearl Japanese Imitations of Hong Kong

Over the past 20 years in Internet sales, the Japanese Pearl rabbit has been our best selling of all time vibrator. Is the vibrator made famous by “Sex in the City”, although it was popular well before the show was ever created. The rabbit Pearl is the type of vibrator that has a form of penis with beads near the shaft and rabbit ears on the outside for the stimulation of the clitoris. It is also the vibrator that has many cheap imitations (see below). In addition to the Japanese rabbit Pearl of origin, we also offer the rabbit habit (which is the same as the Pearl of rabbit with the exception of the controls are at the base) with the Japanese Velvet. All these elements are the Japan bills. We sell free versions phthalate so they are safe skin…


These are really wonderful vibrators – and not only for masturbation. Ladies and men are voyeurs at heart. They love to watch. Give him a show! Recently, we had a lady tell us that her husband was so excited in watching her use his new Japanese Pearl rabbit, that he finally began to be interested in experimenting with other areas of interest to it he had previously refused.

The best way to use the Japanese rabbit. GENTLY bend the shaft just above the beads so that it forms a slight angle. We emphasize “kindly” which you can easily smash bending too much. Turn it on and watch what happens. The axis of rotation is certain to reach your G-spot while the rabbit ears on the outside to stimulate the clitoris.


Don’t be fooled by imitations! More often than not, the rabbit type vibrators that you see in stores and on the internet are imitations of Hong Kong. Visit our Web site (below) to see the pictures of the packaging. Do not be fooled! The vibrators-rabbit Hong Kong often produce names such as ‘Jack Rabbit’ or ‘ rabbit Wascally ‘. Although they may look similar, it is not nearly the same quality of Japanese models. Know what you get. The names are very similar, and sometimes the only difference is the packaging. The Japanese packaging will tell Vibratex on it (they are only importers of these Japanese toys). Japanese vibrators are often more expensive than imitations of Hong Kong; However, we were recently able to reduce our prices to offer you a price lowest industry so this is the time to buy one.  Check out  If you do decide to buy it we recommend to buy it from  I’ve got a few working coupon codes for Eden Fantasys here.


Kit Pulsatron best-sales

For those who want the best, you’ll want to see the Pulsatron – especially at our new lower price. It’s a kit that has several attachments which plug into the speed controller / function. There even a sleeve of cock ring in which one of the balls should be turning man into a human vibrator. The sleeves are made from super silicone soft. This is the most silent vibrator of the battery we’ve seen to date. The engine changes gradually as you click on seven different functions. In addition, other toys with a jack plug will work with the control unit. And you should see the new ring of pineapple that works with the fixing of the egg. If you already have the Pulsatron, good pineapple market is a must have add – on. Watch our video presentation on our Web site (below) and you’ll see how it all works. In all years, we had our brick and mortar store, the Pulsatron kit was a huge success as soon as people could see and feel its power


Some points of reference: what is, in fact, the G-spot?


In reality, rather than “G-spot”, we should talk about ‘zone Graffenberg ‘. Firstly because with a width equivalent to a € 2 coin, it makes a very big point then because the initial ‘G’ comes from the German physician, Dr. Gräffenberg, who was at the origin of the discovery of this enchanted surface.


This space of pleasure lies at about 3 or 4 cm from the entrance to the vagina and is flanked by the urethra, this channel that eliminates urine. Because of this proximity, a sensation of light pressing need can be felt when the G-spot is stimulated. This area is characterized by a surface slightly rough, domed and very sensitive to the touch because with a large number of nerve endings, secret of his power.

Small focus: why the sex-toys for G-spot have a curved shape?


With the exception of some appropriate positions, the reason for which this area is little stimulated during even intense lovemaking, is that a simple caress on the surface is not enough. It is necessary to exert some pressure and a few minutes sometimes before wake up delicious fever. Being slightly curved, specialists G-spot toys-sex so based on the location desired for optimal stimulation.  Further info –

Make the point: Point G LELO masseurs five club


These vibrators are therefore arched with precision so you can go directly to your G-spot without tedious trial and error. Their texture soft and comfortable ally with stylish design and silent vibration make objects designed for the pleasure of all your senses… Perfectly sealed, they will allow you an aquatic exploration of the bottom of your bath foaming and smoking or under the burning of your lascivious shower jet…

Mona 2


Classic LELO vibrators, it features powerful vibrations and has 6 modes of stimulation. Its refined and neat design offers the certainty to arrive where you want to send… It can also be used for external use, its vibrations at your most devoted service. Its interface is simple and very intuitive and it has a very useful for your travel lock mode. It is available in 3 colors: red, violet and cherry.


Mona Wave


New version of the previous Mona, this unique Massager has the particularity to propose, in addition to vibration, stimulation of point G perfect thanks to a movement that mimics the “come here” that is done with the finger. By reproducing this digital expert lover massage and adding delicious vibrations, Mona Wave offers a unique and revolutionary stimulation! It is available in 3 colors: pink, black and blue.


Gigi 2


Buzzer for the best-selling G-spot in the world, it is waterproof and is equipped with a flattened end which gives it a profile unique and absolutely dedicated to satisfy. Despite its geographic specialty, its design and its modes of vibration are also a servant dedicated and for external use of the most delicious… It is available in 4 colors: dark pink, turquoise, light pink and light grey.


Isla vibrator


Its slender shape and its particular design with an opening at its base, give it an outlet in unique hand and feelings in depth in incomparable comfort and softness. It has 6 modes of vibrations of pleasure depending on your needs of the moment. It is available in 3 colors: black, turquoise and dark pink. A PIN Insignia is offered with each cabinet Isla.




Accessory a little apart in our list, it has the tremendous advantage of being an intimate Massager to use couple during intercourse and it has from Moreover a remote! The IDA rod is inserted into the intimacy of Madam and just offer not only delicious vibrations on the G-spot, but also succulent rotations for optimal stimulation! And while Mrs takes advantage of these targeted caresses ecstasies, Mr slides her sex along the stem and control the vibrations and rotations by remote control to the antics of an absolutely revolutionary kind! IDA is available in three colors: pink, cherry and black.



These G-point massagers have a 1 year warranty and come with a case in satin for sophisticated storage and essential hygiene requirements met.

Everyone has his point of view


For raptures as a couple or alone, each of these three objects will satisfy your goals of pleasure… Then let your intuition and preferences to find which will be your best ally: shape, color, design, to each his favorite, his desire, his pleasure… And even if they each have their originality, specificities, singularities and small differences, they were still an essential point in common…

There is a wide range of criteria that insurers must take into account to find the best vibrator for women. Important questions you must ask to know what we need and what suits us best! Here is a summary of our informative video.

For use as a couple or solo, what would be the top rated vibrator?


I consider that there is a difference between purchasing a vibrator to use during foreplay with a partner, and the purchase of a vibrator to use solo. Opt for simple vibrators for use with simple penetration. Forget the rabbit vibrators that have too many options and too many different manipulations to be pleasant for being used by our partner in a relationship. If you are solo, however, the best clitoral vibrator would type rabbit. But you can also have a simple vibrator combined with a clitoral Stimulator that will substantially the same effect.

Vaginal and clitoral?


Knowing that the most great majority of women are more clitoridiennes, the choice of a vibrator that will allow you the penetration and stimulation of the clitoris is a smart choice. But once again the clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously will be the height of the happiness that you can get using a rabbit vibrator.

What would be the best texture of vibrator for you?


The texture is clearly a matter of taste. There is no better texture that another, however if we take criteria such as ease of cleaning, or even comfort during penetration, you make a choice lit according to your preferences. The solid textures such as soft plastics are simple to clean. Soft and solid silicones as Lelo models are also very easy to clean, but also according to me very comfortable. Textures style jelly or even a bit more soft silicones require special attention when cleaning. I recommend using the cleaners to toys for adults for this kind of texture. Several other textures are available, as the Cyberskin, PVC, latex (whatever so much less than before present) for you to see!

Point Stimulator G – the best vibrator?


Find out about the best available G point pacemakers. These kinds of pacemakers will often have an ideal curve to stimulation of this area.


Brief to make an informed choice, you get to know your body and know your preferences and the use you want to make your vibrator said.


Remember that every woman is different and that which is perfect for me, need not ideal for you. The trial-and-error technique is according me unavoidable. Starting with a less expensive vibrator model (without however falling into the ‘cheap’, you can see the strength of necessary vibration, texture that you like more as well as the shape and size of your vibrator. And believe me, when one finds the best vibrator for us… it is a happiness insured!

When I initially assessed the unimaginable, intense, unbelievable Original Magic Wand (in the past the Hitachi) I in a flash named it the one vibrator to administer every one of them, the sacred chalice and Cadillac of vibrators… nothing could show signs of improvement than it, or so I thought.  However how does it rank against the best vibrators?  Check out for other options.  With the dispatch of the “Hitachi” Magic Wand Rechargeable, the fresh out of the plastic new Hitachi Magic Wand that gloats an A/C rechargeable component instead of waiting be connected to the divider, my jaw has formally dropped. Like the Hitachi Magic Wand, the rechargeable form laughs at different vibrators, keeping up it’s position as the almighty, while different vibrators only quiver in examination – yet it’s even better than it’s unique. Not restricted by a line, this infant can be carried with you anyplace… in the kitchen, in the auto, or moving around your home such as an insane person before you crumple into climax. It’s beginning and end the Original Magic Wand was and wishes to be, presently with it’s rechargeable component. It likewise has a body-safe silicone head, extra speeds, and numerous examples! It’s truly all that I could ever need in a vibrator.

How it works

Like it’s forerunner, the Hitachi is madly extensive and capable. It is about indistinguishable to the first Hitachi in verging on each route, with the exception of it feels sleeker, the head is made of silicone, and there are a few silicone catches to control the force, speed, and designs. In addition, it has a rechargeable port at the base as opposed to a line. It is a full foot long, almost the length from the highest point of my palm to my elbow, with a vibrating head that is 2 inches tall, 2.5 inches over, and 7.5 inches around – about the measure of a tennis ball. It’s not intended to fit inside you, yet rather, to remotely knead your sore muscles, shoulders, back, and obviously… your vulva and clitoris. At almost 2 pounds, the Hitachi is by a wide margin the heaviest vibrator I’ve gone over. Regardless of not plugging it into a divider, it’s amazingly capable. It’s completely made of plastic on the handle, beside silicone catches a little metal edge along the handle, which your hand doesn’t need to touch to control the vibrations. The head is made of body safe silicone, and the piece that connects the head to the handle is currently made of silicone, as well. Because of the outline, it is not waterproof or sprinkle evidence, but rather you can delicately clean the head with a wet cloth or your most loved toy more clean.

Does it really desensitize?

Ladies have pondered numerous things about vibrators – and particularly the Hitachi. Questions like, will it make you go numb? Will it destroy your clitoris/climaxes/sex until the end of time? Can it make you not able to climax different ways? Will it harm you until the end of time?! The short answer is no. Vibrators can’t for all time harm or desensitize you for all time (unless it’s a truly loathsome broken vibe that has some sort of blast on you or something). In any case, much the same as some other sensation, your body and psyche can get used to vibrations – to such an extent that you “re-prepare” your mind to get off with them. Much the same as Pavlov’s canine (dribbling when a ringer rings at the considered nourishment) – vibrators can go about as a trigger for climax, and climaxing with different things might be troublesome… particularly after you’ve been holding the Hitachi to your clit for a couple of minutes. Be that as it may, this sensation is just interim, and leaves after your vagina has some an opportunity to rest, or you snap yourself out of your masturbatory routine and take a stab at something new to get off. More info can be found here –  By the day’s end, in case you’re climaxing – it really is ideal, whether it’s from your fingers, your accomplice, or the vibrations.


Concluding remarks

The selection of Vibrators can be overwhelming and it really depends on what you want your vibrator. As you become more experienced, you can add to your collection. The Romance Store® is not an adult superstore. With us, you will find two articles of quality and good information that comes from many years of experience in adult products. This will help you make the choices that work best for you and your partner.