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When it comes to adult entertainment, there is no hiding the fact it’s one of the leading industries in the world. After all, it’s just about everywhere you look, from your local adult stores to advertisements, the big screen to music. There’s no way around it, sex sells, and for good reason, it feels great, its fun, and it counts as exercise!

However, there are times when you simply lack a partner or the time for a full experience, or you want to spice things up with your partner. Really, the reason doesn’t matter, it all comes down to sex toys are amazing! Although, if you are new to the world of adult toys you may feel a little confused when choosing your first toy. This article will help teach you the different types of sex toys, and what to look for.

What are Adult Toys?

Obvious isn’t it? Well, you might be surprised at how many people are still clueless about sex toys, or just do not fully understand things about them. The simple answer is, adult toys are golden assists that never say no when you’re ready for pure bliss. They help you reach climax, orgasms, and sometimes do a better job that the average Joe, just don’t tell him that.

What to Look For?


When it comes to choosing a sex toy, there are many things you should consider before buying. First, do you know if you are allergic to anything? If you’re allergic to latex, you obviously want to avoid latex based products, condoms, etc. Some may be allergic to silicone, if this is the case you have much less option, but not totally screwed (pun intended). There are glass dildos which have a low allergy risk, unless you’re the unluckiest person on the sex toy market.


After material, there’s the size to consider. You should have an idea of what size (length and girth) you need or want. If you get a toy that is too small, you’re not going to enjoy it and constantly feel you’re simply not being satisfied. Of course, you don’t want one that is too large either. Use the cucumber method to practice, grab several sizes, give them a go and remember which one felt the best. Otherwise, when you get home and give your new toy a shot it may end up feeling like a marker, or go the other way and feel like sitting on a baseball bat!


Finally, you want to know what you want to use it for. Are you looking for something simple that gets the job done, discreetly like a bullet? Are you wanting something a bit longer, like a dildo? Perhaps you want a realistic look and feel, with multiple vibration patterns that can rock your world, like a cyberskin dildo? If you’re looking for anal play, you will want something with a base to ensure it don’t get lost (you don’t want that x-ray experience).


Types of Toys

Now that we have covered the basics of what to look for, let’s stroke our way into the common types you will come across.

Bullets & Vibes

When it comes to wanting something small, discreet, but powerful enough to do the deed, these are handy. A bullet gets its name from looking like an oversized bullet. These little devils come in all colors, materials, and features.


You can get bullets made from materials such as metal, but commonly they are a hard plastic or silicone based design. Silicone offers good combination of gripping power while being smooth. Often under 2” in length, this type of sex toy can easily be hidden around the house or on the go.


Bullets and Vibes offer a range of vibration features. Some may have a single speed, but they are often multi-speed with different patterns and speeds. The higher quality the bullet, the more options you’re likely to get.  Check out my favorite vibrators like the Lelo Ida.

Basic Dildos

These are the long, hard non-vibrating products you grab when you get the urge to fill up a hole, or two. They are the most discreet option, because they don’t make noise (only the noise you make). Great for just about any occasion, even if the mood strikes on a business trip.

The down side of course, they are a bit harder to hide than your bullets due to size. They come in many sizes, from several inches and up. The average being around 7inches, it can still fit in a purse, suit case, or in the sock drawer.

Your basic dildo will have the most material options, including silicone, hard plastic, rubber, gel and glass. Although, they can sometimes be found made from wood, and other uncommon materials. God deep, um, pockets? You can probably find a solid gold dildo if you look hard enough.

Basically, if there’s a material out there someone has considered shoving in a hole, it can probably be found. These do not always have to be shaped like a penis either, there’s all sorts of creative dildos out there (and some plan creepy designs too).

Vibrating Dildos

This is where things really start to pick up, you get the best of both worlds. You get a combination of bullet and dildo. You’re going to find the options are wide. A vibrating dildo uses a motor, sometimes multiple motors to provide you with pleasure.

They come in various materials, shapes, and sizes as well.

Realistic Dildos

This one is as it sounds, dildos that look and feel realistic. Made from a special material that replicates human skin in look, and touch. These come in vibrating forms too.

Rabbit Vibrators

A popular type of sex toy, which stimulates both the clit and vagina at the same time. There are various materials, designs, and functions depending on the product.  Check out the 50 shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.


Butt Plugs

For those looking for anal play, a butt plug is often short, only a few inches and increases in girth towards the base. Good for starters and pros.  Check out the Lovense Hush for a good example of a butt plug.

Anal Beads

For something a bit different than butt plugs, anal beads are another animal. They come in various designs, but the basic concept is a round bead that is inserted up the bum. Some start very small, and increase to very large beads, good for starting out so you can increase as you wish.


There are other toys like Ben Wa Balls that you may be interested in.

If you do end up buying some adult toys there’s always savings to be had so check out coupons for the following:






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